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First Street Church Romances: Love's Heartbeat (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Annie Boone

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Gemma Kilbourne is having a run of bad luck. She's a single mother doing the best she can. Another hospital stay for her son, more interference from her obnoxious ex, and mounting medical bills she's responsible for all by herself push her to the limit.

In spite of the challenges, Gemma strives for a bright outlook on life. Her son is her true love and she's determined to be the best mother she can be for him.

Dr. Corey Allen has taken care of her son since his heart condition was discovered. Gemma agreed to date him after her son's surgery even though she knew it was a mistake. She finally broke it off when her heart couldn't take the conflict in her mind.

But the good doctor waited patiently. He remained steady, helpful, kind, and available. When the time was right, he gave it another shot. Was Gemma finally ready or would she shrink away from the risk of hurt?

Find out how a mother's fear brings her to the very place she might find her future.

Christmas Wedding Bells Boxed Set: 20 Sweet and Inspiring Love Stories

Annie Boone

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A bargain for the holidays! Sweet historical romance - western romance from best selling author Annie Boone and Regency romance from best selling author Kelly Anne Bruce.
Sweet and inspiring holiday stories - Christmas brides you'll fall in love with! Including Valentine's brides that will make your heart sing. This boxed set will make you smile.

Stories included:
A Christmas Family Revival
Cheyenne Christmas Miracles
The Duke’s Happy Holiday
Unexpected Love at Christmas
The Christmas Gift
The Lady’s Holiday Plan
A Christmas Proposal
The Earl’s Christmas Spirit
A Christmas Wedding
Christmas Love
A Christmas Blessing
The Earl’s Yuletide Surprise
Just in Time for Christmas
Veronica’s Hope
Her Final Choice
A Convenient Lie
Drastic Measures
The Lonely Road
A Second Chance
Jewel’s Dream

This boxed set is brought to you by Sweet River Publishing.

Mail Order Bride: Worth the Wait: Sweet and Clean Western Romance (A Kansas Mail Order Bride Story Book 1)

Annie Boone

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Lenora Lawson has an ideal of what a marriage should look like. From the inside of the orphanage, she's certain she'll never have what she saw her parents share. She's trying to figure out where to go and how to get there. She'll be forced to leave the orphanage soon and she's happy about that. She's got to have a place to go when the time comes.

She's daydreamed about adventure and the ability to make her own decisions. Living life on her own terms is just a fantasy. For now, anyway.

She agrees to marry Jackson Brodie, a cattle rancher in Kansas, when she gets into an argument with the headmistress in the orphanage. She's sure she's got no other options. She's sad and angry, but decides to enlist his agreement that they'll have a marriage of convenience.

He agrees, and all seems to be well, At least on the surface. What could go wrong when two people fall for each other when neither of them wants to be in love? Find out how this young couple figures out the way to true adventure.

New Beginnings (Cutter's Creek) (Volume 3)

Annie Boone

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Audrey Norris is worried but determined. Her life has taken a drastic turn. A short year ago, she was a happily married woman with a young daughter and a warm, cozy home. Now she’s a widow responsible for her daughter, her mother, and a big fat mortgage she didn’t even know about. She can’t pay the house note and she doesn’t have a job. Her options are few and mostly undesirable.

Widower Caleb Jefferson is the successful blacksmith in the town of Cutter’s Creek, Montana. His sister has been fussing after him to get married again, but he’s managed to dodge her arguments. Until now. He finally sees that his daughter needs a mother. However, he’d been in love before and that ended in disaster and heartbreak. He has no desire to fall in love again, so he’s hoping he can find a woman who will agree to his terms.

When Audrey and Caleb end up together, everyone around them is delighted that their families are joining. Caleb tries to make it work, but he can’t seem to let go and move on with his life.

Audrey worries about their strained relationship. She prays every day for help and guidance. She hopes that soon a breakthrough will come. God is taking His time. In the meantime, the family grows closer while Caleb drifts further away.

One simple misunderstanding will sever the fragile balance they’ve created. Will this be the end of their relationship or the beginning of a lifetime of love?

Read about life, love, and hope in the late 19th century in Cutter's Creek, Montana, as two families try to blend together and help each other heal after tragedy and loss.

Kansas Mail Order Brides: A Sweet and Clean Boxed Set

Annie Boone

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The Kansas Mail Order Bride series is now available as a boxed set! And it's available in Kindle Unlimited!

This series consists of fourteen sweet romance stories about brave women who came to meet their intended husbands in Kansas. Derby and Wichita are the settings.
This collection is the complete Kansas Mail Order Bride series - thirteen complete stories and one free download. The books you'll get are:

When God Closes a Door
The Western Socialite
Saving Her Reputation
Favor For a Friend
Mending Fences
Rude Awakening
A Matter of Trust
The Package Deal
Rain in Kansas
A Better Man
Her Big Heart
Duty and Honor

Book 1 in the series, Worth the Wait, is also available as a free download.

