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The Billionaire's Baby Series Boxed Set

Ava Claire

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Leila Whitmore's expecting...drama.

A billionaire husband who still makes her weak in the knees, a baby on the way, and prospective clients requesting her personally; she feels like the luckiest woman in the world. Still, she can't shake a feeling that something, or someone, is waiting.


Ready to turn their lives upside down...

The Billionaire’s Baby Series Boxed Set contains all five installments in a single, limited edition e-book:

To Want A Billionaire, #1

To Need A Billionaire, #2

To Crave A Billionaire, #3

To Trust A Billionaire, #4

To Love A Billionaire, #5

Boxed Set: The His Submissive Series Complete Collection (Part One-Part Twelve)

Ava Claire

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Recent college grad Leila Montgomery has her sights set on Whitmore and Creighton, a public relations agency for the rich and famous. She's determined to get her foot in the door by any means necessary--but she doesn't count on accidentally mouthing off to the enigmatic billionaire at the helm of the company, Jacob Whitmore.

After a hot tryst in the stairwell, Jacob makes Leila a proposition: be his personal assistant and private submissive. Saying no could cost her dream job and a place among the wealthy and elite. But saying yes will cost her heart...

From stairwells and private jets to Europe and proposals, The His Submissive Series Complete Collection includes all twelve parts of the best-selling His Submissive series in one single e-book:

The Billionaire's Contract (Part One)
The Billionaire's Touch (Part Two)
The Billionaire's Passion (Part Three)
The Billionaire's Heart (Part Four)
The Billionaire's Girlfriend (Part Five)
The Billionaire's Secret (Part Six)
The Billionaire's Lust (Part Seven)
The Billionaire's Promise (Part Eight)
The Billionaire's Desire (Part Nine)
The Billionaire's Past (Part Ten)
The Billionaire's Trust (Part Eleven)
The Billionaire's Forever (Part Twelve)

**Now available: Venice Nights, a prequel to The Billionaire's Girlfriend!**
**Now available: Before You Go, Megan and Cade's story!**

Because You Need Me (Falling For You, Book Two)

Ava Claire

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Penny Robertson is in big trouble. Despite the arrangement she made with sexy businessman Xander Wade, things aren't just business. She can't take the money and shut off the growing feelings she has for the infuriatingly handsome man. With her sister's wedding looming, and the timer ticking away on their month long affair, can she come clean about the true desires of her heart?

Xander Wade can't remember what life was like without Penny. The gravity of that should be staggering, but he's never felt more at home with anyone. He needs her; needs her to see that what they have is real. Screw the arrangement--he can't say goodbye to her in a month. If he has his way, he won't have to say goodbye at all...

Because You Need Me is book two in the Falling For You trilogy.

Boxed Set: The Beautiful Surrender Series Complete Collection

Ava Claire

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After being dumped by her boyfriend right before their Santa Cruz getaway, Melissa Foster decides to go on the vacation alone. Rest, relaxation, and most of all--no men.

She wasn't expecting the owner of the property she's renting, wealthy entrepreneur Logan Mason, to be the hottest thing she's ever laid her eyes on. Or that he'd look at her like she was his sole reason for existence.

Is Logan the man she's been waiting for, or will their passionate romance end in heartbreak?

The Beautiful Surrender Boxed set contains all five parts of the best-selling The Beautiful Surrender series in one volume.

The Billionaire's Hope (A His Submissive Series Novella)

Ava Claire

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With everything The Whitmores have been through, it's the last thing Leila should be clinging to. But she does. With every kiss from her billionaire Dom husband; every kick in her belly that reminds her that against all odds, she got her happily ever after.
But hope has its risks.
And there's a threat lurking in the shadows, ready to snatch away what Leila and Jacob hold most dear...

*The Billionaire's Hope is the most recent installment in Leila and Jacob Whitmore's love story. It is suggested you read their story in order:
1. The His Submissive Series (Venice Nights)
2. The Billionaire's Wife Series
3. The Billionaire Dom Diaries Series
4. The Billionaire and I Series
5. The Billionaire's Baby Series
6. The Billionaire's Hope (A His Submissive Series Novella)*

Irresistible (Underneath it All Series: Book One) (An Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Ava Claire

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Billionaire Jackson Colt has success, wealth, power and a presence that makes his competitors tremble with fear. Beneath the armor is a man with a dark and painful past. A man with a heart that he guards by any means necessary.
As far as Sadie McLeod is concerned, 'escort' isn't a bad word. It's a job, one of two that she works to pay off a debt that is not her own. Tough as nails and far from a damsel in distress, love is a luxury she can't afford.

Can they put aside their dark pasts and find the love they both desperately want, underneath it all?

Irresistible is the first installment in the Underneath it All Series.

The Underneath it All Series
1. Irresistible
2. Irrational
3. Irreplaceable

Boxed Set: The Billionaire and I Complete Series

Ava Claire

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Leila Whitmore has been through hell and back; things like being kidnapped and going toe to toe with international criminals. It feels like she and her billionaire husband are fighting just to keep their heads above water. When a familiar face from their past roars back onto the scene, will they stand together against this new threat or crumble?

The Billionaire and I Complete Series contains all three parts of the best-selling series.

Because You Want Me (Falling For You, Book One)

Ava Claire

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Penny Robertson just wanted to get through the events leading to her sister's wedding with as little drama as possible. Smile until it hurt, avoid questions about her lack of someone special, then put it all in the rearview.
She wasn't counting on traipsing to The Red Door Club--or meeting the drop-your-panties sexy businessman, Xander Wade. Xander has a proposition for her: if she agrees to pretend she's his girlfriend for a month, he'll go with her to the wedding...and pay her twenty thousand dollars.
It seems like easy money; a business arrangement that benefits them both, but she wasn't counting on falling for him.

Xander Wade works hard and plays even harder. CEO of a cutthroat investment firm, his philosophy on romance is no strings attached.
When his ailing father threatens to boot him from the company if he doesn't settle down, Xander makes a choice to play the game. He'll pretend he's the marrying type for a month, then go back to the jet set life. No complications. No love.
He wasn't betting on Penny. A month seemed like a breeze before her. Now, a month isn't long enough...

Because You Want Me (Falling For You, Book One) is the first book in the Falling For You trilogy.

Because You Love Me (Falling For You, Book Three)

Ava Claire

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Penny Robertson can remember the moment she fell for sexy businessman Xander Wade--and the look on his face when his ex showed up. She thought what they were building was real, but was it all a lie?

Xander Wade knows that Penny is the one--then his ex appears and everything he's been building with Penny hangs in the balance. With secrets yet to be revealed and his heart on the line, can Xander convince Penny that what they have is forever?

Because You Love Me (Falling For You, Book Three) is the conclusion of the Falling For You series.

Boxed Set: The Billionaire Dom Diaries Complete Series Collection

Ava Claire

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Billionaire Jacob Whitmore doesn't talk about his feelings.  Being vulnerable isn't an option.

And then he met Leila.

For a man that was all business and saw emotions as the greatest taboo, he can't help but feel when she's near.

When she was taken from him, his whole world was turned upside down.

He knows what he must do, but the cost of revenge may be higher than he ever imagined...

The Billionaire Dom Diaries Series Complete Collection contains all four parts of the best-selling series.