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New Beginnings (Cutter's Creek Book 3)

Annie Boone

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Widower Caleb Jefferson is the blacksmith in Cutter’s Creek with no desire to fall in love again. But after an incident at church, he finally sees his daughter needs a mother—and a mail order bride might be his best option.

Audrey Norris has just learned her late husband had many secrets—including a house note she can’t pay. With her daughter and mother depending on her for support, her options are few and mostly undesirable. After Audrey answers Caleb’s ad and they agree to marriage terms, it seems all her worries will be a thing of the past.

When Audrey arrives in Montana, Caleb tries to make it work, but can’t seem to move past his guilt over his wife’s death. Audrey prays every day for help and guidance. God is taking His time. Meanwhile, the new family grows closer while Caleb drifts further away.

Then one simple misunderstanding severs the fragile balance they’ve created. Will this be the end of Audrey and Caleb or the beginning of a lifetime of love?

Lawfully Played: A Historical Christian Romance

Annie Boone

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Tess Bonner has lost her parents and the family money is long gone. Her easy life hasn’t prepared her to be anything but a privileged society wife. When an opportunity falls in her lap, she can’t pass it up. A girl has to eat.

Sheriff Zachery Maitland is intent on ridding wholesome Springville, Texas of the gambling outfit that’s taken hold. There’s a sinister feel to the man he suspects is running it and he’s digging in to find all the players. He vows to keep his town safe.

When Zach meets Tess, he’s intrigued, yet wary. She’s with his main suspect and he can’t decide if she’s another victim or part of the scheme. He hopes she’s as innocent as she seems, but it could be part of her act.

As he pulls back the layers of the case, he starts falling for Tess. The more he hears of her story, certain details don’t make sense. Is she just a terrible liar or is something else going on? Something even she doesn’t know about?

HERO HEARTS is a multi-author series featuring both historical westerns and contemporary Christian romance. Join Annie Boone, Hayley Wescott and Kate Cambridge in a world unlike any other; a world where Heroes are honored with unforgettable characters and beautiful, Christian love stories.
The authors of this series are committed to writing stories of faith, hope and love centered in fictional heroes who sacrifice daily to protect and save. A mix of historical and modern-day.
We hope you enjoy the Hero Hearts Christian romance!
Annie Boone, Hayley Wescott and Kate Cambridge

** Note: Each book in Hero Hearts is a standalone book, a mini-series of sorts, and you can read them in any order.

Committed (Cutter's Creek Book 25)

Annie Boone

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Janine Hewitt is happy. Mostly happy, that is. She has a wonderful family, plenty of friends, and her husband adores her. But something is missing. Something big.

Thad Hewitt is a loving husband and father. He works hard to keep his family comfortable and well fed. He's a God-fearing man who thanks the Lord daily for all the ways he's been blessed. Though he can't quite put his finger on it, he knows something's wrong with his wife. He thinks he's come up with the perfect plan to cheer Janine up. Their wedding anniversary is coming and he wants to give her a special gift. A grand gesture to put a little spark back into their marriage.

The plan is set in motion and Janine is none the wiser about what her husband is cooking up. When she becomes suspicious about his odd behavior, will the wedge that's developed between them be hammered deeper? Trust and communication in a marriage is the foundation. When that foundation cracks, can it be repaired?

Love Conquers All (Cutter's Creek Book 14)

Annie Boone

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Lana Garrett has met the man of her dreams. As luck would have it, there's a problem. He lives across the country. Will that keep them apart forever? Maybe.

When Lana met Max Tolbert, she was intrigued. When he met her, he fell for her right away. But alas, they only had a short time together before he left Cutter's Creek to return to New York, his job, and his life. They promised to write and they did. For almost a year they poured their hearts out in letters back and forth.

Then, the letters stopped. Lana's heartbroken. She has no idea why her love would just drop her with no warning and no explanation. She decides that maybe she should move on. Her family reminds her that the relationship wasn't likely to work, anyway, since they lived so far apart. When she does finally agree to spend time with another man, she's sorely disappointed.

