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Governing Texas (Third Edition)

Anthony Champagne

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The #1 selling book for Texas government courses, with a new focus on the future of Texas politics.

Governing Texas is comprehensive, clear, and current. The Third Edition, with new coauthor Jason Casellas, builds on these strengths and has a new theme: the future of Texas. How is Texas changing? How will politics and government change with it? Governing Texas helps students think critically about these essential questions.

Governing Texas (Second Edition)

Anthony Champagne

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Understand. Compare. Assess.

With an accessible text, new “Texas and the Nation” infographics, the Norton Coursepack, and a unique Test Bank, Governing Texas, Second Edition, offers extensive, easy-to-use tools to help students understand the basics of Texas politics and compare Texas to other states, and to help instructors assess students on state-mandated learning outcomes.

Governing Texas

Anthony Champagne

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A new Texas politics book with a proven approach.

This new text, based on the market-leading U.S.-Texas politics book, encourages students to think critically about the relevance of Texas government to their everyday lives. Organized around Chapter Goals, Governing Texas helps focus students on key learning outlines while an extensive support package includes tools to assess Student Learning Outcomes.

Governing Texas by Anthony Champagne (2013-02-11)

Anthony Champagne; Edward J. Harpham;

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The Austin-Boston Connection: Five Decades of House Democratic Leadership, 1937–1989

Anthony Champagne

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For the more than fifty years that Democrats controlled the U.S. House of Representatives, leadership was divided between Massachusetts and Texas. When the Speaker was from Texas (or nearby Oklahoma), the Majority Leader was from the Boston area, and when the Speaker was from Boston, the Majority Leader was from Texas. 


The Austin-Boston Connection analyzes the importance of the friendships (especially mentor-protégé relationships) and enmities within congressional delegations, regional affinities, and the lynchpin practice of appointing the Democratic Whip. 

Judicial Politics in Texas: Partisanship, Money, and Politics in State Courts (Teaching Texts in Law and Politics)

Kyle Cheek

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In recent years, judicial elections have changed dramatically. The elections themselves have become increasingly partisan, interest group involvement in judicial races has escalated, recent court decisions have freed judicial candidates to speak more openly than ever before about their judicial ideologies, and the tenor of judicial campaigns has departed significantly from what were once low-key, sleepy affairs. This book examines the evolution of the new rough-and-tumble politics of judicial elections by focusing on Texas, a bellwether for the new judicial selection politics in America. The Texas experience illustrates what can – and usually will – go wrong when judges are elected, and lays the path for meaningful reforms to stem the tide of the new politics of judicial elections.

Legal services : an exploratory study of effectiveness

Anthony. Champagne

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Congressman Sam Rayburn

Anthony Champagne

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Examines the political career of the Texas congressman and discusses his relationship with the voters in his district

Governing Texas 1st (first) Edition by Champagne, Anthony, Harpham, Edward J. published by W. W. Norton & Company (2013)

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Governing Texas by Champagne, Anthony, Harpham, Edward J. (2013) Paperback

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