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Auctioned To The Serpent (Wild Shifters Book 7)

Ashley Hunter

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BBW + Hot As Hell Snake Shifter + An Auction That Changes It All = Hot & Wild Shifter Romance!

Ren has a secret, something that is destroying her from the inside. But, she's determined not to sit around waiting for the timebomb to go off. She wants to live life more. So, she makes a bucket list. One of them includes being a bachelorette at a charity auction.

Billionaire serpent -shifter Brock keeps people at a distance, unwilling to let himself care more than he has to. But when he bids for Ren at the auction, all rules are broken. He finds himself caring for Ren more than he should. He believes that she's his mate and he wants her for himself.

The longer Ren stays with Brock, the more she falls for him. But she has to tell him soon about her secret.

Will he stay or will he go? She doesn't want to say anything in case she finds out the hard way...

Adults Only!

Romance: Bearilicious

Ashley Hunter

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10 In 1 Offer! Get Ten Books At The Price Of One!

Bearilicious is the perfect blend of romance, sex and action involving beautiful curvy heroines and their incredibly sexy werebears.

Each story in Bearilicious is sure to keep you hooked till the end!

This is your chance to own them all!

Bearilicious includes:

1 Owned By Her Bear
2 Protected By The Bear
3 Taken By The Bearillionaire
4 Bought By The Military Bear
5 Loving Her Bear
6 Saved For The Bear King
7 Rescued By Her Bear
8 Bride For The Bear Cowboy
9 The Bear Guard
10 The Playbear’s Offer

Reader Note: This content contains hot romance with some scorching sex scenes and adult language. Only for the adult eyes!

Auctioned To The Jaguar (Wild Shifters Book 6)

Ashley Hunter

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BBW New In Town+ Hot As Hell Jaguar Shifter+ A Barbaric Auction+ A Criminal Gang Burning With Vengeance= One Promising & Unforgettable Romance!

Molly Clark is new in town, ready and eager to start her job. But, fate has something else in store for her. A vicious, trap, a barbaric auction and an unforgettable encounter with a dangerously sexy stranger in the most unfavourable circumstances and in her most vulnerable state…

Keith Chadwick is not just a billionaire but also a handsome hunk that would make any woman go weak at her knees. And when the sexy jaguar-shifter crosses Molly’s path, he least expects those delicious curves to set his mating urges on fire…

What comes next is a series of unfortunate misunderstandings, deadly threats and passionate nights full of savage and guilty pleasures…

Sure enough, the hunky jaguar is dedicated to claiming its mate at all costs. And anything that comes in the way of this happy-ever-after must know how possessive things can get when you’re Auctioned To The Jaguar!

Adults Only!

Auctioned To The Dragon: BBW Dragon Shifter Romance Standalone (Wild Shifters) (Volume 1)

Ashley Hunter

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2 In 1 Limited Time Offer! Get A FREE Shifter Romance Book Inside! Devastatingly Sexy Billionaire Dragon Shifter+ BBW+ An Auction That Changes It All=Wild & Passionate Shifter Romance! Young, gorgeous and skilled in a field where everything is based on the speculative eye of the beholder, Adelaide Frasier is one talented painter who believes in living life to the fullest. Yet, when her bestie encourages her to sign up for an auction, the curvy beauty least expects any attention or interest from the city’s richest men attending the event. But, little does Adelaide know that this overrated event may in fact come as a blessing in disguise… Seductively handsome and dangerously sexy, James Weston is one of New York’s most successful men under 30 and the last person to bid on any woman tonight. Until, his inner beast sets eyes on this feisty, shy woman on stage… Oh, the naïve human has no clue what really makes this billionaire the hot guy he is… Sure, James Weston is a hottie. But on top of that, he is a fire-breathing dragon with a core as hot as molten lava! No matter how hard his human side tries to calm the inner beast, the aroused dragon will stop at nothing to mark its mate, especially when her scent is driving James wilder than ever… Now, it’s just a matter of time before a curvy woman finds out what it really means to be auctioned to a wild, sexy billionaire dragon! Reader Note: This content contains hot romance with some scorching sex scenes and adult language. Only for adult eyes!

