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A Christmas Wager - A Regency Romance Novelette

Anna D Allen

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London rakehell, Gerard Windham, Viscount Knowles, tired of his debauched life, escapes to the countryside and his cousin’s family for the Christmas season in the hope of avoiding another night in his cups. But during the festivities, he cannot resist the temptation of a wager—that he can seduce any woman in the room. His friends pounce on the chance of easy money and select a dour old maid, much to Gerard’s dismay. Things take a turn for the worse when Gerard learns she is none other than….

Country spinster, Elizabeth Bedford, lives a dull life with her father, but when the charming Viscount Knowles turns his attention on her, she decides to take her own gamble.

This is a work of SHORT FICTION.

An award-winning writer, Anna D. Allen lives in Michigan with too many books and not enough dogs. Her short story, “Ten Gallons a Whore,” appeared in Writers of the Future, and she is a member of Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. She is the author of two collections of short stories, Mrs. Hewitt’s Barbeque: Seven Eclectic Tales of Food, Humor, and Love, and Lake People and Other Speculative Tales, as well as the novel, Charles Waverly and the Deadly African Safari.

Miss Pritchard's Happy, Wanton Christmas (and the Consequences Thereof)

Anna D. Allen

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A virtuous lady, a dashing soldier, and wicked weather… (Please Note – This novel contains graphic love scenes.) Christmas, 1814, on the road from Rockleford… Miss Eleanor Pritchard, long-time companion to an aging noblewoman, learns too late that a Christmas invitation does not include her. But with deadly weather looming, a lonely holiday is the least of her concerns. Home from war, Major Hugh Dalton plans to spend Christmas with his mother, but an ice storm forces him to seek shelter in the ruins of an abbey—a delay with the potential to change two lives.

Christmas Revels IV: Four Regency Novellas (Volume 4)

Hannah Meredith

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The Revels Continue… The Sergeant’s Christmas Bride – Sergeant Jacob Burrows just wants a place to bed down for the night. He never expects to be confronted by a lady with a gun. Elizabeth FitzWalter intends to drive the stranger off her land, until she realizes he meets her most pressing need. Home for Christmas – When Charity Fletcher receives a mysterious bequest—a house by the sea—she hopes to rebuild her life. Lord Gilbert Narron leases a seaside house to hide from his memories of war. Charity’s refuge is Gil’s bolt-hole… but what both are seeking is a home for their hearts. A Memorable Christmas Season –The last thing Lady Roekirk expects at her Christmas party is a dead traitor in her parlor… or the Crown’s Spymaster helping her hide the body. Thirty years earlier, she’d been forced to wed another and Lord Keyminster became a spy. After this long, does their love stand a chance? A Perfectly Unforgettable Christmas - Every day, Lucien Rollinsby endures a memory of Christmas Eve. Not even his lovely new neighbor can make him forget that horrible night five years ago. Caroline McAlasdair remembers that Christmas Eve, too. But if Lucien recalls her presence there, it will destroy their only chance at happiness forever.

Christmas Revels II: Four Regency Novellas

Hannah Meredith

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Let the Revels begin—again! Four new stories with four distinctive voices: The Vicar's Christmas – Margaret Trent never needs anything or anyone, but when two London solicitors show up on her doorstep, she needs a hero. Enter Henry Ogden, mild-mannered village vicar. Hardly the stuff of heroes . . . until adversity brings out unexpected talents. A Christmas Equation – A chance meeting between a reluctant viscount and a self-effacing companion revives memories of their shared past—a time when they were very different people. With secrets to keep, Sarah Clendenin wishes Benjamin Radcliff gone . . . but he’s making calculations of his own. Crimson Snow – A trail of blood drops leads Jane Merrywether to a wounded stranger—the only person standing in the way of her wicked guardian becoming an earl. John Rexford, long-thought dead, has returned to claim his inheritance and his promised bride . . . if he can survive a murderous Christmas. A Perfectly Unregimented Christmas – After years at war, Viscount Pennyworth returns to his ancestral home to find some peace and quiet and to avoid the holiday he loathes. But four naughty boys, a bonnet-wearing goat, a one-eyed cat, a family secret, and one Annabelle Winters, governess, make this a Christmas he’ll never forget.

