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React Quickly: Painless web apps with React, JSX, Redux, and GraphQL

Azat Mardan

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React Quickly is for anyone who wants to learn React.js fast. This hands-on book teaches you the concepts you need with lots of examples, tutorials, and a large main project that gets built throughout the book.

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About the Technology

Successful user interfaces need to be visually interesting, fast, and flowing. The React.js JavaScript library supercharges view-heavy web applications by improving data flow between UI components. React sites update visual elements efficiently and smoothly, minimizing page reloads. React is developer friendly, with a strong ecosystem to support the dev process along the full application stack. And because it's all JavaScript, React is instantly familiar.

About the Book

React Quickly is the tutorial for web developers who want to get started fast with React.js. Following carefully chosen and clearly explained examples, you'll learn React development using your existing JavaScript and web dev skills. You'll explore a host of different projects as you learn about web components, forms, and data.

What's Inside

  • Master React fundamentals
  • Build full web apps with data and routing
  • Test components
  • Optimize React apps

About the Reader

This book is for developers comfortable building web applications with JavaScript.

About the Author

Azat Mardan is a Tech Fellow at Capital One with extensive experience using and teaching JavaScript and Node, and author of several books on JavaScript, Node, React, and Express.

Table of Contens


  1. Meeting React
  2. Baby steps with React
  3. Introduction to JSX
  4. Making React interactive with states
  5. React component lifecycle events
  6. Handling events in React
  7. Working with forms in React
  8. Scaling React components
  9. Project: Menu component
  10. Project: Tooltip component
  11. Project: Timer component

  13. The Webpack build tool
  14. React routing
  15. Working with data using Redux
  16. Working with data using GraphQL
  17. Unit testing React with Jest
  18. React on Node and Universal JavaScript
  19. Project: Building a bookstore with React Router
  20. Project: Checking passwords with Jest
  21. Project: Implementing autocomplete with Jest, Express, and MongoDB


  • Appendix A - Installing applications used in this book
  • Appendix B - React cheatsheet
  • Appendix C - Express.js cheatsheet
  • Appendix D - MongoDB and Mongoose cheatsheet
  • Appendix E - ES6 for success

Full Stack JavaScript: Learn Backbone.js, Node.js and MongoDB

Azat Mardan

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This is a hands on book which introduces you to agile JavaScript web and mobile software development using the latest cutting edge front end and back end technologies including Node js MongoDB Backbone js Parse com Heroku and Windows Azure Practical examples include building multiple versions of the Chat app jQuery Parse com JS REST API Backbone and Parse com JS SDK Backbone and Node js Backbone and Node js MongoDB The Chat application has all the foundation of a typical web mobile application fetching data displaying it submitting new data Other examples in the book are as follows jQuery Twitter RESP API Tweet Analyzer Parse com Save John MongoDB Print Collections Backbone js Apple Database Monk Express js REST API Server This book will save you many hours by providing a hand picked and tested collection of quick start guides RPJS has practical examples that allow to spend less time learning and more time building your own applications Prototype fast and ship code that matters What You will Learn You should expect a basic understanding from a collection of quick start guides tutorials and suggestions for the devel0pment apps discussed in this book In addition to coding examples the book covers virtually all setup and deployment step by step You ll learn from the examples of Chat web mobile applications starting with front end components and by the end we ll put front end and back end together and deploy to the production environment Who This Book is For The typical programmer who wants to learn more about effective JavaScript coding

Pro Express.js: Master Express.js: The Node.js Framework For Your Web Development

Azat Mardan

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Pro Express.js is for the reader who wants to quickly get up-to-speed with Express.js, the flexible Node.js framework. Author Azat Mardan clearly explains how to start developing with Express.js with a basic 'Hello World', and then delves into a deep API reference, before looking at common and abstract development problems. Lastly, you will learn how to build a series of real-world apps in order to cement your knowledge.

In order to get the best from this book, you will be familiar with Node.js scripts and able to install packages using npm. In the deep API reference, each aspect of the Express.js API is explained clearly with a simple exercise to demonstrate its usage. This includes configuration, settings and environments; different middleware and its uses; templating engines; extracting parameters and routing; request and response; error handling; and running an app. In the next part you'll delve into abstraction, streams, authentication, multithreading,, security, and more complex modules. You will also learn about smaller frameworks built using Express.js, such as Sails.js, and Derby. Finally you'll build real-world apps including a REST API, Todo App, and Instagram gallery.

Express.js is used by a range of well-known companies such as MySpace and Storify, and it's becoming more and more likely that it'll be a required skill for new developers. With this book you can skip learning via complicated documentation, and get the information from a developer who's been using Express.js for long enough to explain things well. Add Pro Express.js to your library today.

Express.js Deep API Reference

Azat Mardan

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Express.js Deep API Reference is your short, concise guide to Express.js APIs. This flexible Node.js web application framework provides a robust set of features for building single, multi-page, and hybrid web applications.

