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The Surrogates: The Complete Shapeshifter Romance Collection

Angela Foxxe

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A limited time opportunity to own ALL FIVE books from the bestselling paranormal pregnancy romance series, “THE SURROGATES” and all for one low, low price!

Every book in the series has been a top #10 bestseller on and is a complete novel with no cliffhangers!

In a world where some shapeshifters are having trouble reproducing they have to turn to fertile women to be surrogate mothers to their shape-shifting babies. Some of these women know what they are letting themselves in for, whilst some have absolutely no idea!

Every book follows the fortunes of a different heroine as she is used for reproduction by a handsome shapeshifter...

Expect Romance, Thrills, Spills, Action, Adventure and, of course, sensual scenes!


With all the women in his pack now barren Alpha Wolf Richard Dallas has no choice but to hire a human female to be surrogate and produce a cub for him.

When Reign accepted the job of being a surrogate she had no idea that she was going to be the Alpha's surrogate and her job was set to be even more important then she could ever have imagined.

However, with the importance of the surrogacy also brings grave danger and so she must go and live with the Alpha so he can take care of her in more ways then just one...


WereBear Alpha Valemon has found there is a curse on his tribe that only a new born bear cub could cure. So he hires an unwitting human female called Rachel to be his Surrogate.

Rachel is more than ready for the ride but she did not expect that Valemon insisted the baby be conceived naturally...


Tasha has been seeking a role as a surrogate mother for sometime now but it has not been easy. However, now she has hit the jackpot as a wealthy man is offering a huge reward in exchange for carrying his child.

However, what Tasha did not expect was that this man would be a dragon shifter and also the most handsome man she had ever seen....


With WereLions on the brink of extinction, Lion King Torrance has a big challenge on his hand in finding a human woman with a special gene capable of carrying a shifter baby.

That woman is curvy Amy and now Torrance must do all he can to persuade her to be his surrogate...


WerePanther Kheem knows he needs to reproduce soon but he can not wait any longer to try and find the perfect mate. So he approaches Josie with a proposition that she be his surrogate mother. Considering they used to date this could be the perfect situation.

However, there is another reason he has chosen her and when further danger arrives this reason soon becomes apparent to everyone...

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The Dragons Want Her

Angela Foxxe

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When Lynda Shields took her job on the island of Draconis she never expected to find love. Twice.

Dragon princes Jared and Dustin Penrod instantly became infatuated with the beautiful Lynda the moment she set foot on the island.

The Dragons want her but only one could have her. That was unless she agreed that she could be theirs to share.

And the two dragons were willing to do absolutely ANYTHING it took to convince her...

Warning: This book is filled with flaming HOT love scenes and fiery action scenes. Please only read if an adult 18+

A Billion Secrets: A Billionaire Vampire Romance

Angela Foxxe

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He's a billionaire. He is also a vampire. And that is not his only secret...

When Isla Morgan found herself strangely drawn to handsome billionaire Gabriel Ramsey she figured it was because of his handsome good looks. Or his money.

Little did she know it was because Gabriel was a 100 year old vampire and Isla was his latest target.
However, this vampire didn't want Isla for her blood. He wanted her for her body.

In more ways than one...

This is a Paranormal Billionaire Romance aimed at adults. Expect mystery and adventure alongside sensual love scenes. Start reading right away, you will not regret it!

The Alpha's Surrogate

Angela Foxxe

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Richard Dallas is an Alpha but he is also an Alpha in NEED. With all the women in his pack now barren he has no choice but to hire a human female to be surrogate and produce a cub for him. Little did he know he would find love at the same time.... When Reign accepted the job of being a surrogate for a handsome yet very mysterious man she did wonder if everything was as it seemed. She really had no idea that she was not going to be any ordinary surrogate, she was going to be the Alpha's surrogate and her job was set to be even more important then she could ever have imagined. However, with the importance of the surrogacy also brings grave danger. There are others who have a strong interest in this special baby and it is down to Richard to protect Reign by any means necessary. To do so, she must go and live with him so he can take care of her in more ways then just one...

ROAR! - A 10 Book Shifter Romance Bundle

Simply Shifters

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"You just can't go wrong with this collection." - Amazon Customer

"With the hotness of the Alpha male and the strong female co-leads, how can you go wrong?" RainCloudMom

"This box set is full of great characters and awesome plots! This is a must read for the paranormal shifter lovers out there." - Taunikka

ROAR! Is a 10 book collection of paranormal shapeshifter romances focusing exclusively on the BIG cats.

WereLions, WereTigers, WerePanthers and much more are included in this limited edition box set.

No catches, there really is TEN books in this box set!

Expect arranged matings, menage romances and shifter pregnancies in this first of its kind collection that has something for everyone. If you are a Paranormal Romance fan then this is a MUST for your collection!

