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White Night (A Novella)

Arabella Abbing

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I lost my job three weeks before Christmas.

The only hope I had of keeping the electricity on was to find a new source of income.

Getting mugged while job hunting was the cherry on top of a terrible year.

Just when I hit rock bottom, Logan White came out of nowhere to save me.

Can one white knight make the worst year of my life into the best in one short week?

He certainly seemed to be hell-bent on trying.

** White Night is a standalone Christmas romance novella. Readers 18+. Happy ending guaranteed. **


Arabella Abbing

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Touchdowns, touchbacks, touchy interns … he’s got it all covered.

My boss is the publicist for the hottest quarterback in professional football.
As a lowly intern, I’ve never met Jared Moore -- but as a rabid football fan, believe me, I know all about him.
And now my boss is off on her honeymoon … and I’ve been given the job of babysitting Jared.

If I keep him out of the limelight for the next two weeks, I’ll graduate to a full-time paying job.
If I break the no fraternization policy and sleep with him, I’ll be fired.
Did I mention he’s the sexiest thing on two legs?

But I’ve got my priorities straight. My career is more important than screwing around with an infamous manwhore.
I’m not worried.
Really. I’m not.

I can’t help it if women find me irresistible.
Heisman Trophy winner, star quarterback, sex god … what’s not to like?

April Scott's the latest in a long line of interns.
They've all given it up for me, but she just gets pissy.
No matter how much she wants me -- and I know she does -- she keeps saying no.

She finally admits that it’s me or her job.
Well, I’m not enough of a liar to promise more than I’m willing to give.
But I do know how to keep a secret.

Simple, right?
Works like a charm.
Until the results of our little escapade get too visible to hide ...

** Infamous is a full-length bad boy sports romance novel with a HEA and no cliffhanger. **

Psycho Stepbrother (A Novella)

Arabella Abbing

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The boy I grew up with turned into a man I hardly recognize. Cold, ruthless, and completely insane.

Growing up, I followed the rules and chose to concentrate on grades instead of boys. Primarily because the only one I wanted was the one I could never have.

My stepbrother, David.

It's been three years since I’ve seen him and a lot has changed. I moved to the city for college and got a boyfriend I can't seem to escape from.

Even though I miss David more than I’d like to admit, I ultimately let him go.

Until I’m kidnapped and brought face-to-face with the man I thought I'd never see again.

Turns out I’m not the only one who's changed.

** Psycho Stepbrother is a standalone romantic suspense novella that contains violence and adult situations. Readers 18+. **


Arabella Abbing

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Brandon Jensen was a legend.

Known for his wealth and ruthlessness, he ran his company with the single-minded focus of a man possessed. Brandon had been working non-stop for nearly a decade.

Even after he seemingly disappeared off the face of the earth.

No one saw him anymore. Not his employees or his family. But the missing persons investigation had been closed and his business continued to run like he never left.

The disappearance of my stepbrother was a mystery that plagued my thoughts almost every night until a letter arrived in my mailbox.

A plea for my help, signed with his initials.

Even though we parted on bad terms after our last falling out, I couldn’t resist my chance to get answers.

The reason behind his disappearance became clear the moment my eyes landed on his face for the first time in five years.

** Wrecked is a full-length stepbrother romance novel complete with a happy ending. Wrecked is perfect for any reader who would like a break from typical alpha males. No cheating and no cliffhanger. **


Arabella Abbing

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My first semester of college didn’t really go as planned. After weeks of toying with the idea, I finally worked up the nerve to drop out. Just in time to tell my mom for Christmas.

But when I got home for winter break, my problems were temporarily forgotten when I realized there were two men living with my mom. Two men I knew far too well.

My ex-best friend Jonathan and his father, who had apparently gotten engaged to my mom while I was away at school.

Meaning the guy I swore I would never to speak to again was about to become my stepbrother.



I hadn’t spoken to Fiona since I broke her heart, but not for lack of trying. She just refused to speak to me.

So when her mom suggested that the two of us spend some time reconnecting at her cabin, I decided to take full advantage of the opportunity.

Her mom convinced Fiona to come, but I wasn't stupid enough to think she was going to stay.

Which is where the shackles come in handy.

Because unless she can convince me to let her go, we’re going to be bound together by twenty pounds of solid steel for the next three days.

