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Dearly Departed (Life After War Book 8)

Angela White

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Heroes Have Been Lost

Safe Haven has been hit with awful blows since the war. They’ve been stalked, burnt, shaken, shot, and betrayed so much that it’s impossible to tell friends from enemies. Assassins and traitors have ruined the fragile peace and personal dramas have weakened the dream of rebuilding a society of love and light. Surrounded by dangerous refugees and running low on supplies, the situation was already bleak when the camp arrived at that cursed mountain to make their settlement. Five hundred survivors crammed into the tunnels, hoping to be protected.

They weren’t. The post-apocalyptic earthquake that ripped apart Safe Haven’s mountain shelter took some of our beloved heroes. They have been lost, but they will never be forgotten.

Shattered Dreams (Life After War Book 7)

Angela White

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This starts with the aftermath of what happened on top of the mountain. Before the edits, it was book 9.

Beware the Blades of Karma

"We were supposed to have a home now, with walls and floors. The constant traveling, trying to outrun nature was going to be over. We were going to build a life that resembled what we had lost, full of peace and the pursuit of happiness. We’d earned it.

Then all of the dreams that had held us through the nightmares shattered against the stone. We lost our hope, our home, and half of our members in the attempt. Now, outlasting death long enough to reach Kendle’s island is all that remains for us and even that isn’t certain."

The future, cold and dark, offers little comfort. Without change, there can be no peace. Only survivors.


Title: Shattered Dreams

Book 7 of the Life After War Series

Edition: 2017

Length: 834 pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications

ISBN#: 978-1-945927-65-2


The next book in this series is Dearly Departed.


The previous book in this series is Carved in Yellowstone.


Did you know that Life After War and Alexa’s Travels are directly connected?

Carved in Stone (Life After War Book 6)

Angela White

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Their First Attempt at a Dystopian Settlement

Safe Haven is going to try making a permanent dystopian settlement in a Georgia mountain and every soul in their camp is ready for the break. They have traveled for more than nine months since the apocalypse. Now, they can finally quit living from trucks and try to rebuild what they’ve lost. The promised luxuries the descendants are going to exhume from the ashes of society are being anticipated eagerly. Except…

More Horror is Coming

Safe Haven thinks they’ve endured the worst the apocalypse had to offer, but they’ve actually been lucky. That’s about to change and the descendants can’t stop it. Magic is powerless against radiation and other effects of a nuclear war. When Yellowstone blows, it forces a hard choice: Do we stand or do we run?

Radiation, Refugees, and Revenge

“The refugees swept across the country, fleeing Yellowstone’s relentless horror. Innocent and corrupt alike, they arrived at our Georgia mountain gates with illnesses that we couldn’t treat, with crimes on their hands that we wouldn’t condone. They surrounded us with their misery, ramming our security with trucks and waves of gunfire. Even the innocent refugees took all we had to give, begging until we had nothing left for ourselves, but still we tried to help them. We brought vast numbers inside, only to be betrayed. You can’t imagine our horror. Customs were shunned, our kindness was mocked and the fragile peace began to crumble. That’s when then things got ugly.” –Samantha Moore, SH Council.

Surrounded by desperate refugees and radiation dangers, Safe Haven must now make the hardest choice of any apocalypse. Do they stay and fight for their dystopian settlement or do they run and try to be grateful that they at least have their lives?

Carved in Yellowstone. The apocalypse just got a lot harder. Includes:

  • Dog chapters!
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Updated Eagle Teams

Carved in Yellowstone

Book 6 of the Life After War series

Edition: 2017

Length: 844 pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications

ISBN#: 978-1-9459-2708-9


The next book in this series is Shattered Dreams.


The previous book in this series is Fight for Survival.


Have you read...?

Marc and Dog


Marc and Angie


Did you know that Life After War and Alexa’s Travels are directly connected?

Adrian's Eagles (Life After War Book 2)

Angela White

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Six of Seven

Three months after the war that turned America into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Safe Haven has made it from California to South Dakota. Adrian now has six of the seven gifted descendants sent to ensure the survival of their country. Will it be enough?

The enemy only wants one thing—America.

Will Adrian be able to keep his people out of Cesar’s evil control long enough to finish the training he’s begun? The enemy numbers are over 300 and growing. There are currently 64 Eagles. Maybe, if Marc can come up with the right plan and his witch can tell him when to use it. He’ll also need Samantha to warn him when Nature is attacking. John will look out for their health, but Kenn will be banished if he can’t let go of Angie, who has found something she really wants to do. The Survival of America is Adrian's dream. Everyone works for a common goal and everyone lives. However, not everyone can handle Adrian’s version of safety, including some of his closest people.

