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The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope

Austen Ivereigh

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A Philadelphia Inquirer Best Book of the Year

A biography of Pope Francis that describes how this revolutionary thinker will use the power of his position to challenge and redirect one of the world's most formidable religions

Based on extensive interviews in Argentina and years of study of the Catholic Church, this biography provides never-before-explained context on how one man's ambitious program began-and how it will likely end-through an investigation of Francis's youth growing up in Buenos Aires and the dramatic events during the Perón era that shaped his beliefs; his ongoing conflicts and disillusionment with the ensuing doctrines of an authoritarian and militaristic government in the 1970s; how his Jesuit training in Argentina and Chile gave him a unique understanding and advocacy for a "Church of the Poor"; and his rise from cardinal to the papacy.

How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice: Civil Responses to Catholic Hot Button Issues, Revised and Updated

Austen Ivereigh

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Since it was first released, How to Defend the Faith has given Catholics worldwide a new way of talking about their faith around the dinner table or at the office, getting across the Church's positions on contentious issues without losing their cool.

It's about learning the principles that allow you to step outside the negative frames imposed by the news media and being well briefed on what the Church actually thinks about politics, gay people, marriage, women, sex abuse, and other key topics.

Now revised and updated, How to Defend the Faith includes new sections on what we can learn from Pope Francis's communication, advice on how to give a talk, and many other invaluable tips and principles gleaned from the author's years of putting the Church's case in the media.

Find your voice. Embody the new evangelization. Enjoy a new and better way to defend the Faith -- without ever having to raise your voice.

How to Defend the Faith Without Raising Your Voice: Civil Responses to Catholic Hot Button Issues

Ivereigh Austen

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It is about winning friends, not arguments. It is about shedding light, not heat. It's about reframing the argument so hearts can be opened and minds can be inspired.

How to Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice is a new sort of apologetics. It is for those moments when you are thrust into the spotlight as the token Catholic whether the spotlight is simply at the office water cooler or whether it is front and center at the in-laws Thanksgiving celebration. How to Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice gives Catholics a fresh way of explaining the Church's teaching on contentious issues humanly, compellingly, and succinctly.

But this book does not pretend to suggest it is as simple as memorizing a speech. Every conversation is different. Every day's news cycle will bring new arguments and new challenges. Instead, it is a book about what the issues really are and where the criticisms are coming from so you can understand and communicate effectively.

It is the fruit of a group of speakers and experts brought together by a single idea: to make sure that Catholics and the Church were represented properly in the media when Pope Benedict came to visit the UK in 2010. Their original and thoughtful approach helped make that visit a triumph and now it can be expanded for a much broader use.

Whether read in groups or alone, studied in schools or parishes, How to Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice offers the same thorough briefings on hot topics and the same top tips for effective communication which helped make the project such a success.

The Great Reformer: Francis and the Making of a Radical Pope (Deckle Edge) by Austen Ivereigh (2014-11-25)

Austen Ivereigh

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How to defend the Faith without raising your voice: civil responses to catholic

Austen;Cierva, Yago de la Ivereigh

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Unfinished Journey: The Church 40 Years after Vatican II

Austen Ivereigh

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The Second Vatican Council, which ended thirty-five years ago, promised so much: a new vision of a reformed Church aware of its social, theological and ecumenical responsibilities; a truly conciliar Church with collegial structures. However, this vision seems to have evaporated and many of the promised reforms have been truncated or have not happened at all. The Vatican remains intensely bureaucratic. Theologians are silenced and the effect of clerical scandal seems to have led Church leaders to dig in and see the deposit of faith as something static. Once again the Church believes it has a monopoly on the truth and millions of people feel marginalized and excluded.

Britain's long-established Catholic weekly, The Tablet , has fought for the spirit and values of Vatican II in a way that no other journal has done. It has criticised the Church (Humanae Vitae) and has condemned corruption, but has also supported the Church where it has been right to do so.These essays come from a truly international cast of contributors who cover the Church of Vatican II but above all give us prophesy of where this vision may still lead the Church and the people of God. This is a Church semper reformanda.