Then, a suitor she had discarded does her a favor that will change her life. The information he shares leads her to places she never thought she'd see and into a world that changes who she is.

Find out how love for a soulmate, love for sweet stories, and a caring heart leads Lana to her future.

Mail Order Bride: Worth the Wait: Sweet and Clean Western Romance (A Kansas Mail Order Bride Story Book 1)

Annie Boone

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Lenora Lawson has an ideal of what a marriage should look like. From the inside of the orphanage, she's certain she'll never have what she saw her parents share. She's trying to figure out where to go and how to get there. She'll be forced to leave the orphanage soon and she's happy about that. She's got to have a place to go when the time comes.

She's daydreamed about adventure and the ability to make her own decisions. Living life on her own terms is just a fantasy. For now, anyway.

She agrees to marry Jackson Brodie, a cattle rancher in Kansas, when she gets into an argument with the headmistress in the orphanage. She's sure she's got no other options. She's sad and angry, but decides to enlist his agreement that they'll have a marriage of convenience.

He agrees, and all seems to be well, At least on the surface. What could go wrong when two people fall for each other when neither of them wants to be in love? Find out how this young couple figures out the way to true adventure.

Susannah and Lucas (Colorado Matchmaker)

Annie Boone

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Susannah Tumlin wanted more out of life than she would ever find in Boston. She decided to leave. She had to have a way to do it, so she decided to become a mail order bride. She would be going to Rocky Ridge, Colorado to marry the sheriff of the town. The whole thing sounded exciting and frightening at the same time. Lucas Jessup wanted a family. He needed a wife to get the family. His life was different than it once had been. He'd been a Texas Ranger with a life full of drama and danger. Life as the sheriff in Rocky Ridge was easy with much less drama and certainly no danger. Now was the time to start that family. Susannah and Lucas hit many milestones together, even though their marriage takes an unexpected turn. Through trials and great disappointments, they'll have decisions to make. This emotional winding road will take you places you don't expect and reveal personal failings that will make or break the strongest. Take the journey with Susannah and Lucas and find out where they end up. This is Book 1 in the Colorado Matchmaker Series, a sweet and inspirational series of love, romance, and trust.

Rowena and Jeb (Colorado Matchmaker)

Annie Boone

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When Rowena Oakton finds out the state of her debt, she knows she has to flee. If she doesn't run, she'll be owned by Hiram Beal for the rest of her life. That's not what she wants or deserves, so she goes to Colorado seeking refuge with Susannah and Lucas Jessup. The couple will help her get on her feet and make a new life. The problem is that Rowena has no idea part of the plan is for her to marry. With so many terrible experiences with bad men, why would she want to marry one? Jeb Harbin was a Texas Ranger and is now the deputy sheriff in Pine Ridge, Colorado. Working with Lucas Jessup has helped Jeb grow and mature. He knows what he wants out of life and he knows he's missing an important ingredient. Love. Jeb Harbin wants to fall in love. Jeb becomes Susannah's client and agrees to meet Rowena. He feels guilty right away that he can't tell her they've been set up. He wants to tell her the truth, but he doesn't want to lose a chance with the woman who is probably the perfect match for him. Can Rowena find a way to trust again, even when she's been deceived by just about every man who has crossed her path? Can Jeb get the courage to reach out and make Rowena understand?

Mail Order Bride Happy Endings: 20 Sweet Western Historical Stories

Annie Boone

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Twenty sweet western historical mail order bride stories - all with happy endings.

Cowboys, ranchers, business owners, scoundrels, and parsons. Blushing brides, determined women, and families coming together. You'll find all this and more in this big boxed set.

Included in the set:

The Lonely Road
Jewel’s Dream
A Convenient Lie
Drastic Measures
Helen and Albert
Faith Finds a Way
Hope Makes a Decision
Charity Gives Her Heart
A Family’s Destiny
Valerie’s Miracle
A Disappointing Match
Family Ties
Jenny’s Discovery
Too Many Secrets
Her Final Choice
Running from the Past
Veronica’s Hope
Matchmaker Mothers
A Second Chance

Mail Order Brides of the West: Boxed Set - Books 1-4

Annie Boone

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This is a collection of the first four books of the Mail Order Brides short story series. Sweet, clean historical western romance by Annie Boone. Included in this collection:

Not What He Expected Don't Fence Him In Secrets and Trust Reclaiming Hope

Not What He Expected Lucy has missed out on the love and romance she craves and she's decided to take matters into her own hands. If love won't find her, then she will surely find love. Is becoming a Mail Order Bride a good idea or will she just find more disappointment? Will her faith in God help her be strong as she searches for the right path?