Mrs. Hewitt's Barbeque: Seven Eclectic Tales of Food, Humor, and Love

Anna D. Allen

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Mrs. Hewitt throws the very best of parties - don’t be left out! Welcome to the eclectic world—or is that worlds?—of award-winning author Anna D. Allen’s debut collection of short stories: Mrs. Hewitt’s Barbeque: Seven Eclectic Tales of Food, Humor, and Love. Mrs. Kelly searches the sands of Egypt for something she lost, while millennia earlier, Nakht the tomb-painter hopes no one discovers his secret. Could the buzz of one bee change an entire city any more than the quest for one sandwich could change a man's life? Oh, and then there’s Dottie who is on a rampage because of what Miz Susan did, while Officer Travis has his hands full with protesters Laurie and Mickey. If only everyone could have gone to Deborah Hewitt’s barbecue, possibly none of this would have happened. In the course of seven distinct, yet somehow connected, stories, we find that love is transcendent, humor is important, and food... well... food might just be what it’s all about. But it’s not as simple as all that. These are not cut-and-dried stories all told from the same viewpoint and formula. Each story is a part of its own remarkable world. And each world, as drawn by the author, is a living, breathing entity. Each character, we can be assured, has a life far beyond what we see on the page. So come in, have a seat in the shade, and pour yourself a glass of strawberry lemonade. This is one barbecue you simply don’t want to miss. Includes: "Mrs. Kelly's Ghosts," "The Thwarted Reuben," "A Bee Buzzed," "Chains," "In the Green Fields of Eternity," "Dottie's Dachshunds," and "Mrs. Hewitt's Barbeque."

Christmas Revels III : Three Regency Novellas (Volume 3)

Hannah Meredith

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When days turn dark, Christmas brightens the way... Come Revel with us again! Magdalena’s Christmas Rake – Thomas Eddington comes home for a family Christmas to discover his mother in a matchmaking mood. Worse, she has invited his childhood nemesis, "Mad Maddie" Winslow, to act as chaperone to the eligible debutantes. For her part, Magdalena Winslow hopes to go unnoticed. She certainly wants nothing to do with a London rake, and she’s not afraid to let him know it. Christmas Promise - When skaters at a Christmas house party find a dead man beneath the ice, the squeamish local magistrate relies on Eve Franklin to help with the investigation. Complications arrive with Lord Adam Downing, who is searching for the dead man - and stolen jewels - on orders from the Prince of Wales. Eve must now convince the aristocrat to view her as an equal—but he sees her as so much more. The Christmas Rose - Lord and Lady Trenton have an exemplary society marriage—an amicable partnership. Simon dedicates himself to his Parliamentary responsibilities and estate concerns. Emma devotes herself to their children and her charitable endeavors. But when the stress of the coming Christmas season fractures their facade of marital harmony, they discover what they both really need and want. Each other.

Christmas Revels: Four Regency Novellas

Hannah Meredith

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“This delightful quartet of stories has everything on your wish list—passion, emotion, laughter, and love. Do not wait ‘til Christmas to open!” – Anne Barton, author of Scandalous Summer Nights “A Light in Winter or The Wicked Will” – Debt-ridden Connor Grayson inherits his uncle's title and ruined estate. But in order to receive his uncle's money, the new Viscount Roxbury must marry an ancient crone—a fate he considers... until he meets her companion. “The Lord of Misrule” – Everyone expects the Earl of Morrell to propose to Alice Caruthers during the Christmas holidays. Finally! But when the earl’s best friend arrives as the lucky First Foot on New Year’s Eve, Alice’s world turns upside-down. “God Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen” – Newlywed Eugenia, Lady Hunter, wants to impress her aristocratic in-laws with her first Christmas house party — but blackmail, dead bodies, and being snowed in with a killer are not part of her plan. “A Perfectly Dreadful Christmas” – Three not-so-wise gentlemen, a pregnant stranger, several tumbling footmen, and an unexpected snowstorm will turn Elizabeth's Perfectly Ordinary Christmas into a disaster ... or a Christmas miracle with the man she loves.

