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The Girl That Care Forgot - Books One, Two, and Three

Andrew Sutherland

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Al McNair is in the hunt of his life. Someone is killing women in the south. Now his adopted niece has nabbed and time is running out. For the girl, and the suicidal idiot who set this line of action forward, time might have just run out. Hurricane Al has come to the southeast and is leaving in storm of blood.

Osteopathy and Swedenborg: The Influence of Emanuel Swedenborg on the Genesis and Development of Osteopathy, Specifically on Andrew Taylor Still and William Garner Sutherland

Dr. David B. Fuller

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The ideas of Emanuel Swedenborg have had a significant influence on the creation and development of osteopathy, particularly on Andrew T. Still and William G. Sutherland. Still first developed osteopathy in 1874, then founded the American School of Osteopathy in 1892, an entirely new medical profession. Osteopathic medicine has grown into a broad profession covering many specialties, all having the osteopathic tradition that recognizes each patient as more than the sum of the body parts, a "whole person" approach, including recognizing the role that the musculoskeletal system plays in disease and health as well as recognizing the triune existence of body, mind, and spirit. Many of Still's ideas share a great similarity with those of Swedenborg: the concepts of body, mind, and spirit, fluid aspects of health contained in cerebrospinal fluid, blood and lymphatics, fascial interconnections uniting the body, the ability of the body for self-regulation and self-healing using an inherent wisdom, and more. Sutherland, a student of Still, developed his cranial concept based on osteopathic philosophy and practice, and was greatly influenced by Swedenborg, especially his work The Brain. Sutherland's paradigm of a cranial concept with a Primary Respiratory Mechanism shares similarities with Swedenborg's paradigm of brain and body, which Sutherland developed into a sophisticated application of osteopathic principles and practice. Swedenborg's descriptions of fluid and fascia and mind-body-spirit resonate with Still and Sutherland's ideas, which show the connection of science and spirit is essential in both the development of Swedenborg's metaphysics as well as in the development of osteopathy. David B. Fuller, D.O., F.A.A.O., a practicing osteopathic physician, is board certified in 3 specialties: Neuromusculoskeletal and Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine, Family Medicine, and Integrative Holistic Medicine. He is a Fellow in the American Academy of Osteopathy.

The Guerrilla Hunters: Irregular Conflicts during the Civil War (Conflicting Worlds: New Dimensions of the American Civil War)

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Throughout the Civil War, irregular warfare―including the use of hit-and-run assaults, ambushes, and raiding tactics―thrived in localized guerrilla fights within the Border States and the Confederate South. The Guerrilla Hunters offers a comprehensive overview of the tactics, motives, and actors in these conflicts, from the Confederate-authorized Partisan Rangers, a military force directed to spy on, harass, and steal from Union forces, to men like John Gatewood, who deserted the Confederate army in favor of targeting Tennessee civilians believed to be in sympathy with the Union.

With a foreword by Kenneth W. Noe and an afterword by Daniel E. Sutherland, this collection represents an impressive array of the foremost experts on guerrilla fighting in the Civil War. Providing new interpretations of this long-misconstrued aspect of warfare, these scholars go beyond the conventional battlefield to examine the stories of irregular combatants across all theaters of the Civil War, bringing geographic breadth to what is often treated as local and regional history. The Guerrilla Hunters shows that instances of unorthodox combat, once thought isolated and infrequent, were numerous, and many clashes defy easy categorization. Novel methodological approaches and a staggering diversity of research and topics allow this volume to support multiple areas for debate and discovery within this growing field of Civil War scholarship.

Andrew J: The Corgi Who Rescued Me

Janet E. Sutherland

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This book for young readers shares how Andrew J, a dog who discovers a second chance at happiness after he's rescued from neglect, helps a brain aneurysm survivor thrive. "Andy was an incredible empathetic dog, he was a people's pleaser. I could see that even when he was very sick, he just wanted to be close to his owner and be there for her." Dr. Don Ernat, Associate Veterinarian at Lombard Veterinarian Hospital. "Dog owners often think of themselves as being their dogs' caretakers, but caring for our dogs often inspires us to take better care of ourselves, particularly in times of crisis. Dogs also inspire by "personifying" resilience, living in the moment, and taking life one day at a time. We are fortunate dogs take such good care of us." Callandre A. Cozzolino, Jd, CpdtKa, Executive Director, Canine Therapy Corps

Weirding the War: Stories from the Civil War's Ragged Edges (UnCivil Wars Ser.)

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“It is well that war is so terrible,” Robert E. Lee reportedly said, “or we would grow too fond of it.” The essays collected here make the case that we have grown too fond of it, and therefore we must make the war ter­rible again. Taking a “freakonomics” approach to Civil War studies, each contributor uses a seemingly unusual story, incident, or phenomenon to cast new light on the nature of the war itself. Collectively the essays remind us that war is always about damage, even at its most heroic and even when certain people and things deserve to be damaged.

Here then is not only the grandness of the Civil War but its more than occasional littleness. Here are those who profited by the war and those who lost by it―and not just those who lost all save their honor, but those who lost their honor too. Here are the cowards, the coxcombs, the belles, the deserters, and the scavengers who hung back and so survived, even thrived. Here are dark topics like torture, hunger, and amputation. Here, in short, is war.

The Scribbler, Adams County Pioneer Memoirs

Andrew Morgan

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Annotations to "Vanity Fair," Second Edition

Oscar Mandel

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This second edition of a unique companion to Thackeray's great novel enables the reader to follow the novelist step by step through the maze of his erudition, clarifying the immense range of references in the novel. Since these annotations are keyed to Thackeray's chapters, not to the page numbers of any particular edition of the novel, they can be consulted in connection with any edition of Vanity Fair the reader happens to own. Within each chapter of this book, the entries follow the order in which they appear in the novel. In addition to the words, phrases, and allusions which obviously or possibly require annotation, the compilers have occasionally commented upon subtleties of narrationówithout intruding critical opinions upon the readeróand entered a few remarks on Thackeray's own illustrations. They have also addressed textual matters, questions of composition and publication, connections with other areas of Thackeray's oeuvre, and the influence of other works of literature on the novel. Intended for undergraduate and graduate students studying the English Novel. Also of interest to scholars in the field of Victorian Literature as well as general readers.

Hog Butcher: 2nd Edition

Andrew Sutherland

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Al McNair is a theatre professor who quit teaching without a back up plan. He became a PI on a lark and it turned out he was good. In Hog Butcher Al travels to Chicago to help an old acquaintance with a production of Macbeth. The actor playing the lead role died in an accident and Al was called to step in last minute. When Al gets to Chicago, he looks into the accident that took the lead actor's life. Pairing up with a local detective and a non-traditional computer expert, Al embarks on a search for a killer who is settling a score fifteen years in the making.

Internet Business Insights: Lessons Learned and Strategies Used by 101 Successful Internet-Based Entrepreneurs (Internet Business Books)

Chris Naish

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Bridge City

Andrew Sutherland

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Al McNair has a nasty case of creeping depression. The woman he loved was killed in the Bahamas and he feels it is his fault. In order to shake the depression that in the end will kill him, Al seeks refuge in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Unbeknownst to Al, someone is killing homeless people under the Burnside Bridge in Portland OR. Full of unexpected twists, realistic action, intriguing characters, and the enigma that is Al, Bridge City is fun, fast-paced, and a perfect book for action lovers everywhere.