Best Anya Nowlan books

Rancher Bear (Black Oak Bears Book 2)

Anya Nowlan

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Sometimes family ties can't be mended, but hearts can...

Addison Lark knows enough about trouble to see it coming from a mile away. When the curvy lawyer's law firm gets tangled in a publicly messy case and her boss asks her to get out of town with him for a while, she knows it's the right choice. But what she wasn't prepared for was that she might just find a man on this trip who would never ask her to run or hide...

Gage Atherton is a werebear with enough on his mind. The impromptu arrival of his estranged brother at his ranch does nothing but sour his mood and clutter his plans. The only thing keeping him from showing his no good brother the gate is the woman with him, the kind of woman he just can't seem to say no to. While old wounds get ripped open again, Gage can't help but wonder if he's finally met his match... and if he's capable of holding onto her.

Rancher Bear is a paranormal romance novella with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. The heroine is just sassy enough to keep her growly bear on edge and to make the sparks fly hotter than ever! Don't miss it!

Billionaire Dragon's Bride (Treasure Vale Dragons) (Volume 1)

Anya Nowlan

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This dragon's blazing hot and he won't take no for an answer! 

Devon Bluewing is a billionaire playboy like no other. Cocky, strong and sexy as hell, he's used to getting anything and anyone he wants. But when it comes a time to step up and stand as the head of his family, and the dragon council of Treasure Lane, Devon is met with an inexplicable problem. He needs a mate or his whole legacy could be in jeopardy. Now, that doesn't work at all for the fire-breathing bad boy, whose used to getting his own way. 

Gemma Teeley can't stand injustice. She's sassy, smart as a whip and always ready to fight for what is right. So when the newest Bluewing heir decides to wrack up the taxes on her hometown, Gemma isn't about to stand for it. But what she doesn't know is that her fight against traditions might just get her into a whole lot of steamy trouble! The curvy, headstrong woman has all the fire of Devon, and when he gives her an ultimatum, they're both in for more than they bargained for. 

Even if she'll play along, it doesn't mean that she'll make it easy on him. But it isn't just Devon whose making decisions for Gemma, and soon it becomes very clear that it's not only Gemma's pride that's in danger of getting burned... 

Warning: Billionaire Dragon's Bride is a standalone novel with no cliffhangers and a dragon so hot you can't say no to him. Be aware that there's plenty of sizzling, blush-worthy heat and intense action and the book is meant for mature audiences!

Bluecollar Bear (Black Oak Bears Book 1)

Anya Nowlan

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The right woman could be just a roar away.

Tory Jones has lost all that she knew she could lose. The talented dancer has been sidelined by an injury and without a future and a past too painful to think about, she finds herself in a town smaller than her aspirations. But when she stepped into Black Oak, she could have never imagined she'd learn to dream bigger than ever before by loving a man larger than life.

Pierce is a werebear long given up on love. With an ex that has put him off of love, the surly bluecollar mountain man has decided to focus on work and nothing else! A woman blowing into town like a fresh breath of air can change that all... and is it wrong that he can't help but enjoy every second of it?

But sometimes, love can't be easy, even in a sweet little town like Black Oak. Especially if two wounded hearts are made wary by a woman scorned.

Bluecollar Bear is a paranormal romance novella with a growly werebear, a sassy woman and a small town waiting for you to fall in love with it. There's no cheating and a guaranteed HEA!

Buck Me Bundle: Books 1-6 (Frost Brothers' Brides Book 7)

Anya Nowlan

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This holiday season, things are about to get bucked up!

Stags and holidays go together like shifters and mates and it's the latter that these brothers are looking for! The Frost brothers, seven brothers with simply mystical jobs working for a certain man named Nick, are all on the look-out for their fated mates and as luck may have it, they find them on the holidays! Grab this novella boxed set if you're looking for a little fun and humor with your hot shifter loving. The women are curvy, the situations are wild and the men are... well, magical!