Auctioned To The Panther: BBW Dragon Shifter Romance Standalone (Wild Shifters) (Volume 2)

Ashley Hunter

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Dangerously Sexy Panther Shifter+ BBW+ An Illegal Auction+ A Lie From The Past= Hot & Wild Shifter Romance! Young and beautiful, Grace is one curvy woman who least expects surprises from life. So, when life offers a chance to reconnect with her dashing and handsome childhood friend, Grace starts hoping for a better future. Unfortunately, it is time for the curvy beauty to brace herself for her worst nightmare… If deception, heartbreak and being auctioned off to a bunch of rich men weren’t enough to break her down, Grace is even more terrified at the idea of ending up a sex slave. The handsome savior may have put an end to the auction nightmare but Grace least expects her new situation to be any better than the one she’s just been through… Irresistibly handsome and savagely fearless, Christian is a billionaire with a secret that is heavier than any other responsibility on his shoulders. But, when the muscular hunk sets his eyes on this beautiful woman in her most vulnerable state, Christian is far from controlling his inner panther’s mating urges. Sexually pent-up and burning with desires, the once-fearless panther is now afraid to reveal himself to Grace, who is already so frightened after her ordeal at the hands of someone so close to her—but Christian rapidly finds himself falling for this charming woman, certain that she is his destined mate. Sure the lust is inevitable and the passion is wild but there’s more to their sizzling romance than just late night growls of a panther and euphoric moans of its mate… Will fate allow them enough time to solidify their relationship, or will a jealous ex-lover from Christian's past manage to derail the whole thing? Well, it’s just a matter of time when Christian teaches Grace what it truly means to be auctioned to the panther! Reader Note: This content contains hot romance with some scorching sex scenes and adult language. Only for adult eyes!

Alien Commander's Captive (Astral Heat Book 1)

Ashley Hunter

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BBW In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time+ Devastatingly Sexy Yet Ruthless Alien Commander+ Unfathomable Vengeance & Savage Lust= Hot & Thrilling Alien Romance!

It was a perfect summer night, with a cool breeze coming in off the lake, the night I saw my first murder. I would have called the whole thing a complete triumph, if only I had never seen the shadow in the woods...

I can’t exactly describe the world I’m stuck in right now. This is some foreign world where my only hope of survival is to fear and follow the commands of the hunky beast that holds me captive.

He is just as unnervingly attractive as he’d been; even more so, now that ample light allows me to see all of his features fully. He introduces himself as Commander Zenon in his melodic voice, and I can’t help but wonder how a ruthless, cold-blooded murderer could appear so distractingly sexy.

I wonder why he hasn’t killed me yet. He says he belongs to some planet Dionus and now I belong to him. I’m still not sure what he means by that yet I can see amusement and naked lust dancing in his eyes as he gazes down at me.

Even if the slightest touch of this arrogant alien makes me whimper, I’m not prepared to go down without a fight. I hate to admit it but a single glimpse of his lustful threats and blatantly savage advances only make me crave his touch even more…

Trust me, up until this day, I had no idea how I could experience both pain and pleasure at the same time when I ended up an Alien Commander’s Captive!

Reader Note: Adults Only!

The Tiger's Hired Mate (Spicy Shifters Book 2)

Ashley Hunter

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BBW Secretary+ Hot and Sexy Tiger-Shifter Boss+ One Fake Fiancé Trap+ A Mean Ex= Wild & Roaring Tiger Romance!

Confident and beautiful, Amanda is one hard-working secretary whose life has been a series of trials and tests for years. If constantly battling with the horrible memories of pain, misery and humiliation isn’t enough to test her determination to stay happy, Amanda finds herself living a nightmare when confronting her rude, obnoxious yet super-sexy boss.

And when life throws yet another surprise, the curvy beauty is least prepared for it…

A simple mistake, and Amanda’s job is left at the mercy of one man….

A man who happens to be her boss….

A man who exudes masculinity that is almost intoxicating to her, but Amanda can expect no less from a typical Alpha male….

A man who is willing to give her a second chance but this help comes at a price…

Seductively handsome and irresistibly hot, Joshua Tarran is known for his badboy reputation. While the billionaire usually has full control over his senses, Amanda’s scent seems to be provoking feelings inside him he hoped he’d mastered a long time ago.

With his curvy secretary driving his inner beast crazy, the tiger-shifter least expects this gorgeous woman to accept his strange proposal, which makes him wonder only one thing…

Will the touch of her lips and the taste of her soft skin satisfy his deep primal hunger? And to find that out, the tiger needs to make sure his mate falls for the naughty trap!

But, is there more to this forbidden attraction than just lustful desires and savage passion? And more importantly…

Will Amanda accept Joshua for who he really is?

The Tiger's Hired Mate is a blazing hot BBW tiger shifter romance. It is a standalone novel. No cliffhangers!

Reader Note: The contains hot romance with some scorching sex scenes and adult language. Only for the adult eyes!

Rusneon Mates Boxed Set

Ashley Hunter

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BBW Virgin + Sexy Alien Lord + Alien Abduction = Scorching Hot Alien Romance!

“Welcome To Rusneon.”

Looking back at the man upon the throne, Tessa couldn’t help but feel a surge of anger at him. “What did you do?!”

His lips pulled back, revealing perfect teeth. The blistering look in his expression made her insides squirm pleasantly. Tessa took in a sharp breath, pulling away from Serena as she continued to convulse on the ground.

