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Between Life and Death: The In-Betweener

Ann Christy

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Emily is alone. Two years after the end of the world, she talks to herself and smashes heads with her favorite sledgehammer. This is not the life she imagined for herself as her eighteenth birthday rolls past.

It’s time for her to look beyond her safe, little hiding place to the world beyond. The madness of the apocalypse is ending, the dangerous in-betweeners - those no longer quite human, but not yet dead - are few and far between. The deaders that cover the world are going still, their senses dulled by time and the elements.

The problem is that there are no people...none. Emily has found not a single living human when she's dared to step outside her safe-zone.

As Emily weighs the heavy cost of surviving alone and begins to accept the inevitable, everything changes once again. One of the deaders at her gate turns out not to be a deader at all. He’s an in-betweener different from any other she has seen before, and he carries a message. If Emily has the courage to step beyond her gate and the skills to survive a perilous trip in a dead world, she might just have a chance at life...a life with humans...after all.

The In-Betweener is book one in the thrilling post-apocalyptic adventure series, Between Life and Death.


Ann Christy

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One hundred and twelve years after the fall, the Republic of Texas is built on two foundations: total freedom and total responsibility. A law broken means a strike against the lawbreaker. Five strikes means execution. The only hope for the law breaker is to escape Texas—to go Striker—before justice comes for them. Sixteen-year-old Karas Quick has never had it easy. The daughter of a Striker and an alcoholic mother, she’s gotten everything she has the hard way — even the strike on her neck. Yet try as Karas might to stay above-board with the authorities, there are some things you just can’t plan for. Like seeing the face of her long-lost father paraded through the town square in chains. In the blink of an eye, Karas’s life changes forever. Potential strikes be damned, she has to see her father one last time. What she discovers propels her upon an unimaginable journey, one she can only hope she’ll survive.

The Ways We End (Dark Collections) (Volume 1)

Ann Christy

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Dark Collections - Volume One
The End. Those two little words can mean so much. But how will things end...and will it hurt? That’s what we really want to know.
Delve into the darkness and join us at the end of the world. From a blighted sky to an invasion from beyond, from untethered time to one person driven beyond the edge of sanity, from a child’s game to an unseen’s all imagined here, and imagined darkly.
Inside the pages of The Ways We End is a combination of new stories and previously published anthology tales, now re-imagined without word limits, including Cottage of Hunger, The Mergens, The Mountains of Five, The Bridge, Rock or Shell, and A Mother So Beautiful.

Robot Evolution: Perfect Partners, Incorporated Volumes 1-5

Ann Christy

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Welcome to the World of Perfect Partners, Incorporated!

Step into the world of sentient androids. Humans no longer have to woo a human mate or wait for that perfect match...they simply order their heart’s desire and live life to the fullest. Called PePrs - say it like pepper, the spice - they have become indispensable to humanity. They do the jobs we don’t want to do, act as our windows to the wider world, fill all our social needs, and have become the expressions of our collective will. From the battlefield to the dog pound, from our perfect mate to the nanny that cares for our children...almost every task can now be done by a PePr, leaving humans to explore a life free of drudgery.

It sounds perfect. Then again, things that start perfect don’t usually stay that way.

Each of the novellas in this volume is a stand-alone work. There are no cliff-hangers, but there might be tears, gasps, and smiles. Who will you root for? Human or PePr...choose your side!

Corrections - Deirdre is a SUPer, a government-owned robot in the time before Perfect Partners were released. Originally designed to be a battlefield intelligence unit, politics demanded she work in a less controversial profession. Now, she's a parole agent for recently released criminals in need of supervision, and this time she's got herself a doozy for a client. Greg, a petty thief with a 40-year long rap sheet is almost more than she can handle. Between arthritis and illegal card games, they forge a new relationship even as the world around them shifts and alters in startling ways.

