Best Anne Sage books

Sage Living: Decorate for the Life You Want

Anne Sage

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Perfectly named style maven and City Sage blogger Anne Sage knows a wise truth: decorating our living spaces for our goals is the first step in making them happen. In Sage Living, she opens the door to covetable dwellings designed to boost the dreams of their occupants, from the sunny, open-air kitchen of a holistic nutritionist to the eclectic living room of a world traveler ready to put down roots. With page after page of stunning interiors, engagingly written home stories, and hundreds of design tips for every room, Sage Living goes beneath the stylized surface to help readers decorate for the lives they truly want.

Blue Sage (Anne Stuart's Greatest Hits Book 3)

Anne Stuart

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Ellie Johnson Lundquist survived the massacre that killed her parents and decimated the town of Morey’s Falls, Montana. Now, with the anniversary of that day putting everyone on edge, someone has walked into town, throwing everything off-balance.
Fifteen years ago Tanner’s father took an arsenal to the town square. A lone wolf, Tanner has spent his life on the road, trying to escape that memory, but now he’s come back, ready to face his father’s past and his own.

Strange things have been happening in town, and Tanner’s an easy target. His presence unsettles everyone, especially Ellie, who’s eager to get him out of her life for good. There’s no way she can be attracted to the son of a killer. No way he could want her.

But as the anniversary of the massacre draws closer it’s starting to look as if history is going to repeat itself. Ellie and Tanner are thrown together in a race against time to find the new killer before history comes back to haunt them and destroy any chance of a future they might have together.

International Human Resource Management

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"I enthusiastically endorse the fourth edition of IHRM. The editors are to be congratulated for recruiting the top-rated authors in this field to contribute to this volume. The chapters are up to date, insightful, and sometimes even provocative. Students, including post-grads and advanced undergraduates, as well as savvy practitioners, will benefit from reading this volume."
Neal M. Ashkanasy, Professor of Management, The University of Queensland

Anne-Wil Harzing and Ashly Pinnington’s bestselling textbook has guided thousands of students through their International Human Resource Management studies.

he fourth edition retains the critical edge, academic rigour and breadth of coverage which have established this book as the most authoritative text on the market. The new edition by our international team of experts provides an even more stimulating journey through the core curriculum, contemporary debates and emerging issues in IHRM.

New for the fourth edition:

  • Reduced number of chapters to allow for greater depth and an improved structure ensuring fundamental topics underpin your knowledge
  • Expanded coverage of Equality and Diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability and Cross-Cultural Management in line with developments in the field 
  • New Stop and Reflect feature provides an opportunity to test your understanding at regular intervals

This text comes with access to a companion website containing web links, SAGE journal articles and more.

Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Research and Application

Curtis R. Bartol

Best price for this book: $ 95

Filled with real–life examples, practical applications, and case law discussions, Forensic Psychology: Research and Application, Fourth Edition covers new and emerging fields of study, the many areas where psychology plays a significant role in the civil and criminal justice systems, and the wide range of issues that are an integral part of the forensic psychologist’s day-to-day work. This unique, career-oriented textbook emphasizes a multicultural perspective that focuses on the application of psychological knowledge and research. Authors Curt and Anne Bartol expose readers to emerging specializations within forensic psychology, including investigative psychology, family forensic psychology, and police and public safety psychology. The authors also provide extensive, up-to-date references for students to find more material on the subject areas covered.

Skills for Helping Professionals

Anne M. Geroski

Best price for this book: $ 64.82

Written specifically for non-clinical undergraduate students, but also relevant to graduate studies in helping professions, Skills for Helping Professionals, by Anne M. Geroski focuses on helping students develop the skills they need to effectively initiate and maintain helping relationships. After exploring the literature identifying critical components of helping relationships and briefly reviewing developmental and helping theories, the text covers such topics as the helping process, self-awareness, and ethics in helping, and then focuses on specific helping skills such as listening and hearing, empathy, reflecting, paraphrasing, questioning, clarifying, exploring, and offering feedback, encouragement, and psycho-education. The final chapters focus on individuals in crisis and helping in groups.

Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research

Richard A. Krueger

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This updated edition of Focus Groups: A Practical Guide for Applied Research walks readers step by step through the "how-tos" of conducting focus group research. Using an engaging, straightforward writing style, authors Richard A. Krueger and Mary Anne Casey draw on their many years of hands-on experience in the field to cut through theory and offer practical guidance on every facet of the focus group process, including tips for avoiding problems and pitfalls. The Fifth Edition is updated with the latest research and technological innovations and includes new coverage on planning with analysis in mind; creating conversational questions that have the potential for producing unique and valuable insights; the art of hosting a focus group; common sense thinking about reporting; more efficient strategies for planning the study; and emerging areas of focus group research, such as conducting cross-cultural, international, and Internet focus groups.


"Krueger and Casey’s book does a magnificent job of incorporating both theoretical and practical approaches to the study of focus groups. It is the only hands-on book which explores the process of focus group research."  
?                                                                                                                                            Theresa Carilli, Purdue University Calumet

Criminal & Behavioral Profiling

Curtis R. Bartol

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Criminal and Behavioral Profiling, by well-established authors Curt and Anne Bartol, presents a realistic and empirically-based look at the theory, research, and practice of modern criminal profiling. Designed for use in a variety of criminal justice and psychology courses, the book delves into the process of identifying distinctive behavioral tendencies, geographical locations, demographic and biographical descriptors of an offender (or offenders), and sometimes personality traits, based on characteristics of the crime. Timely literature and case studies from the rapidly growing international research in criminal profiling help students understand the best practices, major pitfalls, and psychological concepts that are key to this process.

Teaching Students With High-Incidence Disabilities: Strategies for Diverse Classrooms

Mary Anne Prater

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To ensure that all students receive quality instruction, Teaching Students with High-Incidence Disabilities prepares preservice teachers to teach students with learning disabilities, emotional behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity, and high functioning autism.  It also serves as a reference for those who have already received formal preparation in how to teach special needs students.  Focusing on research-based instructional strategies, Mary Anne Prater gives explicit instructions and includes models throughout in the form of scripted lesson plans. The book also has a broad emphasis on diversity, with a section in each chapter devoted to exploring how instructional strategies can be modified to accommodate diverse exceptional students. Real-world classrooms are brought into focus using teacher tips, embedded case studies, and technology spotlights to enhance student learning.


Foundations of Psychological Testing: A Practical Approach

Leslie A. (Anne) Miller

Best price for this book: $ 25

The Fourth Edition of this text offers a clear and direct introduction to the basics of psychological testing as well as to psychometrics and statistics relevant for students new to the field. The authors focus on relating core psychological testing concepts to practical situations that students will recognize, relate to, and find interesting. They provide a variety of pedagogical tools to promote student understanding of the underlying concepts required to effectively use tests and test scores. Primarily concerned with preparing students to become informed consumers and users of tests, the text also features three final chapters focusing on how tests are utilized in three important settings: education, clinical and counseling practice, and organizations.

Images of Organization

Gareth Morgan

Best price for this book: $ 65.75

Since its first publication over twenty years ago, Images of Organization has become a classic in the canon of management literature. The book is based on a very simple premise―that all theories of organization and management are based on implicit images or metaphors that stretch our imagination in a way that can create powerful insights, but at the risk of distortion. Gareth Morgan provides a rich and comprehensive resource for exploring the complexity of modern organizations internationally, translating leading-edge theory into leading-edge practice.