Grab the first six books in the series here for a discounted price!

Buck Me... For Christmas

Blitz Frost is a man on a mission. A workaholic like no other, this buck has been sent to cool his heels at his family's cottage in Shifter Grove before the busiest few days of the year for him and his 8 brothers - Christmas! He had no intentions of enjoying it. None whatsoever. So when he finds himself rescuing a gorgeous, curvy damsel in distress and loving every second they spend together, this were reindeer is obviously thrown for a loop.

Can Blitz save Christmas for Riley? And can she save save him...

Buck Me... For New Year's

Dash Frost hates the post-Christmas lull. Having drawn the short straw that year, he has been sent to Shifter Grove to attend the ball and put up a Frost family presence - the last thing in the world that the workaholic pilot would like to be doing. In the midst of showing anyone and everyone his displeasure, a scrumptious, curvy woman manages to monopolize his attention. What was supposed to be a quick fling refuses to stay as such.

With almost a whole country between them and New Year's Eve fast approaching, can the surly, troublemaker buck make the choice his heart wants to make?

Buck Me... For Valentine's

Cupid Frost is a workaholic set loose on Valentine's Day, the one time of the year that he despises more than anything. For a stag shifter with a birthday on the date, one would think he'd get along better with the holiday of hearts and love, but that's the furthest thing from the truth. Suddenly falling in love and finding his mate was certainly not what Cupid had planned for the most dreadful weekend of the year...

With a crazy ex on the loose and fate seeming to screw them at every turn, can Cupid and Zaria find their way together, or is the curse of Valentine's Day a real thing for these two?

Buck Me... For St Paddy's

Kelly Callahan is committed to the family business. Working at the family pub, the Callahan's Shamrock, she's prepared for a hard weekend of Irish fun when St Paddy's rolls around. But what she wasn't expecting was the hot pilot... or the danger she could get in when she's cornered in an alleyway. So what's a girl to do - trust the irresistible buck, or ignore her gut and try to handle everything herself?

With her father sworn against any of his daughters dating shifters, can Kelly and Pran find one another or is this one romance that won't have a lucky ending?

Buck Me... For 4th of July

Comet Frost is over getting dragged into things. Despite his brothers' best efforts, this stag shifter with a checkered past adamant about not being a disappointment to the one person whose opinion he ever cared about. Second chances may come and go but he's certain there isn't one in the stars for him.

Until, of course, it is.

Buck Me... For Halloween

Samarra Alderley is a curvy woman who is done letting life get her down. The talented event planner has decided to take life by the horns and even if her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and tried to take half the company she built, Samarra has stubbornly decided to not let it distract her from putting on the coolest haunted house Salem has ever seen. And Salem has seen a lot of haunted houses!

There's only one little problem. The hunky delivery guy who keeps messing with her mind!

Sweetwater Father Bears: Complete Series

Anya Nowlan

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It was never just about the bear, but those he loved...

The only thing that could make a single dad hotter, doting over his kid and protecting them with all he had, was if he were a growly, tough werebear capable of going the whole way for those he loved. That's exactly what you'll get in this boxed set of paranormal romance novellas, featuring single parents, shifters who'd do anything for those they love, and curvy women willing to fight for what's right.

Expect plenty of steam, sass, adorable kids, dangerous villains and sexy hijinks! The sleepy little town of Sweetwater will never be the same after these bears claim their mates and bring their families together, no matter at what cost!

Each book is a standalone paranormal romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating! Get all of them together here for a great value!

This bundle contains the following books:

Big Bear Daddy
he small town sheriff finds himself caring for a baby left at his doorstep and no sooner than it happens does he discover that this little bundle of joy was exactly what he'd been missing.

Big Bear Father

When a broken bear and a woman with a mission meet to provide the best future they could for a little girl, sparks will fly. The question is, will they start a flame to warm both both hearts... or a blaze to destroy what's left?