Imperfect - Sandra was built with everything; a perfect body, perfect face, and every upgrade that can be bought. Yet somehow she finds herself on the reject table next to a half-disassembled robot with an erratic personality. And now, on top of everything else, she’s just experienced her first emotion. Too bad for her it turned out to be fear. Yet all is not as it seems inside the cold Perfect Partners facility. As Sandra gets swept up in the plots inside the PePr facility, she must maintain her placid facade or wind up on the chopping block along with her new friend. In the end, it all boils down to one question: How much is Sandra willing to give up to provide a better future for her kind?

The Dogcatcher - As a civil service PePr, Ace has a job that keeps him in the public eye and under constant scrutiny. Designed and built to relate well with animals, he’s the perfect Animal Control worker. He’s also got a secret and it’s not just that he has emotions. Deep within the abandoned relics of humanity’s industrial past, he has a secret home for himself and all the unadoptable dogs that he rescues. When Ace does something that will demand his termination, he discovers he has more friends than he imagined in the most surprising places.

PePr, Inc. - Hazel has a busy life with a great career and friends she loves. She also has Henry, and that's not working out quite like she expected. A PePr is meant to complement their human, filling in all the gaps to create the ideal couple, something no human could ever hope to find in another human. It's just not turning out that way for Hazel. When Henry finally goes too far, Hazel finds that getting free of him might not be as easy as going back to PePr to void the contract.

Posthumous - Love is eternal in a silicon heart.

Edna writes, but isn’t allowed to publish. She lives on her own, but can't legally own her home. She has a beagle she loves, but is still considered property herself. Life can be complicated for a PePr – even one who has received manumission, the coveted right to remain functional even without a human owner. That’s especially true when that PePr falls in love.

Between Life and Death: Forever Between

Ann Christy

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The last time Veronica checked, the world outside was still dead…and still covered by the sort-of-undead remnants of humanity. That was this morning. Now, she has to run that gauntlet to try and save Emily, just as Emily once saved her.

Four years ago the world was destroyed by medical nanites gone awry, leaving humanity divided into three groups: the living, deaders, and the horrific in-betweeners. Emily’s only hope for a cure lies eighty miles away at a military hospital where nanite treatments were once given, and she’s running out of time. Between Veronica and that hospital is a world of flesh-eating monsters and possibly something even worse…humans. If Veronica fails to get there, Emily will be trapped forever between life and death.

Forever Between is book two in the exciting post-apocalyptic trilogy, Between Life and Death. With mild language and occasional violence, (and some very gross undead), this series is suitable for ages 16 and up.

Silo 49: Deep Dark

Ann Christy

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A lot can change in a century, and Silo 49 has transformed from a dying silo into one filled with life and hope. Graham set Silo 49 free from the machinations of Silo One and the control of the WOOL agenda in Silo 49: Going Dark. Since then, they have been alone and one their own, with no one to guide them...or suppress them. Their silo has changed for the better, but a gentler and kinder lie is still a lie and the truth waits to be found.

Marina is a Fabricator, a worker of metal, and has been tasked with reclaiming the silver of the silo from private hands to replenish the diminishing vault stocks. Among the curiosities turned in, she finds something that should not exist and that begins a search for the most elusive thing in the silo…the truth. Long buried truths aren't the only things unearthed during her single-minded pursuit. Crime, memory-wipes, and even death will stalk the eternal stairwell of the silo.

Books in the Silo 49 Series:
1- Silo 49: Going Dark
2- Silo 49: Deep Dark
3- Silo 49: Dark Till Dawn
4- Silo 49: Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded

Silo 49: Deep Dark is written in the WOOL universe with permission of Hugh Howey.