Mindfulness and the Arts Therapies: Theory and Practice

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This ground-breaking book explores the theoretical, clinical and training application of integrating mindfulness with all of the arts therapies, and includes cutting-edge contributions from neuroscience. Written by pioneers and leaders in the arts therapies and psychology fields, the book includes 6 sections that examine mindfulness and the arts therapies from different perspectives: 1) the history and roots of mindfulness in relation to spirituality, psychotherapy and the arts therapies; 2) the role of the expressive arts in cultivating mindful awareness; 3) innovative approaches that add mindfulness to the arts therapies; 4) arts therapies approaches that are inherently mindfulness-based; 5) mindfulness in the training and education of arts therapists; and 6) the neuroscience underlying mindfulness and the arts therapies.  

Contributors describe their pioneering work with diverse applications: people with cancer, trauma, chronic pain, substance abuse, severe mental illness, clients in private practice, adolescents at camp, training dance and art therapists, and more. This rich resource will inspire and rejuvenate all clinicians and educators.

The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy

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Over 125 poetic companions, from Basho to Billy Collins, Saigyo to Shakespeare.

The poems expertly gathered here offer all that one might hope for in spiritual companionship: wisdom, compassion, peacefulness, good humor, and the ability to both absorb and express the deepest human emotions of grief and joy. The book includes a short essay on “Mindful Reading” and a meditation on sound from editor John Brehm—helping readers approach the poems from an experiential, non-analytical perspective and enter into the mindful reading of poetry as a kind of meditation.

The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy offers a wide-ranging collection of 129 ancient and modern poems unlike any other anthology on bookshelves today. It uniquely places Buddhist poets like Han Shan, Tu Fu, Saigyo, Ryokan, Basho, Issa, and others alongside modern Western poets one would not expect to find in such a collection—poets like Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, Elizabeth Bishop, William Stafford, Denise Levertov, Jack Gilbert, Ellen Bass, Billy Collins, and more. What these poems have in common, no matter whether they are explicitly Buddhist, is that all reflect the essential truths the Buddha articulated 2,500 years ago.

The book provides an important poetic complement to the many prose books on mindfulness practice—the poems here both reflect and embody the dharma in ways that can’t be matched by other modes of writing. It’s unique features include an introduction that discusses the themes of impermanence, mindfulness, and joy and explores the relationship between them. Biographical notes place the poets in historical context and offer quotes and anecdotes to help readers learn about the poets’ lives. 

Research on Schools, Neighborhoods and Communities: Toward Civic Responsibility

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Research on Schools, Neighborhoods, and Communities: Toward Civic Responsibility focuses on research and theoretical developments related to the role of geography in education, human development, and health. William F. Tate IV, the Edward Mallinckrodt Distinguished University Professor in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis and former President of the American Educational Research Association, presents a collection of chapters from across disciplines to further understand the strengths of and problems in our communities. Today, many research literatures—e.g., health, housing, transportation, and education—focus on civic progress, yet rarely are there efforts to interrelate these literatures to better understand urgent problems and promising possibilities in education, wherein social context is central. In this volume, social context—in particular, the unequal opportunities that result from geography—is integral to the arguments, analyses, and case studies presented. Written by more than 40 educational scholars from top universities across the nation, the research presented in this volume provides historical, moral, and scientifically based arguments with the potential to inform understandings of civic problems associated with education, youth, and families, and to guide the actions of responsible citizens and institutions dedicated to advancing the public good.