Big Bear Papa

Will Devlin be willing to lay his life on the line for a child that isn't even his? Can Carlie trust anyone, even the gruff, serious werebear who appeared out of nowhere? You know you want to find out...

Big Bead Dad

What's a woman to do when justice needs to be served, even though her heart seems to disagree with every action she makes? A baby's life is at stake and the only man who can help her is a werebear who is too hot to handle!

Buck Me... For Halloween (Frost Brothers' Brides Book 6)

Anya Nowlan

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What about a quick buck to take the scare away?

This Halloween isn't going to be any better than any holiday before or after it for buck shifter Vix Frost? Why? Because he's working, that's why. Even if the latest delivery brought the pilot to Salem Massachusetts on the eve of the scariest night of the year, he can't help but feel a little disappointed. After all, seeing most of his brothers get married and leaving him with the brunt of the work can do that to an Alpha shifter used to having his way. Good thing he runs into the sexiest woman ever, or this whole Halloween nonsense could have been a complete bust.

Samarra Alderley is a curvy woman who is done letting life get her down. The talented event planner has decided to take life by the horns and even if her ex-boyfriend cheated on her and tried to take half the company she built, Samarra has stubbornly decided to not let it distract her from putting on the coolest haunted house Salem has ever seen. And Salem has seen a lot of haunted houses!

There's only one little problem. Or, well, a million little problems, the biggest of which being that the hunky delivery guy keeps messing with her mind!

Well, either that or the creepy stalker who abducts her in the middle of the night. Either-or.

Can Samarra pull off what feels like the impossible without losing more in the process? Can Vix get what he wants for once or is it just another sucky Halloween? Something's got to give and it sure as hell won't be either of these two... Unless love finds a way, that is!

This book is a little Paranormal BBW Holiday Second Chance Halloween novella set in Shifter Grove. It can be read as a standalone and has a guaranteed HEA! Be prepared for a little twist on everyone's favorite reindeer and be ready to roll with the thrills! What would Halloween be without them?

Sassy Shifter Brides: Complete Series

Anya Nowlan

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What a shifter really needs is a good mate!

Shifter Grove only attracts the kind of shifters who are looking for something better... Something different. When Warren, Rake, Deacon and the Warfang decide to build a new life, they knew it wouldn't be easy. But it would be worth it. Still, hard work and making a better future for the buff, burly and completely Alpha shifters isn't quite enough for the men. Ever shifter knows that a home isn't perfect without the right woman and that's exactly what all of them need!

SassyDate is here to help! Each of the Alpha shifters will find a mate that's as if made for him... Just sometimes it isn't all sunshine and roses.

If you like your shifters hot, growly and determined and your women sassy, bbw and opinionated, this is the boxed set for you! You can find all five of the Sassy Shifter Brides books in this anthology and none of them will leave you disappointed!

The box set includes:
Hearts Laid Bear
No More Lion
Bear the Cold
Roar for Her
The Wolves' Bride

This is a BBW Paranormal Shapeshifter Mail-Order Romance series of novellas set in Shifter Grove, a town that welcomes humans and shifters alike. Each book follows a different couple with no cliffhanger, a HEA or HFN ending and can be read as stand-alones. This book contains pantymelting sex, adult language and possible violence.

Shifter Grove Brides: Books 1-6

Anya Nowlan

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This winter, cuddle up with a hot shifter!

Every shifter needs the right woman and Shifter Grove is the right place to meet her! Grab this boxed set of hot shifter novellas if you're looking to get down and dirty with growly, muscled and determined shapeshifters from bears to wolves to big cats and even a smoking hot dragon! Every one of these shifters needs the right mate and they won't stop until they find them and claim them.

If you like your shifters hard, Alpha and ready for anything and your women just as strong as their men, then this is the anthology you've been looking for! You can find the first six of the Shifter Grove Brides books in this bundle and none of them will leave you disappointed! Grab it now for a much cheaper price than if you bought them individually!

