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Iris & Lily: Book One

Angela and Julie Scipioni

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In Book One, Iris and Lily are the lovably ingenuous youngest daughters in a family of fourteen, starving for attention as they struggle to survive in the chaotic Capotosti household. The explosive rage of Carlo, their hot-blooded father; the submissiveness of Betty, their overwhelmed mother; the abuse meted out by half a dozen domineering brothers; the inaccessible ken of their older sisters; all join forces to make the home a minefield of emotional pitfalls for the two neglected girls, whose natural exuberance is squelched by the fear of punishment and the dictates of Catholicism.

As Iris and Lily scrape their way through puberty to adolescence, outside forces begin driving a wedge between them. The favoritism of an aunt, the shame of sexual abuse, the socioeconomic shifts and eruption of the women’s movement of the ‘70s become the catalysts that lead to the disintegration of what little security was once offered by their family. Desperate for love, Iris and Lily naively take refuge in marriages that push them worlds apart, altering their relationship as sisters dramatically.

Told in alternating chapters in the voices of the two protagonists, sprinkled with episodes of comedy and tragedy that will make you laugh and cry, this is the story of every woman who has memories of what it is like to be a little girl, then a young woman on the cusp of adulthood, filled with hope and expectations.

Iris & Lily: Book One is the first in a three-volume series. Read also Book Two and Book Three, or read the entire novel in the ebook Iris & Lily: The Complete Series.

Iris & Lily: Book Two

Angela and Julie Scipioni

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In Book Two, the demands of marriage come crashing down on Iris and Lily, now living thousands of miles apart, both determined to gain the love and approval of their husbands and acquired families.

The fairy-tale life Iris imagined herself living in Italy is abruptly put into focus by her over-protective husband, the respected anesthesiologist Gregorio Leale. Dottor Leale does not take kindly to alternative viewpoints or challenges to his authority, and is disturbed by displays of spontaneity and individualism, stifling Iris’s budding sensuality and dampening her innate enthusiasm.

Lily’s circumstances as Mrs. Joe Diotallevi are even more daunting, as she struggles to comprehend the peculiar dynamic of the close-knit Diotallevi tribe and its protectionist politics. Traditional values distorted by ignorance dictate the simplistic rules of existence which effectively condone Joe’s burgeoning gambling addiction and abusive behavior, leaving Lily dissatisfied as a woman, dismayed as a wife, and pinching pennies to pay the bills.

Discouraged but not thwarted in their quests for personal development, in their desire to experience motherhood, in their dream of building a life with a man who will love and respect them, Iris and Lily silently stick to their choices despite moments of despair and temptation, shamed by their Catholic upbringing, paralyzed by their fear of failure and rejection, in the hope that a kinder destiny will reveal itself.

Traveling back and forth between the Ligurian Riviera and Upstate New York accompanied by the alternating voices of Iris and Lily, chapter by chapter you become the closest confidante of both, delving into each woman’s most intimate hopes and fears, and learning more about her private predicaments than she feels comfortable revealing to her faraway sister - or admitting to herself.

Iris & Lily: Book Two is the second in a three-volume series. The entire novel in also available as the ebook Iris & Lily: The Complete Series.

Reader praise for Iris & Lily:

"Savor this story while it lasts because it's one you won't want to see end."

"The story unfolds like a flower growing more vibrant and beautiful."

"It drew me in immediately, and I didn't want it to end."

"Poignant and raw yet also sweet and loving."

"The characters will fascinate you and work their way into your heart."

"Truly delightful, touching, deep and wise."

"At times it had me cringing for the brutal realities that face women."

Iris & Lily: Book Three

Angela and Julie Scipioni

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In Book Three, the Capotosti desire to evade reality, abandon conventions, and strive for something better keeps resurfacing, leading Iris and Lily down perilous paths from which there can be no return.

After discovering her aptitude for the hospitality business, where she becomes acquainted with the finer pleasures of life she had only read about in novels, Iris carves out a career for herself in the luxury hotels of the Italian Riviera. But the more successful Iris becomes at her job, the more suffocated she feels by the pressure of her husband Gregorio and in-laws, who hold the dictates of familial duty above all personal needs and ambitions, making her easy prey for the men bent on distracting her from her marriage.

Lily’s dream of developing her talent as a singer, always ridiculed by her jealous husband Joe, is validated by her performance in the church choir, the only venue in which he will allow her to perform. Singing when she can, earning some sorely needed money at her part-time job, and caring for her little boys, who both exasperate and delight her, are all Lily dares to hope for, while Joe’s rage and gambling addiction slowly demolish their family and her personal dignity, until it becomes clear that the only route to survival leads out the door.

Instead of sharing their doubts, burdens and failures, Iris and Lily bury them, digging themselves into a deeper rut of isolation and vulnerability, pushing their relationship to the brink of disaster.

It is not until Lily is in the throes of despair, and Iris is devastated by a painful loss that they reveal things about themselves which make them realize how little they actually knew about each other, and begin to see one another in a new and different light.

Is the love between two sisters strong enough to survive the truth they have avoided for so long? Can the deeply ingrained dynamic that governs their relationship – and their destinies – be altered?

Iris & Lily: Book Three is the final book in a three-volume series. The entire novel in also available as the ebook Iris & Lily: The Complete Series.

Reader praise for Iris & Lily:

"A rare modern day classic!"

"Very funny and sad. Kept me wanting more."

"It will make you laugh, cry and think about how choices define your life."

"Highly recommend it...a wonderful journey...compelling and nostalgic."

"It's a book about faith, love and life lessons. Loved it."

