Best Anna Scott books

Luke (A Redemption Romance Book 1)

Anna Scott

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They've both suffered. Time to grasp the love still within reach, and hold on.
When a Dallas policeman and veteran loses his best friend to suicide, he's determined to show his friend's sister that they belong together, not only in grief but in good times. But showing her they're more than friends won't be easy.

Luke Jackson, Dallas policeman, has seen death before. But this time, it's his best friend Nolan who's dead--by his own hand. Leaving Luke to comfort Nolan's younger sister, the woman Luke left behind when he and Nolan enlisted in the Armed Forces together. Luke will do anything for Aurora … except walk away again. This time, he's by her side to stay.

Aurora Williams lost her father, then her mother, leaving only her big brother to comfort her. Now he's gone, and she's not sure how to bear the pain. Nolan's friends step up, five strong, alpha men grieving along with her. Luke especially--but when he moves in with her, is it for more than comfort? Aurora has been in love with him most of her life, but now she's afraid of reading him wrong. Does he feel the way she does?

As trouble strikes, Luke is enraged that Aurora may be in danger. But when he comes on too strong, has he lost her for good? Or can they find their way from friends to lovers, and beyond?

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Jake (A Redemption Romance Book 2)

Anna Scott

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This bad-tempered Marine is the last man she needs, but he's the one that she wants—and the one who'll do anything to keep her safe.
A Texas DEA agent and veteran tries to drown his grief and anger in alcohol, leaving his group of friends at their wits end. But when a sweet and lovely abuse survivor needs his protection, he steps up to keep her safe from a vengeful ex. Can he protect her from his own dark side?

DEA agent Jake Thompson has done his best to drink away his anguish at losing two of his best friends and fellow Marines. But there's not enough alcohol in Texas, and if he goes on boozing and brawling, he'll lose all his remaining friends, and the one woman he wants. Hope has brought joy and sweetness into his life, as well as the hottest night he ever had. He can get himself back on track for her … can't he?

Hope Lewis is everyone's friend, and a counselor at Freedom House, a shelter for abused women and teen girls. She has one weakness—her longing for handsome, sexy Jake. But after witnessing his battle with the bottle, and his mega-blowup at mutual friends, she knows he's not the man for her. With her past, she needs a quiet, even-tempered guy with a nine-to-five, not a moody, broody agent who disappears into the dangerous underbelly of Texas for weeks at a time. She can resist Jake … right?

When a deadly stalker emerges from Hope's past, Jake is afraid for her, and furious when she doesn't turn to him for help. But shouting at her does the one thing he can't bear … drives her away. When Hope's cunning stalker chooses this moment to strike, Jake must grasp every bit of his control to stay cool. Can he save the woman he loves and convince her to give him one more chance?

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Little Money Bible: The Ten Laws of Abundance

Stuart Wilde

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Presents the "Ten Laws of Abundance" which reveal the psychological aspects of money and the deeper metaphysical secrets of prosperity, showing how to be rich as well as spiritual

Trent (Redemption Romance Book 4)

Anna Scott

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She pushed him away so he'll have a future. He's back to show her she's all he wants.

A Texas deputy will do anything to show his true love they're made to be together. But first, he'll have to save her from his own past. Will nearly losing everything finally convince her that all they need is each other?

Trent Harris, Texas lawman, is a strong man who'll protect and serve the people of Allen County, TX with his life. The deputy chases down wrong-doers and puts them behind bars. But when the love of his life pushes Trent away, his own hands are tied by Amber's pain. He can do little except remain true from a distance.

Amber Moore tries her best to stay away from Trent, no matter how much she still loves him. He deserves a clear shot at happiness with another woman, one who can give him a family. But it's hard when they have a hometown, friends and so much else in common. Especially when he keeps finding ways to be close to her.

When someone from Trent's past threatens Amber, he'll move heaven and Texas to save her. But even then, can he make her see that their lives would be so much richer together, even if the future's not picture-perfect?

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Scott Foresman ESL, Grade 6: Student Book, Sunshine Edition

Anna Uhl Chamot

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Scott Foresman ESL for grades 6-8 is a content-based, grade-level program that actually accelerates English language learning. It teaches students the academic language and content they need to achieve success in the mainstream classroom.

Albaterra Mates: The Complete Box Set (Book 1-7): Paranormal SciFi Alien Romance

Ashley L. Hunt

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Introducing the "Albaterra Mates" Box Set - Discover NOW The Best Paranormal Romance Book by Ashley L. Hunt!

Lovely - Romantic - Exciting!

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They’ve been watching Earth for a thousand years. Now, our paths will finally cross.

Albaterra is a beautiful, diverse planet, just one galaxy away from the Milky Way. Its inhabitants? A race of blue-skinned, white-eyed, muscular aliens who call themselves the A’li-uud. They are fierce warriors, and they revere the ground upon which they walk, but the security of the comfortable world they’ve built for themselves is about to be put to the test because humans are close.

Very close.

When a human spacecraft crashes onto Albaterra, nothing short of chaos ensues. Violence and deceit threaten to tear the serene A’li-uud civilization apart and obliterate the human race altogether. It is left up to a select few alien males and the human females who’ve captured their hearts to not only save what is about to be lost but blossom a seedling of hope for a prosperous future into a flower of fruition.

