Best Ashley Beckem books

Our First Time: Anthology of Wife Swapping

Jennifer O'Donnell

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**Warning, this has a warming effect on adults! ** For adults only!**

We’ve all been there a time or two, wondering what it would be like to have another lover. But, have you ever thought about what it would be like to be with another? With your spouse there? What about swapping spouses for a night? Imagine going on vacation with another couple and becoming intimate and building on the friendship?

We’ve done it again, giving you 60,000 words!

Come in, kick back while kicking off your shoes and enjoy these sexy stories about friends that become more then friends. Whiteness first-hand what happens to these couples when the lights go off, clothes come off, and couples become lovers.

We have a sensual vacation with friends, to a weekend at a Ski Resort! What about a two couples traveling in a RV, see what happens in tight living conditions.

A Loving Wife: Collection of Married Menage

Jennifer O'Donnell

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Sink your teeth into a collection of sexy, tantalizing tales of Ménage stories, each hotter than the previous one. Enjoy the various points of views of Ménage, but the ultimate goal and pleasure is being with two godlike men worshiping their woman, over and over again.

This book contains over 50,000 words designed to pick up your spirts and put you in a sexy mood. Read alone or with that someone special. While a sexy ménage isn’t for everyone, sharing a sexy fictional ménage can be!

Beach Day Turned Into Sexy Ménage And More!
Pillow Talk
Our First Nudist Resort
Watching My Roommate
Escaping Winter
When A Wife Submits
New Car Shopping
Being Tied To A Chair
My Wife Has The Hots For Him
My Husband’s Stud’s Friend

Forbidden: (one little spark that could ignite a fire ... will it consume them both)

Ashley Beckem

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When Jake meets Professor Madison Weston at a poetry reading the electrifying connection the two have is overwhelming. This pull they feel toward each other is something that neither one of them has ever felt before. They try their best to pretend everything is normal between them, but it isn't, and the two have to come to terms with the choices they're thinking of making.

Was falling in love something either of them could have imagined... and would they know how badly things could go.

What should they do? If they start ... could they ever stop?

Our First Time: Anthology of a Menage

Jennifer O'Donnell

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Warning, this book is intended for adults only!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience a sexy hot ménage? Come and experience these sexual arousing encounters of first time ménages (mfm). These short stories are about 60,000 words.

Stories included:
Three’s A Crowd
Crazy Love
The Artist
First Time
A Steamy Winter Night
A Special Kind of Love
Three is a Magic Number
Rick’s Story
Menage in Pitch Black
The Beverly School Passion
The Double Dare

Desire to Watch

Ashley Beckem

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** Warning this is for adults**

Secretly lusting after her co-worker Sebastian for years, Jill is now learning to embrace her husband Matthew's hedonistic fantasies. Just as things heat up, Jill and her husband start to get a funny feeling about Sebastian. Her world is exploding as their connection to Sebastian begins to unwind and spiral downwards. Jill learns that the company she has worked for was sold...but to who is the question... Continue reading this sexy MFM journey where they submit to their ultimate fantasies...

A Simple Look

Ashley Beckem

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WARNING ** This is erotica with a cliff hanger

What happens when outside chemistry enters the relationship? Can the couple survive? Will jealousy be too much for them or will they embark on a journey together that will solidify their changing relationship and keep them wanting more! How can a happy couple expand their sexual desires without losing the value of their marriage… Lawson and Diane are tested can they survive or will they crash and burn?

"How well do you know your spouse?" Lawson driving home after a party started to ponder that exact question. What had lite up his wife? To drive home and discover that her thighs revealing her state of mind from the nights events at the party.

Who could he trust? His wife? Himself?

Images of what could be flood through his mind as they embarked on this naughty journey together.

This book contains MF as well as MFM and will leave you begging for more

A Road to Menage

Ashley Beckem

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Warning *** Explicit Erotica *** Warning ** Updated Aug 13, 2014 added new chapters

A couples journey into sexual exploration together.

For years Jeff has been talking about having a threesome. The thought of this left his wife Holly fearing the worst. Believing her husband wanted another woman or worse; a divorce. Holly tests the waters by sharing a fantasy of her own. Seeing how turned on Jeff gets she decides to continue on this new found sexual exploration. Together they explore and test the boundaries of their relationship.

Immortal Embrace

Ashley Beckem

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Enter into a world where Vampires not only rock your world on stage, but rock your world in bed. See the struggles they go through from the needing to feed,and protecting humans; especially the ones that they love.

A classic love story, that asks the question, could a undead man love a human woman? How far is he willing to go for her, and for a normal life?

Male/Female with a happily ever after ending (and a couple bumps along the way).

Scandalous Senator

Ashley Beckem

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“Scandalous Senator” Alexander is a Senator in Washington, D.C. and his main focus is on his rise to the top.

He takes no prisoners, especially his relationship and marriage to his wife Brooke. Little does he know that Brooke is willing to do anything to make him President of the United States of America (POTUS) and most importantly First Lady.

Seduction is part of the game and no one is off limits especially if it will enhance their chances for this aggressive power couple.

Come along for this journey.

***Warning!! Cheating, backstabbing, power, you name it we have it all and of course a cliff hanger as this is a multi-part series.

Sinister Physician

Ashley Beckem

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** Intended for mature Audiences - HEA – Menage **

A Happily married couple, Clay and Stephanie finally settled down to build a peaceful life together. While on his last assignment Clay had purchased a stilt home near Fort Myers Florida in 2009. Since retiring from the military he and Stephanie were looking forward to building a life together. Then one day they hit their first bump in the road. Clay's best friend Alex was coming to stay with them to help install Solar panels and a wind turbine. Clay wanted to live off the grid as much as possible. But, he forgot to mention this to his wife Stephanie.

Everything was moving along accordingly until an incident in a Costco parking lot. A man that resembled Anthony Weiner in a Princess Barbie BMW convertible was yapping on his cell phone driving less than a mile per hour and blocking traffic.

Something sets the man off …and Clay is caught up in it.

A series of events soon follow Clay, Stephanie and Alex on a courageous journey that puts all of their lives in danger.