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Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control: A Love-Based Approach to Helping Attachment-Challenged Children With Severe Behaviors

Heather T. Forbes

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Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control covers in detail the effects of trauma on the body-mind and how trauma alters children's behavioral responses. The first four chapters help parents and professionals clearly understand the neurological research behind the basic model given in this book, deemed, 'The Stress Model.' While scientifically based in research, it is written in an easy to understand and easy to grasp format for anyone working with or parenting children with severe behaviors. The next seven chapters are individually devoted to seven behaviors typically seen with attachment-challenged children. These include lying, stealing, hoarding and gorging, aggression, defiance, lack of eye contact, and yes, even a chapter that talks candidly about how parents appear hostile and angry when they work to simply maintain their families from reaching complete states of chaos. Each of these chapters talks in depth on these specific behaviors and gives vivid and contrasting examples of how this love-based approach works to foster healing and works to develop relationships, as opposed to the fear-based traditional attachment parenting approaches that are being advocated in today's attachment field. The authors end with a Parenting Bonus Section: true testimonials from parents who have been able to make significant changes in their homes with this model of parenting, giving real-life examples of how they have been able to find the healing, peace, and love that they had been seeking prior to working through the techniques outlined in this book.

The Great Behavior Breakdown

B. Bryan Post

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The Great Behavior Breakdown identifies 27 of the most problematic, serious, and challenging behaviors that parents face, broken them down, and provided step-by-step guidance and insight for transforming your family conflict immediately. This is a must-read book for any parent or professional working with children who have seemingly uncontrollable behavior. Common diagnoses for such children are Reactive Attachment Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Bi-Polar Disorder, Conduct Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Depressive Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

This book, a follow-up to the groundbreaking audio program of the same title, is guaranteed to change the way you view these behaviors.

Mas alla de las consecuencias, la logica y el control Un enfoque basado en elamor para ayudar a ninos con comportamentos severos (Spanish Edition)

Heather T. Forbes LCSW

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Beyond Consequences, Logic, and Control Volume 1 - Spanish Edition

Este primer volumen de Más allá de las consecuencias establece los fundamentos de este paradigma de crianza revolucionario y sencillo. Es fácil de leer y lleno de ejemplos prácticos; este libro le preparará para iniciar la crianza de sus hijos biológicos, o hijos adoptivos en un lugar de amor incondicional y comenzar el camino hacia la comunicación en su familia. El modelo de relación más allá de las consecuencias muestra cómo comunicarse con sus hijos y traer a su familia paz y tranquilidad.

Reviewd by Wendy May 2012

The Forever Child: A Tale of Loss and Impossible Dreams

B. Bryan Post

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This is a tale, not very long ago or far away, about a little girl named Bella and her 6 brothers and sisters. Their parents, already burdened by their own addictions, are unable to care for even the most basic needs of their own innocent children. It is soon uncovered that these children are living in a terrible state of misery and neglect. The parents are eventually arrested and the Social Worker Agency randomly pairs up the bewildered children and sends them off into foster care. Will these children ever find each other again? Will they ever recover from these terrible events? Read the tale and find out what happened to this unfortunate family. The tale reflects the joys and pitfalls of adopting or fostering a child with a history of early trauma. It is accompanied by a parenting guide that provides practical step-by-step help in assisting families to work through their child's negative behaviors to achieve more positive ones.

The Forever Child: A Tale of Anger and Fear

Nancy A. Clark

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This is a tale about a young boy named Jean Paul. He was abandoned at a tender age by uncaring relatives after his parents had died from hunger and cold. He lives alone, deep in a forest in France, depending on no one else to meet his needs.

One day, while hunting for food, Jean Paul is captured by wandering thieves and sold to some kindly villagers with good intentions. Imagine their surprise when they discover he is a snarling and ferocious creature; more animal than boy. Will there be someone who can help Jean Paul learn to be good? Will there be a family who can love him in spite of his terrible ways? Find out what happens to this angry and frightened young boy and to the well-meaning villagers who try to save him.