The box set includes:
Make Him Purr
Billionbears' New Honey
Light His Fire
Bear My Love
Waiting for Wolves
One Last Prowl

This is a series of paranormal romance novellas set in Shifter Grove, a town that welcomes humans and shifters alike. Each book follows a different couple with no cliffhanger, a HEA ending and can be read as standalones.

Firebear Brides: Complete Series

Anya Nowlan

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If you can't stand the heat, get out of the bear's way...

Love scorching hot werebears? If so then this is the bundle for you, with four absolutely sizzling bear firefighter brothers looking for their mates in all the wrong (and right!) places!

Each novella in this series is a standalone with a happy ever after ending and no cheating! Grab them all here for a big discount!

The series follows the Hamilton brothers on their quest to win back their family claim in Shifter Grove, Idaho, but there's only one catch! Every one of the hunky bears needs to be married and preferably have an heir on the way within a year. These Alpha men won't give up so easily and turn to mail-order brides to find their mates, thinking it'll only be temporary... right? But fate works in mysterious ways and even with crazy psychos on the loose trying to burn down Shifter Grove, the firebears have to find time for their love, their jobs and their future!

Bear the Burn
Royce is the first one back in Shifter Grove, just to check up on the old homestead he left so long ago. He was going to sell it but the moment he sets foot on it, he knows this is home. All he needs now is a sassy mate and when Tiana comes into his life, Royce isn't sure what's hotter - the curvy woman or the flames of fire!

Bear the Flame
Redmond's a bad boy firefighter residing in California with no intentions of getting married. But one look at Rose makes him stutter and question his earlier conviction. And when her mob ex comes for her, Redmond knows what he needs to do. He won't lose her. Not for anything.

Bear the Blaze
Ragnar has a dark past and a dull future ahead of him, but Abigail Ramirez is going to change it all. As an arson detective, his brothers call Ragnar to Shifter Grove to make sense of the multiple wildfires. What he finds there is a lot more sinister than expected. When the life of his mate is set in danger though, nothing can stop Ragnar.

Bear the Fire
Rhodes is a hothead, wild and untamed. Haunted by his choices, he only comes to Shifter Grove for a short visit, but finding the one woman he has ever loved waiting for him there changes everything. Their passion never conformed to any rules and it won't this time, but can she heal his broken heart and battered faith, and can Rhodes put an end to the fires raging near his family home?

Bear My Heir (Shifter Squad Nine Book 1)

Anya Nowlan

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She never thought she would see him again, but now she has to fight for more than just her own future...

This is a full 50 k BBW Werebear Navy SEAL Second Chance Forbidden Pregnancy Romance novel with a guaranteed HEA. It has violence, steam, a forbidden pregnancy and lots of hot shifter SEALs that are sure to blow through all your defenses. Read it as a standalone and fall in love with the shifters that won't back down!

Meredith Wilder had a perfect life, until the day she was assumed dead. As a scientist working on something that could change the world, she dreamed of helping mankind and building a future with the man she loved. A future that never came after a terrorist group caught wind of what she was working on... until that future crashed through the front gate of the encampment she was kept in. It seemed too good to be true, but does reason and rationality matter when the hottest man in the world has come to save your life?

Dice Alderson is a werebear with debts to pay, and the reaper is more than ready to claim them. As the newly minted head of Shifter Squad Nine, he controls a squad of ex-SEAL shifters with more blood on their hands than the rest of The Firm put together. Though control might be too big of a word for men who refuse to submit to authority.
He thought there was nothing to look forward to but more killing, but the first time he saw Meredith again, all of that changed. Now he has everything to fight for, and there's plenty of that in him.

Led together by fate and determination, Dice has to save his fated, keep his crew alive and at bay, and worst of all, save his cub, who is nothing but a pawn for his enemies. Can Dice and Meredith reunite and beat the lies, deceit and pure terror that controls their lives, or is this a new beginning only meant to fail?