Silo 49: Going Dark (Volume 1)

Ann Christy

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Book one of the Silo 49 series, a thrilling journey back into the silo, set in Hugh Howey's world of WOOL. Silo 49 has never had it easy and things have just gotten a whole lot worse. Graham, the head of IT, has done many unsavory things in his life but everyone has a line they won't cross. He just found his. With only his best friend, Wallis and a dying electrician, Grace, to stand by him, he is left with one clear and final choice. Does he do what is right or what the rules say he should? It is a race against time for the trio against the impersonal might of Silo One. Their only choice? Going Dark. Books in the Silo 49 Series: Silo 49: Going Dark Silo 49: Deep Dark Silo 49: Dark Till Dawn Silo 49: Flying Season for the Mis-Recorded

Chronicle Worlds: Tails of Dystopia (Future Chronicles Book 17)

Samuel Peralta

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1984 meets The Incredible Journey in thirteen dystopian tales by some of today's most accomplished writers of science fiction.

In this title in the acclaimed Future Chronicles series of speculative fiction anthologies created by award-winning author Samuel Peralta, discover tales of dark futures, tragic pasts, and a present that's run off the rails are presented in landscapes as varied as their authors' imaginations.

Set in bestselling worlds fully realized by their authors, the stories of Chronicle Worlds: Tails of Dystopia unfold as seen through the eyes of animals -- tamed and feral, domestic and savage -- as they traverse a world of perdition where often their capacity for nobility and self-sacrifice transcends our own.

Enter these worlds with some of the most inventive authors writing today, including USA Today bestselling authors David Adams and Cheri Lasota, Wall Street Journal bestselling authors Daniel Arthur Smith and Ann Christy, and Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award winner Rysa Walker.

Dystopian deserts, post-apocalyptic mountain ranges, the medieval English countryside, the far reaches of the galaxy - in each of these and more, animals and their human companions discover heart-stopping adventure among the ruins - and you will, too.

Discover Chronicle Worlds. Discover Tails of Dystopia.

Proceeds from this volume of The Future Chronicles help support the charity Pets for Vets, which rescues and re-trains shelter animals and matches them with military veterans in need of a companion animal.

The Memento

Christy Ann Conlin

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Haunting gothic elements are exquisitely re-imagined in this strange tale of madness, murder and dark secrets set on the rugged Bay of Fundy coast by the acclaimed author of Heave.
The Memento tells the story of Fancy Mosher as she lives and works in the servants' quarters at Petal's End, a formerly illustrious private land surrounded by dense forest belonging to the famed Parker family. Since the Great War, the estate has been slowly crumbling at the same rate as the family's reputation. Fancy grows up listening to her family's ghost stories and watching the Parkers from a safe distance with her best friend, Art, but the summer she turns twelve she not only learns that her family has been hiding a terrifying truth about who she is and what she is capable of, she also begins to experience firsthand the magnitude of secrets and horrors held within the estate's walls and buried in its lush gardens--secrets and lies that come to haunt Fancy and the large, fabulous cast of Petal's End, all of whom refuse to move on from a dying way of life.
    Christy Ann Conlin gives us a lyrical and chilling meditation on human nature and the manner of recollection in this captivating ghost story where webs of memories haunt and distort reality and ultimately destroy those who weave them.

Between Life and Death: Between No More (Volume 3)

Ann Christy

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An endless, broiling summer bakes the deaders that roam the world. Veronica feels stuck in limbo while she waits for news that might bring an end to the nightmare that has overtaken their world. Between bashing heads and scavenging for what’s left, it’s all she can do to keep on going. Back at the warehouse complex, the rest of the group keeps watch over their group of captive in-betweeners and tries to stay alive.
At long last, Veronica finds a package left by Princeton and Violet at their drop-off point. Everything is finally going their way and a cure for the in-betweeners might finally be within their grasp.
But nothing is easy in the post-nanite world of deaders and in-betweeners. Not everyone wants a cure for the nanite plague. Around every shiny, white cloud is a deep, black lining. This time, the clouds are smoke and there is a storm coming.
Between No More is book three in the exciting, post-apocalyptic Between Life and Death series. With mild language and occasional violence, (and some very gross undead), this series is suitable for ages 16 and up.