The tale reflects the joys and pitfalls of adopting or fostering a child with a history of early trauma. It is accompanied by a parenting guide that provides practical step-by-step help in assisting families to work through their child's negative behaviors to achieve more positive ones.

Anna Maria Maiolino

Helen Molesworth

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Accompanying the first major American museum retrospective of Anna Maria Maiolino’s work, this book surveys a prodigious career that has spanned numerous decades, genres, and themes. Born in Calabria, Italy, in 1942, Anna Maria Maiolino is one of the leading artists of her generation. Her work reflects the major cultural and political realities of postwar Europe and South America as well as issues of patriarchy, feminism, and immigration. This book presents her prints, drawings, sculpture, photography, video, and performance pieces. From her early woodcuts, which spoke directly to the tense political atmosphere of her adopted country of Brazil, to her introspective works on paper—every aspect of Maiolino’s incredibly diverse and accomplished career is presented in exquisite illustrations and with a series of informed and provocative essays.

Will Rogers & Wiley Post: Death at Barrow

Bryan B. Sterling

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Bryan and Frances Sterling have spent thirty years researching and writing about Will Rogers. In Will Rogers & Wiley Post: Death at Barrow, they provide dual biographies of Rogers and the renowned pilot Wiley Post and search for the truth of the events that led to their untimely deaths.
Will Rogers was one of the most beloved entertainers and the most widely quoted humorist of his day. The part-Cherokee cowboy comedian who quipped "I never met a man I didn't like" enjoyed poking fun at Congress and political parties, but always with a gentle humor and an endearing modesty. His love for the American people was equalled only by their love for him.
Wiley Post was a world famous pilot, a mechanical genius and pioneer of aviation. He made aeronautical history when he set a record flying around the world with Harold Gatty, and he broke that record two years later flying solo. Post was the first person to fly the jet stream and the suit he designed for his substratospheric flight was a forerunner of the spacesuits used by NASA in its Apollo missions.
When Rogers and Post crashed in Walakpa Lagoon near Barrow, Alaska, on August 15, 1935, it was the tragic loss of two American icons and international heroes. Their deaths affected most American homes. Rogers was a film star, syndicated columnist, and radio broadcaster and Post, an American hero of aviation, was always in the news for his daring exploits. Their loss was deeply felt.
Incredibly, mystery still surrounds the exact circumstances of their deaths. The government's investigation into their deaths was a travesty. Here, now for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Sterling describe the crash in detail and record all the factors that may have contributed to it. Furthermore, they reconstruct the government's investigation, identifying an amateurish and misguided cover-up.
While other famous folks of Rogers' era, such as politicians, ball players, movie stars, and even presidents are but dimly remembered, Rogers' legacy of American humor lives on. There are plays, musicals - such as the long-running "The Will Rogers Follies," now on Broadway - books, and tapes inspired by Rogers' work. His wit and wisdom imbue the work of modern day humorists and comedians from Russell Baker to Jay Leno. Will Rogers continues to capture the hearts and imagination of the American people.
For all of the millions of their fans, this dual biography - with sixteen pages of photographs, many never before published - is sure to fascinate and illuminate the lives and times of Will Rogers and Wiley Post.

Forgotten Eagle: Wiley Post, America's Heroic Aviation Pioneer

Bryan B. Sterling

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Drawn from thirty years of research, a fascinating portrait of Wiley Post, the pilot who circled the earth alone in a single-engine plane, recreates his life, from his poverty-stricken childhood in Texas to a brief career in armed robbery that sent him to jail in 1921, to his mysterious death, and details how he overcame many challenges and obstacles to become a parachute jumper, stunt pilot, barnstormer, and record-setting aviator.

For All Things a Season: An Essential Guide to a Peaceful Parent/Child Relationship

B. Bryan Post

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Parenting book written for the family seeking to restore peace in the parent/child relationship. Author is an expert in treating difficult children and families. A new approach to parenting from a place of love rather than fear, in a fear-based world. A must have for any parent seeking a deeper, more meaningful relationship with their child.

The Great Behavior Breakdown by B. Bryan Post (2009) Paperback

Best price for this book: $ 21.68