“What are you doing to them?” She demanded.

“Well, well,” the man spoke and Tessa felt her body react. Shalea let out a soft keen, biting down hard on her lip.

“You seem to be the only one unaffected.”

“What is it that you want?” Tessa asked, finally breathing deep enough to meet the man’s golden gaze again. He moved, and it was so fast she almost stumbled back to escape. Instead, he was suddenly right in front of her and whatever pressure her body had been under before intensified tenfold.

She could feel the heat permeate from his skin and dig into hers. She swore she could feel every individual strand of the clothes on her body, the very indentations of the living stone beneath her shaking feet. Even worse, her body was craving, craving so hard to be touched that she was nearly clenching every muscle in her body to keep from falling.

Tessa gasped, throat closing as though had been caught between the precipice of the most pleasurable experience in her life and shock.

“You,” he said.



BBW Secretary+ Dangerously Sexy Alien Boss+ An Unexpected Space Journey+ A Deadly Mating Prophecy = Smokin’ Hot & Scorchingly Wild Alien Romance!

When Andrea gets a call from the temp agency, the curvy beauty is pleased to know that she can meet all the requirements without a problem.

Oh, how mistaken she is!

She is told that they need someone with a specific set of qualities i.e. young, vivacious, clean, orderly, can multitask, handle many things at once, etc. But, what she doesn’t know, or perhaps, she never expected from this job is the challenge of working with the most demanding boss on this planet.

When she first meets him, Andrea believes that she has fallen over and hit her head, because this man couldn’t possibly be real.

Sexy doesn’t cover the level of attractiveness her new boss carries with his looks yet arrogance doesn’t reflect the level of ruthlessness the handsome devil carries with his attitude.

But Andrea is anything but a quitter…

Domitian, an incredibly handsome, dangerously sexy, and mysteriously wealthy young man, owns and manages one of the city’s biggest research centers. But, there is more to this sexy, mysterious boss than meets the eye.

Sent from Rusneon on an important mission, Domitian had planned to stop at nothing to make his space journey worth the effort. The future alien lord has always believed that he’s more an alien warrior than a sexy, demanding boss. He’s the only hope of Rusneans, he’s their future.

But, what Domitian doesn’t know yet is that he’s more a passionate lover than anything else, especially when a feisty, curvy, stubborn human female has set the alien’s mating urges on fire.

What comes next is beyond both Dom’s and Andrea’s expectations…

Does the naive human secretary have any idea what it could mean to be desired by the alien boss, especially when their relationship is bound by a deadly mating prophecy?


BBW Captive With A Life At Steak+ Sexy Alien Alpha With Wild Mating Urges+ Fated Space Travel+ Ruthless Villain With A Motive To Kill = Action Packed, Sizzling Hot Alien Romance

The hunt is on, and Cynthia is the prey.

Looks like escaping the worse could just mean welcoming the worst. Or, could this worst just accompany the “best” for Cynthia? The curvy beauty may not just know yet…

Bought By The Dragon (Studly Shifters Book 2)

Ashley Hunter

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BBW In Trouble+ One Hot as Hell Dragon Shifter+ An Abduction Trap+ A Series of Deadly Threats+ Inevitable Lust & Undeniable Attraction+ Sweet & Spicy Fire-Breathing Romance!

The Vampire's Captive: BBW Paranormal Romance (Pleasurably Bitten) (Volume 1)

Ashley Hunter

Best price for this book: $ 9.99

BBW In Trouble+ Sexy Vampire Alpha + A Wild Mating Trap= Painfully Pleasurable Love Bites! Jenny has never had much luck in the past with men, so even though this mysterious, handsome hunk saves her from her abusive ex-boyfriend, she knows better than to expect much from him: outside of the movies, a man saving a female must want something from her, right? But when she agrees to stay with this dangerously sexy saviour, Patrick, she least expects him to be vampire who would stop at nothing to claim her as his mate for all eternity! Forced to remain with this devastatingly hot alpha and annoyed by everything from his patronizing attitude to his cool demeanor, Jenny nevertheless can't help but feel attracted to this mysterious man of the night. After all, Patrick is one of the most gorgeous men she has ever seen, and he sometimes shows himself to be such a romantic… But it would be madness for her to agree to be his mate...wouldn't it? As for the tough alpha, he finds his destined mate to be absolutely infuriating—she clearly doesn’t know what is best for herself, so why doesn’t she quit being stubborn and let him take care of her? After all, he is offering her a long life of luxury and pleasure; why isn’t the curvy beauty interested? Stuck together under one roof, the two souls go head-to-head but slowly find themselves falling in love with each other in a passionate romance to last the ages! Reader Note: This book contains mature themes and language. Only for the adult eyes!