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Ghostwriters In The Sky: A Camilla Randall Mystery (The Camilla Randall Mysteries) (Volume 1)

Anne R. Allen

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Dorothy Parker meets Agatha Christie. "Chick-lit noir with a side of funny." - Ruth Harris, NYT best-selling author of "Modern Women" and "Husbands and Lovers". After her celebrity ex-husband’s ironic joke about her “kinky sex habits” is misquoted in a tabloid, New York etiquette columnist Camilla Randall’s life unravels in bad late night jokes. Nearly broke and down to her last Hermes scarf, she accepts an invitation to a Z-list Writers’ Conference in the wine-and-cowboy town of Santa Ynez, California, where, unfortunately, a cross-dressing dominatrix plies her trade by impersonating Camilla. When a ghostwriter’s plot to blackmail celebrities with faked evidence leads to murder, Camilla must team up with the dominatrix to stop the killer. Meanwhile, a wannabe writer who happens to be a hot L.A. cop just may steal her heart.

So Much For Buckingham: The Camilla Randall Mysteries

Anne R. Allen

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This comic novel—which takes its title from the most famous Shakespearean quote that Shakespeare never wrote—explores how easy it is to perpetrate a character assassination whether by a great playwright or a gang of online trolls.

It's a laugh-out-loud mashup of romantic comedy, crime fiction, and satire: Dorothy Parker meets Dorothy L. Sayers. Perennially down-and-out socialite Camilla Randall--a.k.a. "The Manners Doctor"--is a magnet for murder, mayhem and Mr. Wrong, but she always solves the mystery in her quirky, but oh-so-polite way. Usually with more than a little help from her gay best friend, Plantagenet Smith.

In this hilarious episode she makes the mistake of responding to an online review of one of her etiquette guides and sets off a chain of events that leads to arson, attempted rape and murder.

Plantagenet, vacationing in England, is accused of the murder and nobody but Camilla's shady former boyfriend—fresh from prison—can save him. Camilla and Plantagenet are caught between rival factions of historical reenactors who are fiercely pro- and anti-Richard III.

And there's a mysterious cat. Who knows more than he's letting on…

Although this is #5 in the series, it can be read as a stand-alone

"Laughs and social commentary abound in this global adventure. Camilla Randall, a down-on-her luck-socialite-turned-etiquette-expert, takes on review cyberbullies while her friend Plantagenet hunts down the ghost of Richard III.

"Anne R. Allen has given us a hilarious satire that pokes fun at some dark topics."

"Anne Allen is masterful at keeping the plot twisting and turning; and making sure all those details make sense by the end."

"On the surface, it's a frothy romance-cum-suspense story…but underneath, it provides a perceptive insight into the mad world of modern publishing and the subculture of Internet lunatics."

"Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time for the 21st Century."

"Laughs and social commentary abound in this global adventure. Camilla Randall, a down-on-her luck-socialite-turned-etiquette-expert, takes on review cyberbullies while her friend Plantagenet hunts down the ghost of Richard III."

The Queen of Staves: A Camilla Randall Mystery (The Camilla Randall Mysteries) (Volume 6)

Anne R. Allen

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Music blogger Ronzo never dreamed that giving an unfavorableonline review to the Leftenant Froggenhall band would destroy his life. But hecan only escape the band's gruesome persecution and threats to his loved onesby faking his own death and living as a homeless dumpster-diver.
He's forced to hide his blossoming relationship withbookstore owner Camilla Randall to keep her safe from the band's vengefulclutches. Not easy when they're together every day, as Ronzo's unexpectedtarot-reading skills keep Camilla's failing Morro Bay shop afloat.
When a mysterious Irish poet shows up dead on a tarot client'sbeach, it's up to secret lovers Camilla and Ronzo--and the tarot cards--to findthe killer. Hopefully before the homicidal Froggenhalls arrive in Morro Bay
Luckily Buckingham the cat is on the case, ready to fightthe bad guys, tooth and claw.
The Camilla Randall Mysteries are a laugh-out-loud mashup ofromantic comedy, crime fiction, and satire: Dorothy Parker meets Dorothy L.Sayers. Downwardly mobile bookstore owner and etiquette expert Camilla Randallis a magnet for murder, mayhem and Mr. Wrong. But she always solves the mysteryin her quirky, but oh-so-polite way. 