** ** Shackled is a full-length stepbrother romance novel with a happy ending and no cliffhanger. ** **

Hurricane (A Novella)

Arabella Abbing

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Nolan was like a force of nature.

When my mom married an older man when I was only thirteen years old, her new husband Sebastian came with a son almost a decade my senior who I'd met exactly one time.

He blew into town like a hurricane on the day of the wedding, causing a major scene during their special day and leaving me with a lasting impression.

When Sebastian has a sudden heart attack nearly ten years later, he comes back the exact same way he did the first time.

I can't help but notice the irony when an actual hurricane rolls in at the same time and the two of us find ourselves stranded alone together and without power while we wait out the storm.

When I finally get a chance to get to know the man, I realize that my first impression of him was way off-base.

**Hurricane is a standalone stepbrother romance novella with a happy ending. Readers 18+. ** Previously published.


Arabella Abbing

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The day I went with my soon-to-be stepmother to pick up her son from rehab was the day my entire life changed. Luke wasn’t an alcoholic. He wasn’t a junkie.

He was a former sex addict who was coming to stay with us for a few months while he got back on his feet.

He looked like a rock star. Tattoos, piercings, ripped muscles, and an 'I-don't-give-a-crap' sense of style. He was gorgeous.

He might have broken his addiction in rehab, but the intensity of his gaze told me otherwise.

He looked at me like he was on death row and I was his personal choice of a last meal.

I wanted him badly. Badly enough to set up a devious plan to reawaken his hunger.

The plan worked, but not without consequences.

** Hunger is a full-length stepbrother romance novel with a happy ending and no cliffhanger. **

The Body

Arabella Abbing

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They called him The Body. A fitting nickname for the hottest man I'd ever laid eyes on.
I spent eight years watching Adam Reed from a distance. Envious not only of the girls he chose to bed, but of the man himself. Bitterness was an unpleasant side effect of watching his easy life.
Now, at our high school reunion, I've finally worked up the nerve to confront him. I’m determined to get to know him. Learn his secrets. But I never expected what I discovered.

After college, I landed my dream job in professional football and escaped my past. I shouldn't have come back. Especially not for something as stupid as a reunion.
But my luck seemed to turn around when I hooked up with Brianna Larson of all people. I always thought she was too smart to get mixed up with a guy like me. I can’t decide whether it’s good or bad that I was wrong.
Because now she’s tangled up in the mess of my past and I can’t get her out. If I'm honest, maybe I don’t even want to. But will she run away when she learns the truth about who I really am?

** The Body is a standalone novel. No cheating, no cliffhanger, and a guaranteed happy ending. 18+ **

Officer Stepbrother (A Novella)

Arabella Abbing

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After dating my boyfriend Danny for five weeks, I was finally ready to take our relationship to the next level.

I asked him to take me parking up at Harper's Hill, the local make-out spot in my small town. Just as things started to heated up, he revealed that he was only dating me because of a dare.

What was even more mortifying than Danny's revelation was when a flashlight tapped against the backseat window.

I was forced to exit the car in my half-dressed state only to come face-to-face with the newest member of the police force; Officer Brent Jordison.

My hot, alpha male stepbrother.

What happened next was something I couldn't have even imagined.

Ever since that night, my life has spiraled wildly out of control. The only certainty I have left is that Brent is the only man I’ll ever want and simultaneously the one man that I shouldn’t.

Not that I’m going to let anything stop me from trying to keep him.

** Officer Stepbrother is a steamy, standalone romance novella. Readers 18+. **

Taken by my Twin Stepbrothers (Twin Bonds Book 1)

Eve Singer

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I was so lucky to get adopted. My birth family was terrible to me, and my new family plucked me off the streets just in the nick of time. I was even luckier to end up with twin stepbrothers, two gorgeous hunks who I managed to annoy every summer at our family's cabin by the lake.

But now that we're all adults, I'm not interested in playing pranks. I'm interested in playing an entirely different game... one with ropes and chains.

This summer, fun in the sun with my stepbrothers can only mean one thing: a taboo tryst that none of us will soon forget.

This is part 1 of the Twin Bonds ( series:
1. Taken by my Twin Stepbrothers
2. Craving my Twin Stepbrothers (
3. Loving my Twin Stepbrothers (