Best Angus Hyland books

The Book of the Dog

Angus Hyland

Best price for this book: $ 10.84

Featuring all kinds of dogs – big, small, graceful, cute, funny – The Book of the Dog is a cool and quirky collection of dog art and illustration by artists around the world. Interspersed through the illustrations are short texts about the artists and different breeds, paying homage to man's best friend. Beautifully designed and packaged, the book will appeal to dog lovers of all ages.

The Book of the Cat: Cats in Art

Angus Hyland

Best price for this book: $ 6.2

Cats have been revered by artists since ancient times for their beauty, grace, independence, and air of mystery. Domesticated, but with a touch of the wild about them, they share our homes and endlessly fascinate us. The Book of the Cat is a cool and quirky collection of feline art and illustration by artists from around the world.

Interspersed through the illustrations are short texts about the artists and their subjects. Beautifully designed and packaged, the book will appeal to cat lovers of all ages.

Symbol (Mini)

Steven Bateman

Best price for this book: $ 14.2

Symbols play an integral role in branding programs. This book explores the visual language of symbols according to their most basic element: form. Over 1,300 symbols from all over the world are here categorized by visual type, divested of all agendas, meanings, and messages that might be associated with them so that the effectiveness of their composition and impact can be assessed without distraction and so that the reader can enjoy them as a pictorial language in their own right.

Every symbol is captioned with information on who it was designed for, who designed it, when, and what the symbol stands for. These sections are interspersed with short but detailed case studies featuring classic examples of symbols still in use, and exceptional examples of recently designed symbols.

This comprehensive volume is an indispensable resource for designers working on identity systems, and an engaging showcase of this exciting field. Now in a compact format.

The Book of the Bird: Birds in Art

Angus Hyland

Best price for this book: $ 10.84

The Book of the Bird celebrates the bird in art with an elegant, international collection of paintings, illustrations, and photographs, featuring all kinds of birds from the smallest tits and wrens to colourful exotics.

Interspersed though the illustrations are short texts giving background to the pictures and information on bird species. This is the perfect gift for all bird lovers.

The Purple Book: Symbolism & Sensuality in Contemporary Art and Illustration

Angharad Lewis

Best price for this book: $ 46

The Purple Book is a luxurious compendium of contemporary illustration that explores fantasy, sensuality, and the erotic imagination. It highlights visual art and the written word as media for representing human desire's relationship with the dream-state, make-believe, and symbolism.
The title of the book is inspired by The Yellow Book, the periodical published in the 1890s and initially art directed by Aubrey Beardsley. While the color yellow represented the daringly salacious in the 1890s, today the color purple is synonymous with opulence and sensuality.

Pen and Mouse: Commercial Art and Digital Illustration

Angus Hyland

Best price for this book: $ 21.31

Illustration has become chic again, gaining new popularity in editorial design, fashion, and advertising. Pen and Mouse features the work of today’s top image-makers, whose craft is considered somewhere between graphic design and fine art and whose tools are increasingly those of the digital medium. This stunning book showcases hundreds of spectacular, groundbreaking illustrations by more than 40 international artists whose work reflects a remarkably diverse range of styles.

In this unique guide, leading graphic artist Angus Hyland discusses the fascinating effect technology has on today’s commercial artists—from artists working primarily by hand to those producing purely digital artwork, as well as artists who produce an alluring hybrid of digital with traditional media. Engaging text reveals each artist’s personal thoughts on the current state of illustration, what inspires them and their art, and their own relationship with cutting-edge electronic versus classic hand-drawn techniques.

Features unique illustrations from such leading artists as:

• John Maeda

• Paul Davis

• Green Lady (Gary Benzel and Todd St. John)

• Graham Rounthwaite

• Roderick Mills

• Faiyaz Jafri

• Kate Gibb

• Marion Deuchars

• Kristian Russel

• Anthony Burrill

• Jeff Fisher

• Ian Wright

• Tommy Penton

• Shonagh Rae

• Miles Donovan

• Chris Kasch

• Jasper Goodall

• Timmy Kucinda

• Mike Mills

• Eike König

• Ralf Hiemisch

• Marco Fiedler

Hand to Eye: Contemporary Illustration

Angus Hyland

Best price for this book: $ 39.29


A sequel to the highly successful Pen & Mouse, Hand to Eye features forty-five illustrators from around the world. Including both commissioned artwork and experimental projects, the work collected here shows that cutting-edge computer illustration is still thriving and continues to push boundaries. In the last two years, however, there has been a noticeable move towards a handcrafted style, perhaps a logical reaction to the torrent of digital imagery. More and more image-makers are turning to traditional tools and techniques, and their methods vary widely: some work solely with pen, pencil and paint; others create images using tapestry and embroidery, and many incorporate digital elements into handmade art.

Hand to Eye reflects these diverse approaches to image-making, from the cleanness of slick, vector-based work, through photorealism, to a lo-fi, handcrafted aesthetic; from exquisitely detailed, brightly coloured collages to simple, single-colour sketches.

The Maze: A Labyrinthine Compendium

Kendra Wilson

Best price for this book: $ 34.99

Mazes have been a part of civilization for at least 4,000 years, and there are more being built now than ever before. What is it about these magical life-size puzzles that continues to intrigue us?

The idea of the maze taps into so many subconscious notions: the game, the quest, the spiritual journey. Perhaps this is the key to their enduring appeal.

This beautifully illustrated book will delight lovers of mazes, acting as a guide, directory, and puzzle book combined. Specially commissioned illustrations by Thibaud Hérem represent 60 real and imagined mazes from around the world, with a bird's eye view of each maze so that readers can make their own journey. Each maze is also accompanied by a fascinating and witty short history.

Symbol by Bateman, Steven, Hyland, Angus unknown edition [Paperback(2011)]

Best price for this book: $ 204.87


C/ID: Visual Identity and Branding for the Arts

Angus Hyland

Best price for this book: $ 91.59

Following the explosion of identity design in the arts and the reinvention of the art gallery/museum as a brand, this book provides a survey of recent and current design work for cultural clients, including galleries, museums, theaters and auditoriums. Thirty international case studies clearly express what good design can do to improve the fortunes and/or images of an institution. The focus is on new identities and their application, as well as smaller design solutions such as gallery guides, promotional programs (incorporating everything from posters to ad campaigns). Exhibition catalogs, branded merchandising, websites, signage systems, renovated environments, new galleries, extensions and completely new buildings. The case studies consider projects large and small from museums and galleries of international significance, to smaller institutions whose sphere of influence is more local. Each includes comments from the designers and from key stakeholders.