Adrian’s Eagles. Book 2 of the Life After War series. Won’t you join us?

This adventure includes:

  • Deleted Scenes
  • Sneak Peeks
  • Character Profiles
  • An Eagle Team List
  • A Note from the Author

The next book in this series is Nuclear Ashes, Life After War book 3.

Fight for Survival (Life After War Book 5)

Angela White

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A Post-Apocalyptic Fight for Survival

Angela has moved Safe Haven to the post-apocalyptic Mountains of Georgia to make their stand. She has put a plan in motion that will free them all or get them all killed. For her, everything since the apocalypse has come down to this moment. It’s what she’s been training for, what her men have tried to prepare her for, but only fate knows if it will be enough.

Marc assumes he will be the leader soon. He is sure Angela won’t risk their child by continuing to endanger herself, so he’s waiting, working, and following orders. What will happen when he finds out Angela doesn’t intend to give up control? Will he try to take it from her to protect their unborn baby?

Adrian hopes he can twist them apart by using Kendle. If he can’t succeed that way, the former leader will turn himself into the bunker. Under no circumstances can he see himself watching the happy couple raise the family that he now longs for with her. He’d rather die trying to kill their enemy from the inside.

Samantha has a vital mission. Her role is one that Neil and Jeremy would never have allowed. Samantha’s time to prove herself has come and she’ll need all of her strength, her concentration, to accomplish it. She has a hard job in their apocalypse plan and if she fails, she will die. Sam wouldn’t have that any other way.

The Eagles are tired of the drama. They want things back the way they were and after this fight for survival, they will make sure it happens. Angela is who they will support if she saves them all, even against Marc. The camp members feel the same. They will follow whoever gives them freedom from the apocalypse.

The Government is counting on the chaos. News of the angels gathering has reached the bunker and those in charge are confident that they can sweep in and grab the paranormal people while everyone is distracted. They will kill the rest. There are too many descendants, too many future dangers. If the government doesn’t do something now, they aren’t likely to get such a good chance again. Having all that magic in one place is a mistake that the government plans to take advantage of. They’ve sent Major John Donner to handle the situation.

Major Donner has studied the descendants and their inner angels his entire military career. He spends months at a time underground with them in the labs. He knows them better than anyone on the government’s payroll. He’s the guy they call to recapture paranormal escapees or to hunt down new angels. His family has served in this manner for a century. His name is whispered with loathing among descendants and soldiers alike. He is brilliant, he is ruthless, and the post-apocalyptic government has turned him loose.


Title: Fight for Survival

Book 5 of the Life After War series

Edition: 2017

Length: 811 pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications

ISBN#: 978-1-9459-2707-2


The next book in this series is Carved in Yellowstone.

The previous book in this series is Dystopian Stand.


Did you know that Life After War and Alexa’s Travels are directly connected? One takes place 4 years later than the other.

The Survivors (Life After War Book 1)

Angela White

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"This is Safe Haven Refugee Camp. Can anyone hear me?…hello? Is anyone out there?

Fated to lead New America, seven gifted people survive a nuclear apocalypse only to find themselves on a cross-country quest through horrors that will shake the very core of who they thought they were. These long-denied protectors of humanity are destined to rebuild their country…if they can stay alive long enough to find each other.

“The end of the world has given us a harsh, merciless existence, where nature tries hard to push humanity to the very brink of extinction. Everything is against us, between us. Untold miles of lawless, apocalyptic roads wait for our feet, and the future, cold and dark, offers little comfort. Without change, there can be no peace. Only survivors.”

What readers are saying

“I found this series a long time ago & fell in love with it right away. I love how the descriptions about the places, people, & things they are doing & going through. Reading this series got me thinking a lot about survival & I've even gotten my Ham Radio License bc it's showed me how much I wasn't prepared if something like this were to ever happen. It's an amazing series & I look forward to each new book when it comes out.” –Robin Akers

 “I took one look at the cover and thought the Life After War series would be interesting. The first book hooked me and I fell in love. Nothing like finding a diamond in a sea of a million books to read.” -Crystal Kirby

 “Never before have I read a series so full of the evil man will likely perpetrate in this scenario, and still so full of love and hope for the future. I have not been able to stop reading it!” -David Orr

Bonus Content

This file includes character bios, endnotes, and deleted scenes.

The next book in this series is Adrian's Eagles.

Marc and Dog (Life After War)

Angela White

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Marc and Dog: A Dual Quest for Survival

Dog is running for his life. Wrongly blamed after a child was taken, the wolf went deep into the wilderness to avoid human hunters. The last thing he wanted was to be shoved into someone else’s flight for safety.