(Warning: All these books contain scenes of a sexual nature and should only be read by adults )

Book 1: Amira Rain – Suckers (NYT Bestselling Author)
In a paranormal world full of bloodsucking vampires, Eva Blake had no choice but to turn to WereLion Nick and WereTiger Blaine for help. Both were equally kind and both were equally handsome which made it hard to choose between the two. But maybe she didn't have to choose...

Book 2: Angela Foxxe – The Tiger's Forbidden Mate (Paranormal Pregnancy Romance)
When curvy Shawna met handsome WereTiger Winstone she never knew it was forbidden for a human to mate with a shifter. So when she found herself pregnant by him she knew all hell was about to break loose...

Book 3: Bonnie Burrows – Running With The Tiger
Cambria is in grave danger and the only offer of help comes from a mysterious weretiger named Egan James. Someone she feels is equally as dangerous. Does she fight the danger or does she run with the tiger?

Book 4: Lilly Pink – The Lion's Hope (Paranormal Menage Romance)
When WereLioness Hope began having dreams about her fated mate she knew she had to go and meet him. However, she was shocked when she found out that her fated mate was not a him, but a them...

Book 5: Ellie Valentina – Team Lion (Paranormal Menage Romance)
Ewan and Connor were a team of WereLions who were about to embark on an important mission. Curvy Arabella was sent along to help them on this crucial assignment. And she was to help the men in more ways than one....

Book 6: Jade White – The Jaguar's Arranged Mate
It is extremely important that WereJaguars Miera and Beric consummate their arranged mating as soon as possible however, Miera is living with a secret that might make this much harder than anyone previously anticipated....

Book 7: Maria Amor – The PlayPanther Billionaire (Bestselling Hit Series)
The playboy lifestyle of Panther shifter Tobias is about to come back and haunt him. His latest conquest Sylvia claims to be pregnant with his baby and his father tells him that he must now make this woman his mate or else face being cut off from the family fortune.

Book 8: Lilly Pink – The quarterback Lion
NFL Quarterback Greg Wilds had had enough of his “human” life and wants to return to his lion roots. But first he must find his mate and he is about to find her in the most insane way possible...

Book 9: Bonnie Burrows – The Panther's Arranged Mate
Shanya Black is about to leave her normal life to go and be the arranged mate of a WerePanther. She is doing it for the money but she really has no idea what she is about to let herself in for...

Book 10: Lucy Fear- Twice the tiger
Twin Navy SEALs Camden and Damon Wells found themselves rescuing a cute girl named Kara Rivers from a group of biker shifters. But with no idea of what to do with her, the tigers decided to take her home with them as a souvenir.
Could she handle twice the tiger?

The Dragon's Charm: A Paranormal Dragon Romance

Angela Foxxe

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A sexy new dragon romance for adults only!

Claire Reeves was a dragon hunter that was known to be the best in her field. She never made mistakes and she never failed.
However, her latest target would prove to be different from anything she had previously come by.

WereDragon Aaron Knight was handsome, muscle bound and had an undeniable charm.

So much so, that when Claire finally tracked Aaron down she did not find herself wanting to kill him. She found herself wanting to make love to him.

Was the dragon's charm too much for Claire? Or was there more to this than meets the eye?

After all, Claire Reeves never made mistakes....

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Also, for a very limited time, this book includes TWO other complete novels of mine as a thank you for reading! Hope you enjoy

Shifter Seduction - A Sexy 8 Book Shapeshifter Romance Bundle (Simply Shifters Box Sets 1)

Simply Shifters

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8 Of The Sexiest Shapeshifters You Will Ever Meet In 1 Bundle!

This is a collection of steamy Paranormal Romances featuring every woman's favorite type of hero, a SHAPESHIFTER! There is something for everyone in this collection as it includes romances featuring Werewolves, Werebears, Weredragons, Werelions and more!

Every book in this package is a previous bestseller and there are hundreds of 5 star reviews overall!

WARNING: The adult scenes included in these books are set to a SIZZLE level!

1 – Lilly Pink – A Wild Time (A Sexy WereLion Romance)
Brigitte was looking for some naughty fun and found an app called “Wild Times” which promised no-strings attached sex. This sounded perfect but she had no idea it was strictly only for shapeshifters looking to get laid. Now she was about to get a “WILD TIME” in more ways than one...

2 Maria Amor - The Bear On The Train (A hot WereBear Romantic Thriller)
Paranormal assassin Leah Pratt was tasked with killing dangerous WereBear Jake Overman. However, she had no idea that his charms would be so powerful that she would end up sleeping with him instead....