Through six to-the-point chapters, you will find references for configurations, settings, environments, middleware, templating engines (including Consolidate.js), extract parameters, routing, request handlers, response, and streams.

Written by Azat Mardan, the author of Pro Express.js and Practical Node.js, you will find this short, concise guide indispensable for your Express.js work.

Practical Node.js: Building Real-World Scalable Web Apps

Azat Mardan

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Practical Node.js is your step-by-step guide to learning how to build a wide range of scalable real-world web applications using a professional development toolkit. Node.js is an innovative and highly efficient platform for creating web services. But Node.js doesn't live in a vacuum! In a modern web development, many different components need to be put together — routing, database driver, ORM, session management, OAuth, HTML template engine, CSS compiler and many more.

If you already know the basics of Node.js, now is the time to discover how to bring it to production level by leveraging its vast ecosystem of packages. As a web developer, you'll work with a varied collection of standards and frameworks - Practical Node.js shows you how all those pieces fit together.

Practical Node.js takes you from installing all the necessary modules to writing full-stack web applications by harnessing the power of the Express.js and Hapi frameworks, the MongoDB database with Mongoskin and Mongoose, Jade and Handlebars template engines, Stylus and LESS CSS languages, OAuth and Everyauth libraries, and the Socket.IO and Derby libraries, and everything in between. The book also covers how to deploy to Heroku and AWS, daemonize apps, and write REST APIs. You'll build full-stack real-world Node.js apps from scratch, and also discover how to write your own Node.js modules and publish them on NPM. You already know what Node.js is; now learn what you can do with it and how far you can take it!

React Native Quickly: Start Learning Native iOS Development with JavaScript

Azat Mardan

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In this book, I’ll introduce you to React Native for native mobile iOS and Android development... and do it quickly. We’ll cover topics such as

• Why React Native is Awesome
• Setting up React Native Development for iOS • Hello World and the React Native CLI
• Styles and Flexbox
• Main React Native UI components
• Importing Modules into an Xcode Project
• Project: Timer
• Project: Weather App

This book is about getting started with React quickly and not about React Native, which is technically a separate library (or some might even call it a framework). But I figured after eight chapters of working with React for web development, it would be fun to apply our knowledge to mobile development by leveraging this awesome library. You’ll be amazed how many React Native skills you already know from React.

There’s always a balance between making examples too complex or too simple, and thus unrealistic and useless. In this book get ready to build two mobile apps: Timer and Weather apps. The Weather app has three (3) screencasts which you can watch at Node.University. They will walk you through the Weather app.

The source code for the projects (as well as the manuscript to submit issues/bugs) is in https://github. com/azat-co/react-native-quickly repository. Enjoy!

Introduction to OAuth with Node.js: Twitter API OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0, OAuth Echo, Everyauth and OAuth2.0 Server Examples

Azat Mardan

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Twitter API OAuth 1.0, OAuth 2.0, OAuth Echo, Everyauth and OAuth 2.0 Server Examples

A typical modern web applications has to communicate with other services. Even if it’s your own service or application. This is usually done via an open standard for authorization or OAuth. Therefore, the ability to use OAuth in your work is paramount!

There are standards, specifications and fancy diagrams, and it’s useful to read them as the first step. However, developers often need hands-on experience to acquire the full understanding and confidence.

Introduction to OAuth in Node.js is a concise practical book that will help you to get started with OAuth 1.0, 2.0, Echo and implement a Sign in with Node.js using Twitter API (and hopefully any other) authentication.

We’ll go through the three main authentication methods utilizing minimalistic oauth module to explain basics, then use extensive everyauth with an Express.js app.

So the chapters of the book go as follows:

OAuth 1.0
OAuth Echo
OAuth 2.0
OAuth 1.0 Sign in with Everyauth
OAuth 2.0 Server

Target length is about 63 pages. The work is about 100% done!

JavaScript and Node FUNdamentals: A Collection of CoffeeScript, Node.js, Backbone.js Essential Basics

Azat Mardan

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A short read to brush up and refresh JavaScript and Node.js topics:

If it’s not fun, it’s not JavaScript.

