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The Ayurveda Bible: The Definitive Guide to Ayurvedic Healing (Subject Bible)

Anne McIntyre

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Once available only in India, the country in which it originated, Ayurveda is a healing method that is rapidly growing in popularity in North America. Training is available across the United States and treatments and lifestyle counseling are offered in spas everywhere.

The Ayurveda Bible is a comprehensive guide that explores the Indian healing system of Ayurveda, from its origins in ancient Vedic scriptures to Ayurveda as practiced today. The book covers the three prime qualities of Ayurveda and how to assess a person's Ayurvedic constitution -- doshas and dhatus. It describes the relationship between food and a person's constitution and the role of preventative health in Ayurveda.

A full chapter is dedicated to Ayurvedic diagnosis and treatment. It covers the causes and stages of disease, the principles of Ayurvedic treatment, detoxification, treatment of the doshas and dhatus, and Ayurveda and the mind. The Ayurveda Bible also contains a comprehensive and practical directory of Ayurvedic herbs, traditional preparations and formulas.

Indispensable for the practitioner and ideal for the novice, The Ayurveda Bible is a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in the ancient healing practice.

The Complete Herbal Tutor: The ideal companion for study and practice

Anne McIntyre

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Herbal medicines have been used for many centuries to treat illnesses and restore health, and today herbalism still remains the most widely-practiced form of medicine around the world.

Written by a leading Medical Herbalist, The Complete Herbal Tutorprovides in-depth knowledge of the practice and theory of herbal medicine, including everything you need to know about its history, how it works, how to grow, gather and prepare herbs, and how to use them to create a herbal prescription.

The rigorously-researched and illustrated materia medica contains over 150 herbs, with clear explanations of their properties, active ingredients and the latest scientific developments on their uses.

There is also a clear explanation of how herbs can be used to treat each of the body's systems, with advice on using remedies for healing a range of specific conditions.

Flower Power: Flower Remedies for Healing Body and Soul Through Herbalism, Homeopathy, Aromatherapy, and Flower Essences (Henry Holt Reference Book)

Anne McIntyre

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A guide to using flowers for treating and healing such body ailments as sunburn, migraines, heartburn, nausea, kidney infection, cramps, and high blood pressure

The Complete Woman's Herbal: A Manual of Healing Herbs and Nutrition for Personal Well-Being and Family Care (Henry Holt Reference Book)

Anne McIntyre

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This comprehensive guide recommends safe, simple, and effective herbal remedies utilizing plants from your garden as well as readily available herbs and preparations.

Healing Drinks: Delicious Recipes for Body and Mind (100 Healthy Recipes)

Anne McIntyre

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More than ever now, people are on the go. We are constantly rushing from here to there and hardly anyone has time to spend hours slaving over the stove to create nutritious meals. Drinks, on the other hand, are quick, portable and just as deliciously good for you, provided you use the right ingredients. 100 Healthy Recipes: Healing Drinks is packed full of easy-to-follow blends which provide your body with the key nutrients it craves; whether you're dealing with a specific ailment or just in need of a boost, this book contains expert advice and scientific explanations for why certain ingredients are better for you than others. Enjoy everything from spicy teas to settle your stomach to medieval cordials that stimulate your circulation, find tips on relaxation and emotional well-being and discover how to heal your body and spirit from within. About the 100 Healthy Recipes series These colourful health books are jam-packed with easy-to-follow recipes, expert advice and scientific explanations for why certain ingredients are so good for you. Discover with drinks, soups and vegetarian dishes, which foods can soothe your ailments and taste good too!

Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Using Results-Based Accountability to Steer Your Agency to Success

Anne McIntyre-Lahner

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This is an inspiring book about what it takes to create change in a large government organization. It shows how the Results-Based Accountability concepts of population and performance accountability can put the role of the agency in perspective; and how that perspective can be used to create partnerships across the provider community and across the state. It tells the story of how such a broadly based partnership was used to create the Connecticut Kids Report Card. And it tells the continuing story of how committed leadership in the Department of Children and Families (“DCF” or the “Department”) is making progress on infusing performance accountability into the culture of the organization. The book is filled with practical lessons and advice about what it takes to make changes at this scale. - Mark Friedman, Director of the Fiscal Policy Studies Institute, September 2016

The Ayurveda Bible: Godsfield Bibles (The Godsfield Bible Series)

Anne McIntyre

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This comprehensive guide explores the Indian healing system of ayurveda, from its origins in ancient Vedic scriptures to ayurveda as practised today. Learn how to work towards optimum health through diet, lifestyle, exercise and spiritual practices, according to your dosha or constitution type. Also included are detailed recommendations for the holistic treatment of common ailments, with herbs, food, massage and meditation.

The Apothecary's Garden: How to Grow and Use Your Own Herbal Medicines

Anne McIntyre

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A guide to growing herbs for health, this book contains an A-Z of over 80 herbs, demonstrating methods of cultivation and medicinal uses. Remedies include: infusions, decoctions, tinctures, compresses, poultices, inhalations and eye baths. A glossary of herb and seed suppliers is also provided.

The Medicinal Garden: How to Grow and Use Your Own Medicinal Herbs

Anne McIntyre

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Featuring detailed color photographs from the author's own garden for easy identification, a practical guide shows how to grow, prepare, and use a complete range of medicinal herbs in distillations, infusions, and poultices. Original. 15,000 first printing.

Drink to Your Health: Delicious Juices, Teas, Soups, and Smoothies That Help You Look and Feel Great

Anne McIntyre

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To Life!

From juices and teas to soups and smoothies, this imaginative collection of delicious drinks from around the world has been compiled to help you look and feel great. These luscious and easy-to-prepare recipes will help lift your spirits and soothe your soul, and warm you up and cool you down, as well as recover from a wide range of illnesses and ailments. Features include:

* In-depth profiles of the healing qualities and benefits of twenty-five key ingredients -- from almonds and apples to barley and beetroot, and from garlic and ginger to oats and onions

* More than 120 recipes from sources around the world -- from China and Russia to North and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe

* Specifics for vegetarians, vegans, and people suffering from certain food intolerances

* Traditional wisdom married with discoveries from modern medical science

* Gorgeous full-color illustrations and detailed step-by-step instructions

Beautiful, informative, and comforting, Drink to Your Health will show you simple ways to make yourself feel a lot better.