My Story: Reflections on Iris & Lily and Life [Journal]

Angela and Julie Scipioni

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My Story: Your personal journal. The pages are filled with blank lines; you get to write your own story between its covers. My Story is a companion journal to the "Iris & Lily" three-volume novel series written by Angela and Julie Scipioni. My Story is intended to help you get the most out of the experience of reading "Iris & Lily". Keeping a journal enables you to think critically about the life you've lived. You can mull it over, consider it, make peace with it, and then move on. Keeping a journal is also a valuable tool for dreaming about the life still ahead of you. Wallowing in the past isn't healthy. But neither is denying what what you've seen, done, and experienced. All of that has had bearing on the person you are today. However, the past doesn't have to drive your current behavior, or dictate how you see the world, yourself, and the people in your life. Do you need to create an exciting new vision for tomorrow? What kind of a person would you like to be? What do you still need to let go of in order to soar, unencumbered? Is it time for a do-over? We hope you'll use the journal as a kind of a reset button. It all starts here. It all starts with you.

Iris & Lily: Due sorelle si raccontano (Narratori stranieri) (Italian Edition)

Angela Scipioni

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Due sorelle rinnovano il loro legame attraverso la scrittura di un romanzo sul loro passato.

Iris Capotosti vive sulla costa ligure, sua sorella Lily nello stato di New York. Un giorno, in uno scambio di e-mail, cominciano a rievocare episodi della loro infanzia, vissuta negli Stati Uniti tra gli anni '60 e '70 insieme a dieci fratelli e sorelle, in una caotica famiglia di origini italo-irlandesi.
Sull’onda dei ricordi le due sorelle, trasportate dal flusso narrativo, raccontano a capitoli alterni la loro storia, prima di bambine, poi di giovani donne, che crescono e vivono in un ambiente connotato da una cultura maschilista, in cui sperimentano povertà e abbandono, maltrattamenti e favoritismi, cattolicesimo e femminismo.
Alla ricerca di una rapporto che possa garantire loro amore e sicurezza, le due donne si sposano in giovane età: Iris con un anestesista italiano incontrato durante un viaggio, Lily con un prepotente ragazzo locale che presto le farà rinunciare al sogno di diventare cantante. Sia Iris che Lily si trovano intrappolate in un matrimonio soffocante e a volte pericoloso, dal quale saranno costrette a uscire per ritrovare la propria natura e affermare la propria identità.
Le e-mail che le sorelle si scambiano a intervalli costituiscono un secondo livello di narrazione, nel quale vengono esplorate le loro reazioni a percezioni divergenti del passato, che spingono Iris e Lily a confrontarsi con dubbi, malintesi e risentimenti sepolti dal tempo ma mai dimenticati.

Two Out Of Two

Andrea De Carlo

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Mario and Guido are two teenage friends, so different as to be mirror images of one another. Mario is timid, reflective, afraid of life and undecided whenever faced with choices. Guido is charismatic, inventive, restless and courageous to the point of recklessness.

The two meet at their high school in Milan during the tumultuous years of student unrest in the late ‘60s. The closer Mario becomes to Guido, the son of a single working-class mother, the more he detests his own bourgeois background, and is frustrated by his utter lack of power to change a life he finds meaningless.
The relationship between Mario and Guido is forged as the two adolescents become young men determined to escape the grim atmosphere of Milan, where they do not fit in with the fighting factions of the student movement, with their families, or with society itself. They experience their first loves and travel abroad together; they share exciting discoveries and inevitable disappointments; they are simultaneously inseparable and incompatible.

Each of the two feels alienated, and in his own way, opts out of a lifestyle created by previous generations of corrupt politicians, greedy industrialists and an emotionally dead society enslaved to material values. Mario’s confused search for balance will lead him to the hills of central Italy where he dreams of creating a harmonious natural environment in which to live, while Guido’s anger will propel him to far-flung destinations and the writing of a novel in which he denounces the polluted, unnatural environment of modern city life.

Despite their differences and the distances that often separate them, the bond between Mario and Guido is unbreakable, making this a poignant story of unflagging friendship and enduring affection that survives the passage of time, the constrictions of adulthood, and repeated tests of loyalty.

Since first being published in 1989, this coming of age novel, arguably De Carlo’s best-loved and most highly acclaimed, has sold millions of copies in Italy alone, where it has been continuously reprinted. Hailed as a contemporary classic of Italian and European literature, it has become a “cult” novel in which new generations of readers repeatedly see themselves reflected, recognizing their own anxieties, dissatisfaction and dreams, as well as their ability to imagine a different and better world.

“This is a novel that tells the story from a utopian perspective of a generation coming of age in the ‘60s and ‘70s, perfectly encapsulating its emotions.”
- Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

“Andrea De Carlo’s most extraordinary quality is his ironic eye as he aims straight for the heart of a situation. He successfully achieves the most complex connections, because he is intimately familiar with them.”
- Neue Zürcher Zeitung

“Guido Laremi is the most beautiful character of Italian literature in the past ten years.”
- Pietro Citati

Cats, Cats...and more Cats! (Pets)

Angela Scipioni

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This photographic tribute to our feline friends provides a uniquely intimate appreciation of cats by depicting them au naturel, going about their day in domestic comfort or exploring the wild, blinking and snoozing in the sun, batting at toys, curled up in an armchair, play-fighting with siblings, dangling from ledges, perching and pouncing, and purring with pleasure. Artfully shot by an acclaimed photographer in sensual, rustic settings, these images of many breeds manage to achieve something remarkable by capturing the very essence of feline nature. With a poetic, insightful text and chapters devoted to adorable little kittens along with close-ups of the most mysterious of all beastly aspects, the cat’s eye, this special volume practically crackles with the sounds of our contented whiskered companions—and their human admirers.