Discover Rex, one of the eleven elite Elders who protects the curvaceous Tabitha against his obligations to the A’li-uud Council. Learn why Duke, the militant mission captain, forsakes all he’s ever known when he meets Emily. Follow the alpha male Dane as he is caught between filling his brother’s shoes and fulfilling his desires with the New York ambassador, Roxanne. Join Lokos and Celine in unexpected unity when they face a new danger that could threaten everything. Find Khrel battling his loyalty to his kingdom and his feelings for Lena. Meet the snarky Zuran as he tears himself away from a criminal past for a future with the selfless Phoebe. And, finally, watch Venan discover what it truly means to lead a kingdom with the help of Octavia.

In an era of widespread fear, dangerous mistrust, and extreme cultural differences, romances bud with such flaming passion, they could set the world on fire. Everyone wants that happy ending, but both A’li-uud and humans are going to discover the answer to one of the time’s greatest questions: does love really conquer all?

#1 BESTSELLING Paranormal Alien Romance Series now available in a Complete Box Set!

This complete collection has all the key romance, action, and drama to make you fall in love with the characters.
All 7 books include curvy females who come into their own and alpha aliens with a hunger for passion and insatiable desires.

Book 1 – Rex
Book 2 – Duke
Book 3 – Dane
Book 4 – Lokos
Book 5 – Khrel
Book 6 – Zuran
Book 7 – Venan

Scott Foresman ESL Student Book, Grade 3, Second Edition

Jim Cummins

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International Finance, Transactions, Policy, and Regulation (University Casebook Series)

Hal Scott

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This textbook provides comprehensive coverage of international finance from policy, regulatory, and transactional perspectives.

It is organized in five parts. Part One deals with the international aspects of banking and securities markets in major financial centers. It covers the global financial crisis of 2007-2009 and the 2010 Eurozone crisis, systemic risk, and macroprudential regulation. Part Two considers the infrastructure of global financial markets, including payment, clearing and settlement systems, foreign exchange regimes, and international coordination of capital requirements. Part Three deals with major market instruments, including securitization and derivatives contracts, and the regulation of money managers. Part Four covers topics of special relevance for the emerging markets, such as project finance and sovereign debt. A full chapter is devoted to China’s financial reforms and its evolving role in the international financial architecture. Part Five addresses the challenge of controlling the financing of terrorism.

The ATIXA Playbook

Brett Sokolow

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The ATIXA Playbook is a 100+ page book developed by nationally-recognized experts and field-leading practitioners as a comprehensive guide to ensure that the resolution of sexual misconduct allegations on college campuses is done right. The ATIXA Playbook represents three key themes: Best practices for the post-regulatory era, taking a long view of Title IX's 45 year trajectory to assess where we have been and where we are going. Fine-tuning the substantive decisions that are being made regarding allegations of sexual misconduct and other behaviors covered by Title IX and VAWA 304 through a set of comprehensive models of proof. Offering a spirited defense of why colleges address sexual violence, and why we can, should, and will continue to do so. The ATIXA Playbook includes: Models of proof that explain how to analyze the complex evidence of an allegation of sex discrimination to determine by a preponderance of evidence whether policy has been violated. An understanding of what discrimination is and what it is not, including analysis of harassment, hostile environments, and retaliation. A critical checklist tool on substantive and procedural due process. Decision rubrics for sexual violence, sexual harassment, stalking, intimate partner violence, and other forms of sex and gender discrimination. A framework to elevate the precision of the credibility assessments, which in turn should elevate the fairness of resolution proceedings, the accuracy of determinations, and their defensibility in court. Extensive discussion on issues of coercion and applying the consent construct in theory, not just in practice. Case studies for practical application and analysis of both policy and credibility.

Complete Piano Rags (Dover Music for Piano)

Scott Joplin

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Throughout history, few musical crazes have hit with such impact, had such a heyday and lingered so hauntingly as ragtime. Ragtime arrived on the upswing of Tin Pan Alley, when the popularity of pianos in the home was reaching its peak and an endless stream of sheet music flowed out to meet the demand. In the early 1900s, no name was more prominent on those sheet-music covers and no one wrote ragtime music more brilliantly than Scott Joplin.
This wonderful book brings together in one superbly produced playing edition all thirty-eight of Scott Joplin's piano rags, including his six collaborations, plus Joplin's own primer on how to play ragtime, the "School of Ragtime." Each rag has been reprinted, along with its sheet-music cover, from the original publisher's edition.
At the Williams' Brothers saloon in Sedalia, Missouri, Scott Joplin was known as "The Entertainer," and in 1897, in the upstairs room called the Maple Leaf Club, he wrote the rag that would one day be the first to sell over a million copies in sheet-music form. In time the "Maple Leaf Rag" also became the most recorded composition on piano roll, with forty known versions.
Most of Joplin's other rags were hits as well. Many bear the playful names that were given most rags, names like "The Strenuous Life," "Heliotrope Bouquet," and his last published piece, the "Silver Swan Rag." One of them, "The Entertainer," triggered a major revival of interest in his work when it was incorporated into the score of the popular film The Sting. All of them are here, each bearing the mark of Joplin's supreme originality. As ragtime authority David A. Jasen observes in his Introduction: "For pianists everywhere, this folio contains ragtime masterpieces which, when learned, will provide unlimited joy."