  • "There is adepth and freshness about Anne Allen's work that makes for a pleasingsurprise!" Poet Janice Konstantinidis
  • "Tremendousfun, wittily satiric and highly recommended." Nigel J. Robinson
  • "A perfectblend of wild and wacky characters spouting hilarious dialogue while findingthemselves in unpredictable and unexpected situations." Paul Alan Fahey,Rainbow award-winning author of The Mother I Imagined, The Mom I Knew.
  • "Lots offun! Anne R. Allen is a hugely talented writer, and her Camilla Randall seriesnever fails to entertain."  ClaudeForthomme, senior editor, Impakter magazine.
  • "Highlyrecommended for anyone who enjoys romance, and crime suspense, with a lethallysatiric edge." Dr. John Yeoman, author of How Did the Author Do That?

Health Humanities Reader

Best price for this book: $ 48.93

Over the past forty years, the health humanities, previously called the medical humanities, has emerged as one of the most exciting fields for interdisciplinary scholarship, advancing humanistic inquiry into bioethics, human rights, health care, and the uses of technology. It has also helped inspire medical practitioners to engage in deeper reflection about the human elements of their practice.

In Health Humanities Reader, editors Therese Jones, Delese Wear, and Lester D. Friedman have assembled fifty-four leading scholars, educators, artists, and clinicians to survey the rich body of work that has already emerged from the field—and to imagine fresh approaches to the health humanities in these original essays. The collection’s contributors reflect the extraordinary diversity of the field, including scholars from the disciplines of disability studies, history, literature, nursing, religion, narrative medicine, philosophy, bioethics, medicine, and the social sciences. 

With warmth and humor, critical acumen and ethical insight, Health Humanities Reader truly humanizes the field of medicine. Its accessible language and broad scope offers something for everyone from the experienced medical professional to a reader interested in health and illness.

How to be a Writer in the E-Age: A Self-Help Guide

Catherine Ryan Hyde

Best price for this book: $ 12.99

The e-reader has changed publishing in ways few people could have imagined less than a decade ago. When even seasoned professionals are baffled by seismic changes in the industry, how can an author cope?

Catherine Ryan Hyde, #1 bestselling Amazon author of 26 current and forthcoming books including the iconic Pay it Forward, and Anne R. Allen, bestselling humor author and award-winning blogger, offer warm, friendly advice on how to sustain a writing career during this time of upheaval.

You'll see a lot of books out there about how to write, and a whole lot more that promise Kindle millions. But this book is different. It helps you establish a professional writing career in this time of rapid change—and answers the questions so many writers are asking:

• Does an author still need an agent? Can new writers still get published by Big Five publishers?

• What about digital-only imprints, mid-sized publishers, small presses—or should everybody self-publish? How can you tell if you've found a good self-publishing partner, or a scammy vanity press?

• Do fiction writers need a platform? What's the difference between a hook, logline and a pitch? And how are they different from the dreaded synopsis? Does an author need to worry about all that if planning to self-publish?

• Do you need to spend endless hours on social media? Should all authors blog? What are the secrets of a successful blog? How do you cope with rejection, depression, bad reviews and other downsides of the writing profession?

How to be a Writer in the E-Age answers all these questions and more in this fun, information-packed book.

The Box Under The Bed: an anthology of scary stories from 20 authors

Dan Alatorre

Best price for this book: $ 9.99

Come along for a chilling ride on a ghost ship, experience eerie daydreams and psychotic killers, explore haunted houses, and send the deceased to their final destination. And that’s just a quarter of the thrills. Edited and compiled by Amazon bestselling author Dan Alatorre, this anthology of scary tales brings together the minds and pens of twenty authors, including bestseller Allison Maruska (The Fourth Descendant), bestselling author Jenifer Ruff (Everett), Lucy Brazier (PorterGirl), J. A. Allen, Juliet Nubel, TA Henry, Ann Marie Andrus, Heather Hackett, Barbara Anne Helberg, Scott Skipper, Joanne R. Larner, Christine Valentor, Adele Marie Park, Curtis Bausse, Annette Robinson, Frank Parker, Eric Daniel Clarke, and Maribel C. Pagan. Perfect for Halloween or any time, these stories will make you think twice before walking alone on the beach at night, reading a diary, or innocently watching a train from your car. Consider yourselves warned. NOTE: Warning! American and British spelling ahead. A few stories words are olde English, too. The story The Death Of Mrs. Billen by Mr. Alatorre is from his novel An Angel On Her Shoulder, used with permission.