Faithful Citizens: a Practical Guide to Catholic Social Teaching and Community Organising

Austen Ivereigh

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People are jaded of politics, angry with politicians, and increasingly doubt their power to make a difference. Yet every week an alliance of grass-roots organisations including churches, mosques and trade unions persuades employers to pay a living wage to their cleaners, creates a safe street, or wins legal status for an undocumented migrant. London Citizens translates the principles of Catholic social teaching into concrete victories -- not just in the justice it pursues, but in the way it pursues it: by building the power of civil society to hold decision-makers to account. Faithful Citizens shows how London Citizens puts into practice both the themes and methods of papal teaching on the common good, subsidiarity, solidarity and justice. Through interviews with its organisers and leaders, it shows how LondonCitizens' victories are achieved through the methods of community organising, first developed in the poor areas of Chicago in the 1940s and made famous by Barack Obama. Faithful Citizens argues that community organising and Catholic social teaching are made for each other - the 'fuel' of Church's teaching driving the 'vehicle' of community organising.

The Politics of Religion in an Age of Revival (Nineteenth-Century Latin America)

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The nineteenth century saw a lengthy and unusually intense conflict between religion and national politics over public space. Using case-studies of nations in both Europe and Latin America, the contirbutors to this unusual comparative volume explore the nature, background and consequences of this conflict from a revisionist and empirical viewpoint, incorporating the latest research and recasting the debate in the light of recent discussions about modernity. A substantial introduction sketches the vital issues and the major conclusions, and takes stock of the debate and where it is leading. contributors include: Margaret Lavinia Anderson, University of California, Berkeley; David Brading, University of Cambridge; Frances Lannon, University of Oxford; Patricia Londono Vega, University of Antioquia, Colombia; James F. McMillan, University of Edinburgh; Erika Maza Valenzuela, University of Oxford; J. Samuel Valenzuela, University of Notre Dame; Eric Van Young, University of California, San Diego.

El gran reformador (Spanish Edition)

Austen Ivereigh

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Una exhaustiva y profunda biografía sobre el papa Francisco que aporta detalles no revelados hasta la fecha sobre el origen del ambicioso programa de este pontífice único.

Basándose en extensas entrevistas realizadas en Argentina, Roma y otros escenarios, así como en años de estudio sobre la Iglesia católica contemporánea, El Gran Reformador cuenta la historia de Jorge Mario Bergoglio, el hombre que pasó de hijo de inmigrantes italianos de clase media-baja nacido en Buenos Aires a líder espiritual de más de mil millones de católicos en todo el mundo.

La presente biografía, íntima y ambiciosa, arroja luz sobre una historia muy poco explicada: la influencia que sobre el Papa Francisco tuvo el movimiento nacionalista en Argentina y la inspiración que recibió de los primeros misioneros jesuitas; su compromiso radical con una Iglesia para los pobres; su liderazgo visionario pero controvertido de los jesuitas argentinos; así como la espeluznante cuerda floja por la que transitó durante la dictadura militar de la década de 1970. Apoyado en fuentes primarias y en numerosas entrevistas con coetáneos, el libro sigue su notable labor como obispo y arzobispo en momentos de crisis en el Vaticano. Además, cuenta la historia, hasta hoy inédita, de cómo y por qué fue elegido Papa.

La profundidad de su análisis y la originalidad de sus planteamientos aportan emoción a este relato del viaje de un hombre que se halla en la encrucijada de la fe y la política.

Los valores en el discurso público: Comunicar la propia fe en la cultura del siglo XXI (Spanish Edition)

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Podría decirse que el cristianismo es un desafío de comunicación. En un mundo en constante cambio,
la propuesta de Jesús tiene un potencial enorme para aportar a que la vida de los hombres y las mujeres del siglo XXI sea más significativa y valiosa, pero hay que activar ese potencial. ¿Cómo podemos servir de puente entre nuestra fe y las necesidades y problemas de nuestros amigos, familiares y colegas?, se pregunta el autor. ¿Cómo responder cuando, en una cena familiar,
una reunión entre amigos o en la cola del supermercado, nos preguntan sobre los temas más complejos y controversiales del catolicismo? Las dos partes del libro
y sus anexos aspiran a responder estos interrogantes.
Con base en la experiencia de Catholic Voices y de la comunicación del Papa Francisco, el texto pretende ser una ayuda para desarrollar propuestas inspiradoras
y encontrar respuestas, expresadas de una manera clara
y dialógica, que permita difundir una visión positiva de los valores cristianos y la realidad de la Iglesia. Desde la identidad cristiana se puede aportar y enriquecer el debate público sobre temas sociales y de interés común.