Marcus Brady is a Marine Sniper, just returned from a long deployment that did little to boost his faith in humanity. He prefers to spend his home time in parks and forests, avoiding people, but barely a day passes before the Corporal is ambushed and forced to use the skills he has developed over nearly six years in the Corps. Except, this time, instead of a gritty fire team or squad of angry Marines fighting alongside, his backup is a lethal wolf that likes to attack while his back is turned. If Marc can’t make friends, it may cost both their lives.

Marc and Dog. Grab your copy today!

Dystopian Stand (Life After War Book 4)

Angela White

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This starts just after Little Rock. Before the edits, it was book 6. 

The Soldiers are coming for Adrian...and everyone else like him.

Safe Haven has grown too powerful to be ignored any longer. The surviving government wants all metaphysical survivors secured for their own use or eliminated, and they couldn't have chosen a better time to reemerge from their dystopian holes.

Safe Haven has a new leader and a tall wall of fresh challenges to overcome in their fight for survival. Adrian's condition is critical, the camp isn't ready to accept the existence of magic, Mother Nature still has them in her crosshairs, and they are low on food, water, and fuel. The next eight weeks might be the hardest they've gone through yet, and still not be enough to ensure their survival. Can Angela bring the pieces together in time or will this be the end?

“The war has begun to change us… The mental cliffs we've been forced to leap to survive this dystopian existence–the horrors that we now hold inside–are nothing compared to the metaphysical evolutions. We're harder, stronger, more determined, but also weaker because we need each other so much. It creates vulnerabilities.

We're all angrier, as well. We know the soldiers also survived the war and that we’ll have to fight them to remain free. We've faced slavers and nature, attacks from crazed refugees, and personal hatred inside our own borders, but all of that was to prepare us for this moment of facing our own military. We represent what's left of the great American herd.”

Title: Dystopian Stand

Book 4 of the Life After War series

Edition: 2017

Length: 822 pages

Author: ©Angela White

Publisher: C9 Publications

ISBN#: 978-1-9459-2706-5


The next book in this series is Fight for Survival.


The previous book in this series is Nuclear Ashes

Nuclear Ashes (Life After War Book 3)

Angela White

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Six Months after the Apocalypse…

Adrian will soon discover if the choices he’s made have cost him a son. Even Angela can’t be sure. Neither can the others like her. The powers of the descendants are growing, and so is Safe Haven's awareness of having magic in their midst. Angela is no longer the only seer in Adrian’s camp of survivors…if she ever was.

The Aftermath of a Nuclear War

Now on the way to Arkansas, these battered refugees will face a more dangerous threat than even the slavers. Furious at the latest bloodshed between lawless groups of humanity, Mother Nature has declared her own war, repeatedly unleashing her fury against all survivors. The apocalypse has never been more lethal as the aftermath of a nuclear confrontation continues to take its toll on what remains of the great American herd.

Interactive Bonus!

These are a few of the interactive features you'll find in this book, if you look hard enough. A few will be difficult, but most of the answers are given or the clues are simple to solve. Some items are based on the things you've learned while reading this series.

  • View Safe Haven's route of travel
  • Listen to a radio call
  • Find the 7 hidden scenes (83 pages total!)
  • Visit the Cutting Room Floor
  • Take an apocalypse writing challenge

The next book in this series is Dystopian Stand.

Bone Dust and Beginnings (Alexa's Travels Book 1)

Angela White

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Gunfighters, Myths, Magic, and an Impossible Quest

Years after nuclear war has devastated the world and split reality, a group of gunfighters have come from the western radiation zones. Through the undead, past dead, and soon-to-be dead, they’ve trekked the apocalypse, obeying a forgotten code. On an impossible quest to find those who came before them, these fighters are searching through the remnants, hoping to prove the myth of Safe Haven.

Safe Haven: A sanctuary of safety and light, of honor and duty. A Refuge for survivors. Also: A den of darkness and danger, where murder and magic go hand-in-hand.

Our Leader

Alexa has culled her companions from the dwindling herd of humanity based on their skills with a gun, sensing that they alone may have the strength to make the journey. Each battle fought at her side has tightened their bonds until those with her will let nothing stand in their way. For the gunfighters, the quest is about redemption and rebuilding what they’ve lost. For the daughter of Adrian Mitchel, the quest is a relentless hunt for her missing family. Will they verify the myth or will the apocalypse keep them locked in the western wastelands forever?

Bone Dust and Beginnings.

Book One of the Alexa’s Travels Series

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