3 – Angela Foxxe - Alpha Balla (A Steamy Werewolf romance)
Superstar NFL footballer is world famous but the world does not know about his secret life as a Werewolf. And now he must find a mate before it is too late and it seems that curvy Heather Wild is the woman for him, or is she?

4 – Lucy Fear - The Dragon's Wing (An Exciting Dragon Romance)
On her first day working at the castle of the mysterious Brendan Drake, Rhiannon Woods tripped and fell right into the arms of the man himself.
However, Rhiannon had no idea that Brendan Drake was keeping a very fiery secret from her.
And Brendan had no idea that Rhiannon had a SHOCKING secret of her own....

5 Amy Star – The Bear's Shared Bride (A Paranormal Menage Romance)
After years of preparation, Lavinia LeKing is about to become Queen and she will be married to Parker and Thearon, the Alpha and Omega bears of her tribe.
However, Lavinia feels very unsure about her ability to be able to please not just one but two alpha males at the same time. And so she wonders... Can THREE in ONE marriage actually work?

6 JJ Jones – The Puma's Fate (A Sexy Shapeshifter Adventure Romance)
When wealthy Megan Rhodes went to a mysterious place known by as “Shifter Island” she didn't know what to expect. She definitely did not expect to fall for a handsome Puma shifter called Antonio Garza. However, as an island native, Antonio was not allowed to leave the island. Can Megan really live amongst shapeshifters for the rest of her days?

7 Bonnie Burrows - Promised To The Pride (A Steamy WereLion Love Story)
Natalie was promised to the pride leader before she was even old enough to walk. And now the time has come to be mated to him. However, Natalie is already in love with another Werelion called Kyle. Now, if Natalie and Kyle are to be together then Kyle has to do something that no other Lion in the pride has done before. Defeat the leader in a battle to the death....

8 Serena Rose – The Dragon's Reluctant Bride (An Extra Sexy Dragon Romance)
When Rachel opened her hook-up app she just wanted to get laid but she ended up getting much, much more...
Dragon Shifter Kintaro was a wealthy playboy who just wanted easy sex. When he was matched with a cute girl called Rachel it seemed like they would both get exactly what they wanted and then they would never have to see each other again.
However, after the condom breaks and Rachel finds herself pregnant everything changes forever...

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Simply Lions: An Incredible 10 Book Paranormal Romance Bundle

Simply Shifters

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Love Hunky WereLions? This is an excellent opportunity to own 10 Best Selling Lion Shifter Romance Books In One Limited Edition Digital Boxed Set.

Simply Lions is Simply BREATHTAKING!

This one-off package features some of the most well known names from the world of Paranormal Shapeshifter Romance. Bestselling names such as Lilly Pink, Amira Rain, Jade White, Ellie Valentina and more have collaborated to bring you a HUGE dose of sexy Lion Alpha goodness. There will be love, romance, action and adventure alongside some hot mating in each of these 10 amazing books.

EVERY book in this package has been a top 10 bestseller on so you really are getting the best of the best right here!

And do not forget, each book can be read standalone so you will never be left hanging!
This is your chance to own them all!

The 10 OUTSTANDING Books included in this collection for you are....

1 Bonnie Burrows – The Lion's Shared Bride

When Nina signed up to an adult dating site she had no idea what to expect. Two young hunky guys wanted a threesome and she could not resist trying something new. However, she was totally unaware that these men were Lion shifters and they saw her as their potential mate...

2 Jade White – The Lion's Love Child

A hot one night stand with a handsome stranger seemed like fun at the time for Grace. However, despite being safe she still found herself pregnant. Little did she know, she was pregnant with the baby of a Lion shifter and he was nowhere to be found..

3 Jasmine White – The Roar Of The Lioness

After being left for dead, WereLioness Lorna finds help in the place she least expected it, with game hunter Kyle. As she begins to fall for him, it soon becomes clear that her pack will not like any of this...

4 Lilly Pink – The Lion's Heir

Lion Shifter Kyle is the heir to a billion dollar fortune but he is told he must enter into an arranged marriage with a woman called Krista. All seems well till it becomes clear that Krista has some disturbing secrets..

5 Angela Foxxe – Lions Surrogate

As the danger of extinction threatens the WereLion community, Torrance decides they must reproduce and quickly. So he hires curvy Amy to be a surrogate to his first child with very interesting consequences..

6 Maria Amor – The PlayLion Billionaire

When Robert attempted to seduce Olivia Price he was expecting another easy lay but he was taken aback by how different she was. For the first time ever, Robert thinks he may have finally found a woman who could tame his PlayLion ways.  

7 JJ Jones – Chained To The Lion

Ashlyn has just woken up in the middle of the forest with no idea how she got there. She is also chained to a man she does not know. Little does she know, this man is a WereLion and there is much more to this than meets the eye...