Enjoy these sweet stories of hope and love in the wild west.

A Pure Heart (Cutter's Creek Book 21)

Annie Boone

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Mary Pershing's quest for the perfect man to complement her elite status as the mayor's beautiful daughter has stalled. Embarrassed that her younger sister will be married before her, she feels lost. Practically hopeless. Her failure to find a worthy husband has dampened her spirit. Almost.

Dante Holbrook hits the sleepy town of Cutter's Creek and Mary's world is immediately brighter. The high society man from Boston was most definitely worth waiting for. Dante is handsome and successful with practically every other trait Mary desires in a man. This match made in Heaven is going to be the talk of the town - in Cutter's Creek and Boston, too!

Then there's the pesky cowboy, Luke Ripley. This rascal simply cannot take a hint. His advances are unwelcome, but Mary can't find the right words to tell him to leave her alone. So, she's simply rude to him. Until she and Dante are officially betrothed, this will have to work.

Just as Mary's life is coming together, it starts to fall apart. The shallow young woman Mary has grown into finds a conscience and ethical code she never knew she had as a dark side of Dante emerges. Mary has a choice to make. Will she act on her hunch that something isn't right about Dante or will she overlook his questionable business practices? And how will Luke play into her decision?

Enjoy another sweet love story set in Cutter's Creek where historical western romance always meets a happy ending!

16 Christmas Brides: Western Christmas Romance Boxed Set

Indiana Wake

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This special Christmas boxed set from four very special authors contains 16 brand new stories. If you love sweet and inspiring romance, then you'll love this set.

Each story is a beautiful tale of Christmas blessings and holiday cheer you won't want to miss. These clean, inspirational reads are suitable for all ages.

Happy endings and happy holidays are guaranteed!

From Indiana Wake and Belle Fiffer
The Christmas Bride
Blossom is taken by Riccardo and she can see the man beneath the scars. One she could fall in love with and one she would be honored to share her life with. Will she ever want to return?
A Christmas Gift for Kirsten
Lucas is worried that Kirsten will think him only half a man. How can he be enough for her with only one arm? She is shy and hurt and he gives her time, encouraging her to ride and enjoy her life but has he left it too long?
The Ghost of Christmas Past
A simple touch from Marie seems to calm Miguel and allows him to wake out of his nightmare. Can she mend fences that have been broken so long? Will Miguel ever be able to accept the peace and love that she brings or will he push her away?

From Jenny Creek Tanner
Fisher Ranch Book 1
Ruth and Howard have nowhere to go. Will they find love in time to understand the true spirit of Christmas? Or are they destined to live out their life in opposition?
Fisher Ranch Book 2
Snowstorms, awkward moments, and the truth coming to light hold Martin and Lois together mere weeks before Christmas, but will it be enough to keep them together?
Fisher Ranch Book 3
Floyd falls in love with the beautiful, bold, Cornelia who seems more intent on running the mine than marrying. He wonders what will happen if she finds out that her father had brought them together. Will Cornelia set aside her ambition to help Floyd and Millie become a family again?
Fisher Ranch Book 4
Will Leo and Tillie make it across the river safely? Will Leo gain the courage he needs to ask Tillie to be his wife? And what will Tillie think of the poor ferryman with a stolen boat who’s all but stolen her heart?
Fisher Ranch Book 5
Will Hannah and Mack find what they lack in each other? And what will he do when he discovers that his father is in poor health at his favorite time of year, Christmas?

From Lucille Chisum
The love story of Benjamin and Eliza unfolds in this sweet trilogy. Watch the two meet, fall in love, and pledge to be together forever in this inspiring story. The story is told in these three acts:
Benjamin Arrives
Eliza and Benjamin
Eliza's Christmas Gift

From Annie Boone
Oh Christmas Tree
Josephine learned that her intended had been killed in a gambling disagreement the day before she arrived. When a local family takes an interest in her, she is pulled into their circle. She loves the feeling of family, but she’s an outsider. Until Payne realizes he can’t live without her.
White Christmas
Tess and Allison both needed to start a new life. Tess set out first and they both cried that they would be separated. An unexpected letter comes for Allison that changes her life forever.
All is Calm
Out of desperation, Nicola chose the steady, dependable man. A twist of fate brings Nicola back to her wealthy suitor. When she got where she thought she wanted to be, would money be better than love?
Home for Christmas
Penny had long ago realized God had a different plan for her than to be a wife and mother. Just a trip to Wyoming, a tragic accident, and a benevolent gesture later, Penny finds herself falling for a widower. Could the life she’d thought was reserved for others be there for her, too?
Joy to the World
Isabelle wants stability and purpose. Timothy is a Godly and patient man who loves Isabelle dearly. Faith and family are the cornerstones for their wedding day, but that was a long journey to get there.

