Best Ashley Rodriguez books

Date Night In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish Your Relationship

Ashley Rodriguez

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Rekindle the romance at home with a weekly date night, one on one, over an absolutely delicious meal for two.
Sweethearts, spouses, and parents Ashley and Gabe Rodriguez found themselves deep into marriage and child-rearing when they realized they were missing the connection of their early relationship, and needed to prioritize each other. They instituted a weekly date night at home to sauté, roast, mix, dice, and spend time reconnecting over delicious meals like:

  • Crostini with Ricotta, Prosciutto, and Peas
  • Tomato and Fennel Gazpacho with Dungeness Crab
  • Fennel-Crusted Lamb Chops
  • Dulce de Leche and Nectarine Creamsicles
Simply carving out time to talk, cook, and eat together can be the relationship-booster you need to keep the spark alive. Just don't forget the cocktail (try a Rhubarb Sour or a Grapefruit 75). Make date night an integral part of your week and woo your partner all over again with food, drink, and sparkling conversation.

Packed with tantalizing and delicious recipes, Date Night In is a must-have cookbook for any couple who wants to spice things up with special seasonal meals at home around a table for two.

Healthy Food for Athletes: Recipes, Nutrition, Suggestions & Tips

Pauls Pujats

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A healthy lifestyle guide on nutrition, recipes, suggestions and tips for everyday life. This book includes information on healthy eating to help the transition from the practice of unhealthy eating. Detailed descriptions and explanations of why the foods that are mentioned throughout the book will benefit you the most.

The book also includes information about boosting the immune system, staying young and fit, and eliminating toxins from the body. Living in the modern world, it is almost impossible to avoid being exposed to the toxins around you.

A lot of food that is consumed today, gives more harm than good, that is why knowing what you put in your body now, will determine how you will feel in the future.

Even though this book focuses on a plant-based diet, the author did not forget to appeal to the carnivores. He understands people come from different places of the world and our ancestors have adjusted to various diets and foods based on what was accessible to them, depending on their geographic location. where some people can eat with no issues and others would not be able to consume.

What kind of plant based protein will give the best results during an athletic performance or exercise?
How can you naturally boost your energy, raise your levels of dopamine and motivate yourself through various foods?
What minerals and vitamins in certain fruits and vegetables should you consume in order to complete your daily nutrition value?
Is all fat bad for me?
Which foods should you avoid and which foods can serve as a healthy alternative?
Which foods will help me to prevent or to combat illness.

These questions are all answered in this book, "Healthy Food for Athletes"

Through the book, Mr. Pujats recounts his personal experiences of how a healthy lifestyle has changed his life, and how it can benefit others if they are able to see and to feel the benefits for themselves, as the body and mind changes and starts to live in harmony.

About author: Mr. Pujats is an Olympic athlete, that has dedicated his life to healthy living, and he wishes to share his knowledge and experiences with others. This book is written to help and guide people who want to live a healthier lifestyle, to improve overall health, and to boost performance through natural means.

CSI: Demon House (Csi: Crime Scene Investigation)

Max Allan Collins

Best price for this book: $ 4.77

It's all tricks and no treats for Grissom and crew! When a real body turns up in a charity haunted house, the members of Las Vegas's CSI team — already busy on a series of armed robberies — find themselves pulling double duty.
This made-for-comics tale is written by CSI novelist Max Allan Collins and features art by Gabriel Rodriguez (Beowulf) and Ashley Wood.