8 Ellie Valentina – Shared By The Lions (unreleased)

When Torrance Williams began dating a cute guy called Sam she was excited to learn more about him. The suddenly when another cute guy called Bane shows an interest in her she becomes overwhelmed. Little does she know, both men are WereLions and they both want her as their mate. Can she choose or will she have to be shared?

9 Lilly Pink – A Wild Time

When Brigitte signed up to a dating app called “Wild Times” she had no idea she was going to meet a handsome man called Dillon who was going to give her a wild time in more ways than one..

10 Amira Rain – Melted By The Lion

In a world where women are frozen only to be melted many years later to help future generations to reproduce, Savannah has just been melted and she is expected to produce a baby for Lion Shifter Trevor as soon as possible..

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Shifter Seduction Vol 4 - 8 Book Shapeshifter Romance Bundle (Simply Shifters Box Sets)

Simply Shifters

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Inside this collection you will find EIGHT of the hottest, sexiest and steamiest paranormal and shapeshifter romances released in recent years. If hunky, muscle bound werewolves, werebears and werelions sound good to you then this is the collection for YOU!

EVERY book can be read standalone. (no cliffhangers!)

EVERY book is a complete novel (no shorties!)

And EVERY book is a red hot! (Only suitable for adults!)

Book 1 Jasmine White - Twice The Were (A Paranormal Menage Romance)
Elora Daniels was headed to a raunchy nightclub called “The Underworld”, a place known for being populated by sexy shape-shifting men for some naughty, no strings attached fun.
However, Elora was about to get a bit more than she bargained for when she found herself pursued by two shape-shifters who were just as sexy as each other.....

Book 2 Bonnie Burrows - Bought By Their Alpha (A Red Hot Werewolf Romance)

Eva Thomas was shocked to see a rival wolf pack arrive in town and it seemed that their alpha wanted her to join his pack. This was not something her own pack could say no to.
Eva had no idea what the sexy Alpha wolf wanted with her but she was about to find out in more ways than one...

Book 3 Amy Star – The Bear's Instant Bride (A Steamy WereBear Romance)

Cara Foster signed up to be a “mail order bride” in order to finally meet a man that wanted a family. Nothing else had ever worked for her after all.
However, Cara did not expect that a gorgeous man called Holt Carson would instantly propose to her and have her walking down the aisle within a week.
And she certainly did not expect a big surprise on their wedding night when she saw Holt naked for the first time and discovered his furry little secret....

Book 4 Lilly Pink - The Lion's Fling (A Sexy WereLion Romance)
Eloise Wright was a 22 year old WereLioness who was longing for some sort of thrill or excitement. But the moment she met a handsome werewolf named Archer Grant she knew it had to be love.
However, relationships between WereLions and WereWolves were strictly forbidden and so if Eloise and Archer wanted to be together then they would have no choice but to run.
Run away from everyone and run away forever....

Book 5 Lucy Fear - The Dragon's Wing (A Sexy Dragon Romance)
On her first day working at the castle of the mysterious Brendan Drake, Rhiannon Woods tripped and fell right into the arms of the man himself. Brendan took an instant liking to her and decided to literally take her under his wing as his personal assistant. However, Rhiannon had no idea that Brendan Drake was keeping a very fiery secret from her....

Book 6 Samantha Snow – Her Blood Protectors (A Vampire Menage Romance)
After an assassination attempt, Rose found herself in the protective custody of vampire brothers Zach and Aram. Now, in order to protect Rose the brothers must keep her close. But soon the three of them find themselves closer to each other than any of them ever expected....

Book 7 Angela Foxxe – The Mating Mission
When curvy Claire begins dating the mysterious Roman she feels like she has met a man with the full package. He is handsome and has the money and charm to go with it.
Little does she know, Roman is an Alpha Shifter on a very particular mission. He must find and mate with a fertile human female as soon as possible. And she was his target...

Book 8 Bonnie Burrows - Mackenzie's Fate
Mackenzie's fate was that she was always going to be forced to marry a man who had no interest in her.
But she had always wanted better for herself and she was willing do anything to get out of this unfortunate arrangement. And in a handsome wolf named Thor she might have found exactly what she is looking for...

The Dragon's Surrogate

Angela Foxxe

Best price for this book: $ 9.13

When Tasha applied to be surrogate mother for a wealthy client she was just seeking a huge payout for 9 months of work but she was set to get much more than she bargained for. Tasha had no idea that her client was not even human. He was actually a dragon shifter who desired an heir to carry on his bloodline. This was an arrangement that was not without its complexities but the reward made it more than worth her while. However, the situation became even more complex when Tasha finally came to face to face with her client and discovered that he was the most handsome man she had ever met in her life and he was about to steal her heart....