Meet Levi. He's the handsome ranch owner Lucy is headed to meet.There's just one little problem. She's a little overweight and she neglected to share this detail about herself. How will Levi handle this touchy issue when they finally meet? Will he be sorry he decided to get a Mail Order Bride?

The beautiful, and equally determined Clara hits the quaint Nebraska town about the same time Lucy does and sparks fly. Who will win this cat fight?

Find out which one of these women end up with the handsome man and how she won his heart.

Don't Fence Him In Viola is expected to marry someone she doesn't love. Of course he'll provide for her and be a decent husband there's no doubt about that. Viola wants happiness and adventure and she's determined to get it. She answers an ad in the Mail Order Bride section of a magazine and goes west to meet the lucky young man.

Why is he surprised when she arrives? Blake is the most handsome man Viola has ever met. She's excited and nervous every time they're together. He seems to like her, too, when he finally buys in to the fact that she's come there to meet him. What could go wrong when both the man and the woman are obviously attracted to each other?

Will God intervene to see his will done in the lives of these two young people? Will they hear the direction God provides?

Find out how this strong willed woman influences the life of the man she has come to love with all her heart.

Secrets and Trust Annabelle has reached the end of her rope with the predictability and sadness in her life. She knows that the grief she and her parents feel at the loss of her twin, Rosalie, should have eased by now. She feels trapped and knows she is too young to continue down this lonely path. When she arrives in Cheyenne to meet her intended husband, she's not yet ready to share the story of her past and her devastating loss.

Judd MacIntyre has secrets about his relationship with his brother that affect every part of his life. He turns out to be more handsome and more sensitive than Annabelle expected, but he displays behavior that she can not accept. She isn't sure how she will find out the truth, but she will get answers before they were wed.

When unsavory characters threaten the life of the one Judd has come to cherish, how will he handle the urgent situation and make peace with his brother in the process?

Reclaiming Hope Eva Rutledge became an orphan at the early age of twelve and ended up in a home for children who had lost their parents. She grew to have a tender heart for those who are alone in the world. She took care of others before she worried about her own happiness. Some would think that she would be easy to take advantage of with loving and caring traits such as these. They would be mistaken.

Luke Stevenson is the hotel owner in Evergreen, Colorado who has become Eva's intended. The plan is for him to teach her how to help him run the business and the two have an immediate chemistry when it comes to running the hotel. Things quickly turn sour when Luke's old flame comes back into the picture.

Will the saloon girl win the prize or will the orphan find her rightful place in the growing little town of Evergreen?

Love on the Western Frontier: Fifteen Inspirational Romance Stories

Emily Woods

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Fifteen Inspirational Stories of Love on the Western Frontier

Join five #1 Best Selling authors on a journey of sweet romance on the western frontier. Each story follows the journey of a woman who risked everything to find true love. They will have to overcome heartache, tragedy, and seemingly insurmountable odds if they are going to find a love that lasts a lifetime.

Love on the Western Frontier includes three stories each from the following Amazon Bestselling Authors:
* Annie Boone - Three never-before-released stories in the Boarding House Misfits Series from Annie Boone, Amazon Best Selling Sweet Romance Author
* Terri Grace - Three never-before-released stories by Terri Grace, Bestselling Western romance author of the Rainbow Mountain Brides and Seven Sons of Jethro
* Indiana Wake - Three never-before-released romances from Amazon All-Star author Indiana Wake introducing the Crabtree Girls and the Men of Turner Ridge
* Emily Woods – Three stories in the Best Selling Sherwood Mail Order Brides series
* Katie Wyatt - Three stories from Best Selling author Katie Wyatt