Family Ties

Annie Boone

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Maggie needed somewhere to go. She needed someone to want her even more. Growing up in the orphanage had been tolerable, but not knowing why she'd been abandoned was terrible. Thomas Smith might be the answer to her prayers.

Thomas needed a reason to come home at night. As the sheriff with troubling memories, he wanted a way to make his life worthwhile. He enjoyed the quiet life he had, but a wife and family would round it all out for him.

Just when these two find their perfect match, fate seems determined to rip them apart. Will God take charge and give them the happily ever after they both want and deserve?

Mail Order Bride Happy Endings: 20 Sweet Western Historical Stories

Annie Boone

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Twenty sweet western historical mail order bride stories - all with happy endings.

Cowboys, ranchers, business owners, scoundrels, and parsons. Blushing brides, determined women, and families coming together. You'll find all this and more in this big boxed set.

Included in the set:

The Lonely Road
Jewel’s Dream
A Convenient Lie
Drastic Measures
Helen and Albert
Faith Finds a Way
Hope Makes a Decision
Charity Gives Her Heart
A Family’s Destiny
Valerie’s Miracle
A Disappointing Match
Family Ties
Jenny’s Discovery
Too Many Secrets
Her Final Choice
Running from the Past
Veronica’s Hope
Matchmaker Mothers
A Second Chance

Mail Order Brides of the West: Boxed Set - Books 1-4

Annie Boone

Best price for this book: $ 9.99

This is a collection of the first four books of the Mail Order Brides short story series. Sweet, clean historical western romance by Annie Boone. Included in this collection:

Not What He Expected Don't Fence Him In Secrets and Trust Reclaiming Hope

Not What He Expected Lucy has missed out on the love and romance she craves and she's decided to take matters into her own hands. If love won't find her, then she will surely find love. Is becoming a Mail Order Bride a good idea or will she just find more disappointment? Will her faith in God help her be strong as she searches for the right path?

Meet Levi. He's the handsome ranch owner Lucy is headed to meet.There's just one little problem. She's a little overweight and she neglected to share this detail about herself. How will Levi handle this touchy issue when they finally meet? Will he be sorry he decided to get a Mail Order Bride?

The beautiful, and equally determined Clara hits the quaint Nebraska town about the same time Lucy does and sparks fly. Who will win this cat fight?

Find out which one of these women end up with the handsome man and how she won his heart.

Don't Fence Him In Viola is expected to marry someone she doesn't love. Of course he'll provide for her and be a decent husband there's no doubt about that. Viola wants happiness and adventure and she's determined to get it. She answers an ad in the Mail Order Bride section of a magazine and goes west to meet the lucky young man.

Why is he surprised when she arrives? Blake is the most handsome man Viola has ever met. She's excited and nervous every time they're together. He seems to like her, too, when he finally buys in to the fact that she's come there to meet him. What could go wrong when both the man and the woman are obviously attracted to each other?

Will God intervene to see his will done in the lives of these two young people? Will they hear the direction God provides?

Find out how this strong willed woman influences the life of the man she has come to love with all her heart.

Secrets and Trust Annabelle has reached the end of her rope with the predictability and sadness in her life. She knows that the grief she and her parents feel at the loss of her twin, Rosalie, should have eased by now. She feels trapped and knows she is too young to continue down this lonely path. When she arrives in Cheyenne to meet her intended husband, she's not yet ready to share the story of her past and her devastating loss.

Judd MacIntyre has secrets about his relationship with his brother that affect every part of his life. He turns out to be more handsome and more sensitive than Annabelle expected, but he displays behavior that she can not accept. She isn't sure how she will find out the truth, but she will get answers before they were wed.

When unsavory characters threaten the life of the one Judd has come to cherish, how will he handle the urgent situation and make peace with his brother in the process?

Reclaiming Hope Eva Rutledge became an orphan at the early age of twelve and ended up in a home for children who had lost their parents. She grew to have a tender heart for those who are alone in the world. She took care of others before she worried about her own happiness. Some would think that she would be easy to take advantage of with loving and caring traits such as these. They would be mistaken.

Luke Stevenson is the hotel owner in Evergreen, Colorado who has become Eva's intended. The plan is for him to teach her how to help him run the business and the two have an immediate chemistry when it comes to running the hotel. Things quickly turn sour when Luke's old flame comes back into the picture.

Will the saloon girl win the prize or will the orphan find her rightful place in the growing little town of Evergreen?