IDW: The First 10 Years

Ted Adams

Best price for this book: $ 59.98

  • IDW celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2009 and we want to include you in the party! This comprehensive look at IDW Publishing is a two-volume hardcover set with slipcase.
  • Volume One includes an oral history of the company written by co-founders Ted Adams and Kris Oprisko, and IDW's Publisher/Editor-in-Chief Chris Ryall that includes interviews with every major creator who has worked at IDW including Clive Barker, John Byrne, Max Allan Collins, Peter David, Chuck Dixon, Cory Doctorow, Don Figueroa, Simon Furman, Joe Hill, Scott Lobdell, Brian Lynch, Dean Mullaney, Steve Niles, Gabriel Rodriguez, Gene Simmons, Ben Templesmith, Ashley Wood, JK Woodward, and more. Also featured are all-new comic book stories, including: Fallen Angel by Peter David and JK Woodward; Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez; Zombies vs. Robots meet Popbot by Chris Ryall and Ashley Wood; and Wormwood by Ben Templesmith.
  • Volume Two features every single cover published by IDW — that's over 2,000 covers by some of the biggest names in comics including Clive Barker, Tim Bradstreet, John Byrne, J. Scott Campbell, John Cassaday, Richard Corben, Kieron Dwyer, Tommy Lee Edwards, Don Figueroa, Alex Garner, Mike Grell, Tony Harris, Dave Johnson, Sam Kieth, Igor Kordey, Ted McKeever, David Messina, Alex Milne, Scott Morse, Paul Pope, Gabriel Rodriguez, Richard Sala, Eric Shanower, Bill Sienkiewicz, Ken Steacy, Ben Templesmith, Billy Tucci, Ashley Wood, JK Woodward, Bernie Wrightson, and more.

CSI: Serial (New Format) (Csi: Crime Scene Investigation)

Max Allan Collins

Best price for this book: $ 1.28

In modern Las Vegas, a Jack the Ripper copycat terrorizes the city! Written by Max Allan Collins (The Road to Perdition), this volume captures all the gritty realism of the TV show and keeps readers guessing to the very last page.

CSI: Bad Rap (Csi: Crime Scene Investigation)

Max Allan Collins

Best price for this book: $ 1.43

Rapper Busta Kapp has no shortage of enemies, so when he turns up dead in his limo, Gil Grissom and his crew of CSIs have no shortage of suspects.

The Supernatural Revamped: From Timeworn Legends to Twenty-First-Century Chic

Best price for this book: $ 46.15

This book is the logical continuation of a series of collected essays examining the origins and evolution of myths and legends of the supernatural in Western and non-Western tradition and popular culture. The first two volumes of the series, The Universal Vampire: Origins and Evolution of a Legend (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2013) and Images of the Modern Vampire: The Hip and the Atavistic. (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 2013) focused on the vampire legend. The essays in this collection expand that scope to include a multicultural and multigeneric discussion of a pantheon of supernatural creatures who interact and cross species-specific boundaries with ease. Angels and demons are discussed from the perspective of supernatural allegory, angelic ethics and supernatural heredity and genetics. Fairies, sorcerers, witches and werewolves are viewed from the perspectives of popular nightmare tales, depictions of race and ethnicity, popular public discourse and cinematic imagery. Discussions of the “undead and still dead” include images of death messengers and draugar, zombies and vampires in literature, popular media and Japanese anime.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Case Files Volume 1 (CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (IDW)) (v. 1)

Max Allan Collins

Best price for this book: $ 5.99

CSI Case Files: Volume One collects three original IDW published CSI comic book mini-series: CSI: Serial, CSI: Bad Rap and CSI: Demon House in one specially priced volume.

CSI: Serial #2

Max Allan Collins

Best price for this book: $ 0

Another prostitute, another bonnet - Grissom recognizes the killer's M.O.: he is replicating the Jack the Ripper murders. With four more victims left, the Criminalistics unit must figure out the pattern before the Ripper 2.0 can claim more. There's only one hitch: the Ripperologist convention is in town. Follow the twists and turns in the second issue of the series based on the popular TV show!

CSI: Serial #5

Max Allan Collins

Best price for this book: $ 0

Hard work pays off for Stokes and Sidle as they close in on their suspect. The Ripper case takes a final twist as the Criminalistics unit discovers that things are not as they seem at first glance. Will they track down their Ripper 2.0 before he claims his fifth and final victim? The tantalizing conclusion to the series based on the popular TV show is here!