The Sopranos Family Cookbook: As Compiled by Artie Bucco

Artie Bucco

Best price for this book: $ 6.48

Nuovo Vesuvio. The "family" restaurant, redefined. Home to the finest in Napolitan' cuisine and Essex County's best kept secret. Now Artie Bucco, la cucina's master chef and your personal host, invites you to a special feast...with a little help from his friends. From arancini to zabaglione, from baccala to Quail Sinatra-style, Artie Bucco and his guests, the Sopranos and their associates, offer food lovers one hundred Avellinese-style recipes and valuable preparation tips. But that's not all! Artie also brings you a cornucopia of precious Sopranos artifacts that includes photos from the old country; the first Bucco's Vesuvio's menu from 1926; AJ's school essay on "Why I Like Food"; Bobby Bacala's style tips for big eaters, and much, much more. So share the big table with: Tony Soprano, waste management executive "Most people soak a bagful of discount briquettes with lighter fluid and cook a pork chop until it's shoe leather and think they're Wolfgang Puck." Enjoy his tender Grilled Sausages sizzling with fennel or cheese. Warning: Piercing the skin is a fire hazard. Corrado "Junior" Soprano, Tony's uncle "Mama always cooked. No one died of too much cholesterol or some such crap." Savor his Pasta Fazool, a toothsome marriage of cannellini beans and ditalini pasta, or Giambott', a grand-operatic vegetable medley. Carmela Soprano, Tony's wife "If someone were sick, my inclination would be to send over a pastina and ricotta. It's healing food." Try her Baked Ziti, sinfully enriched with three cheeses, and her earthy 'Shcarole with Garlic. Peter Paul "Paulie Walnuts" Gualtieri, associate of Tony Soprano "I have heard that Eskimos have fifty words for snow. We have five hundred words for food." Sink your teeth into his Eggs in Purgatory-eight eggs, bubbling tomato sauce, and an experience that's pure heaven. As Artie says, "Enjoy, with a thousand meals and a thousand laughs. Buon' appetito!"

The Camilla Randall Mysteries Box Set

Anne R. Allen

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Snarky, delicious fun! The Camilla Randall mysteries are a laugh-out-loud mashup of romantic comedy, crime fiction, and satire: Dorothy Parker meets Dorothy L. Sayers. Perennially down-and-out socialite Camilla Randall is a magnet for murder, mayhem and Mr. Wrong, but she always solves the mystery in her quirky, but oh-so-polite way. Usually with more than a little help from her gay best friend, Plantagenet Smith.

Ghostwriters In The Sky: When a young writer is found dead in her gay best friend's bed at a writer's conference in California wine country, Camilla must enlist the help of a cross-dressing dominatrix to clear Plant's name. Unfortunately, she suspects the hot LA cop who has stolen her heart may be the murderer.

In Sherwood Ltd. a homeless Camilla lands in Robin Hood country, where some not-so-merry men may be trying to kill her, and of course Camilla once again ends up in the most improbable, but always believable, circumstances.

The Best Revenge is a prequel to the series, and takes us back to Camilla Randall's teen years, when she first meets Plantagenet Smith—and is accused of murder herself!

"These stories are so carefully crafted and so cleverly presented that virtually every page offers a unique insight, experience, or perspective, that grabs my attention, tickles my imagination, and makes me laugh out loud."

"A trio of light but intelligent reads. What a pleasure to spend a few days with bits of suspense, as well as some slightly ditzy but loveable characters, all tossed about together in a comical hurricane."

"Serious and absorbing plots. Lighthearted at the same time. "

Allen and Greenough's New Latin Grammar

Best price for this book: $ 30

Based on the 1903 edition, this attractive, newly typeset reprint of the classic work in Latin Grammar has some updating of the material on meter. The key system widely used to reference grammar in numerous Latin texts has been retained. Available also in hardcover.

Abandon Automobile: Detroit City Poetry 2001 (African American Life (Paperback))

Best price for this book: $ 22.95

Do poets' surroundings shape their viewpoint and work? Abandon Automobile seeks to address this question by bringing together the work of more than one hundred of Detroit's most acclaimed and accessible poets. Writing about location as if it were a living entity, these poets visualize Detroit as a variety of complex archetypes-the city becomes a savior, a beast, a nurturing mother, a seductress, a friend, an enemy. Like the city itself, the poetry represented is diverse and the poems are by turns tender, forceful, introspective, and vital. In the introduction to the volume, Melba Joyce Boyd and M. L. Liebler show how Detroit's poetry scene has changed over the years to embrace political movements and cultural transformations. Readers will find that one doesn't need to be a Detroit native to enjoy the many themes of this anthology. The exciting range of voices represented in this collection will appeal to anyone interested in poetry, regional literature, and urban life.