With JavaScript and Node FUNdamentals we'll learn the necessary foundation for full-stack JavaScript web development:

  • JavaScript FUNdamentals: The Powerful and Misunderstood Language of The Web
  • CoffeeScript FUNdamentals: The Better JavaScript
  • Backbone.js FUNdamentals: The Cornerstone of JavaScript MV* Frameworks
  • Node.js FUNdamentals: JavaScript on The Server
  • Express.js FUNdamentals: The Most Popular Node.js Framework


1 JavaScript FUNdamentals: The Powerful and Misunderstood Language of The Web
1.1 Expressiveness
1.2 Loose Typing
1.3 Object Literal Notation
1.4 Functions
1.5 Arrays
1.6 Prototypal Nature
1.7 Conventions
1.8 No Modules
1.9 Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions (IIFEs)
1.10 Keyword “this”
1.11 Pitfalls
1.12 Further Learning
2 CoffeeScript FUNdamentals: The Better JavaScript
2.1 Semicolons, Whitespace and Parentheses
2.2 Vars
2.3 Conditions
2.4 Functions
2.5 Classes
2.6 Arrays and Slicing
2.7 Splats
2.8 Comprehensions
2.9 Conclusion
3 Backbone.js FUNdamentals: The Cornerstone of JavaScript MV* Frameworks
3.1 Typical Backbone.js App Structure
3.2 Setting up Backbone.js App from Scratch
3.3 Dependencies for the Backbone.js Project
3.4 Working with Backbone.js Collections
3.5 Event Binding with Backbone.js and jQuery
3.6 Backbone.js Views and Subviews with Underscore.js
3.7 Super Simple Backbone Starter Kit
3.8 Conclusion
4 Node.js FUNdamentals: JavaScript on The Server
4.1 Read-Eval-Print Loop (a.k.a. Console) in Node.js
4.2 Launching Node.js Scripts
4.3 Node.js Process Information
4.4 Accessing Global Scope in Node.js
4.5 Exporting and Importing Modules
4.6 Buffer is a Node.js Super Data Type
4.7 __dirname vs. process.cwd
4.8 Handy Utilities in Node.js
4.9 Reading and Writing from/to The File System in Node.js
4.10 Streaming Data in Node.js
4.11 Installing Node.js Modules with NPM
4.12 Hello World Server with HTTP Node.js Module
4.13 Debugging Node.js Programs
4.14 Taming Callbacks in Node.js
4.15 Introduction to Node.js with Ryan Dahl
4.16 Moving Forward with Express.js
5 Express.js FUNdamentals: The Most Popular Node.js Framework
5.1 Express.js Installation
5.2 Express.js Command-Line Interface
5.3 Routes in Express.js
5.4 Middleware as The Backbone of Express.js
5.5 Configuration of an Express.js App
5.6 Jade is Haml for Express.js/Node.js
5.7 Conclusion About The Express.js Framework
5.8 Update
6 About the Author
6.1 Errata
6.2 Contact Us

Rapid Prototyping with JS: Agile JavaScript Development

Azat Mardan

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Start learning Backbone.js, Node.js and MongoDB.

Rapid Prototyping with JS: Agile JavaScript Development is a hands-on book which introduces you to agile JavaScript web and mobile software development using the latest cutting-edge front-end and back-end technologies including:

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Backbone.js
  • Heroku
  • Windows Azure

Practical examples include building multiple versions of the Chat app:

  • jQuery + JS REST API
  • Backbone and JS SDK
  • Backbone and Node.js
  • Backbone and Node.js + MongoDB

The Chat application has all the foundation of a typical web/mobile application: fetching data, displaying it, submitting new data. Other examples include:

  • jQuery + Twitter RESP API “Tweet Analyzer”
  • “Save John”
  • Node.js “Hello World”
  • MongoDB “Print Collections”
  • Derby + Express “Hello World”
  • Backbone.js “Hello World”
  • Backbone.js “Apple Database”
  • Monk + Expres.js “REST API Server”

This book will save you many hours by providing the hand-picked and tested colletion of quick start guides. RPJS has practical examples that allow to spend less time learning and more time building your own applications. Prototype fast and ship code that matters!

More info at

Modern JavaScript

James Kolce

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It's not uncommon these days to see people complaining about just how complex JavaScript development seems to have become. We can have some sympathy with that view when it's coming from someone new to the language. If you're learning JS, it won't take long for you to be exposed to the enormity of the ecosystem and the sheer number of moving pieces you need to understand (at least conceptually) to build a modern web application. Package management, linting, transpilation, module bundling, minification, source maps, frameworks, unit testing, hot reloading... it can't be denied that this is a lot more complex that just including a couple of script tags in your page and FTPing it up to the server.

Included topics:

  • The Anatomy of a Modern JavaScript Application by James Kolce
  • An Introduction to Gulp.js by Craig Buckler
  • The Basics of DOM Manipulation in Vanilla JavaScript (No jQuery) by Sebastian Seitz
  • A Beginner's Guide to Webpack 2 and Module Bundling by Mark Brown
  • React vs Angular: An In-depth Comparison by Pavels Jelisejevs
  • Retrofit Your Website as a Progressive Web App by Craig Buckler
  • 10 Tips to Become a Better Node Developer by Azat Mardan
  • An Introduction to Functional JavaScript by M. David Green
  • An Introduction to Chart.js 2.0 : Six Simple Examples by Jack Rometty
  • Learning JavaScript Test-Driven Development by Example by James Wright

This book is for intermediate level JavaScript developers. Some experience of JavaScript development is assumed.