Best Andrew Hall books

Duck the Halls: A Meg Langslow Mystery (Meg Langslow Mysteries)

Donna Andrews

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This time, Meg has got herself into a Holy mess!

"A yuletide funfest."―Richmond Times-Dispatch

In Duck the Halls, the brilliantly funny Donna Andrews delivers boughs of holly and barrels of laughs with Meg's latest adventure in her award-winning, New York Times bestselling series. A few nights before Christmas, Meg Langslow is awakened when volunteer fireman Michael is summoned to the New Life Baptist Church, where someone has rigged a cage full of skunks in the choir loft. The lengthy process of de-skunking the church requires its annual pre-Christmas concert to relocate to Trinity Episcopal, where Mother insists the show must go on, despite the budget-related protests of Mr. Vess, an elderly vestryman. Meanwhile, when Meg helps her grandfather take the skunks to the zoo, they discover that his boa has been stolen. . .only to turn up later during the concert, slithering out from the ribbon-bedecked evergreens. The next morning is Sunday, and the congregation of St. Byblig's, the local Catholic church, arrives to find it completely filled with several hundred ducks.
"Extravagantly funny." ―Publishers Weekly

It's clear that some serious holiday pranksters are on the loose, and Meg is determined to find them. But before she can, a fire breaks out at Trinity, and Mr. Vess is found dead. Who would have murdered such a harmless―if slightly cranky―old man? Who has the time, during the busy holiday season, to herd all of these animals into the town's churches? And will Meg ever be able to finish all of her shopping, wrapping, cooking, caroling, and decorating in time for Christmas Eve?

"A quirky…humorous…holiday treat." ―Booklist

Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities

Andrew Hall Cutler

Best price for this book: $ 39.5

Hair Test Interpretation: Finding Hidden Toxicities is a practical book. The book starts out telling you how to interpret a hair test for mercury and other heavy metals. It provides a step by step discussion of this with figures to make this easy to do. It gives examples using actual hair test results from real people. Mercury interferes with how the hair element results come out ? mercury is often low and other minerals take unusual values. It is crucial for proper hair test interpretation to know how to recognize mercury’s characteristic signature. Mercury often causes retention of certain minerals. Arsenic, antimony, tin, titanium, zirconium and aluminum are elements many people retain too much of when they really have a mercury problem. Hair tests are worth doing because a surprising number of people diagnosed with incurable chronic health conditions actually turn out to have a heavy metal problem. Heavy metal problems are easy to correct. Hair testing allows the underlying problem to be identified and the chronic health condition often disappears with proper detoxification.

Sky Queen (Tabitha Trilogy Book 2)

Andrew Hall

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Survivor. Savage. Sovereign.

A lone woman crosses the stars, in search of a tribe to belong to.

Stranded on a wild ancient world, Tabitha finds herself fighting tooth and claw to survive an alien wilderness and the coming winter. Tested to the limits of her endurance, she finds that her evolution is far from over.

Back in the ruins of New York, an unhinged mutation butchers his world’s invaders. With all the power of a god to rain down on them, he may even convince them to leave his city alone to grow. His way.

In a distant galaxy, four figures plot to hijack an empire of worlds. There’s a new planet on the frontier; wild, undeveloped and out of bounds. And with enough natural resources to fund the biggest private army in history. With a secret, highly illegal mining expedition bought and paid for, there’s only one thing standing in their way: a simple tribe of native savages, and their mythic warrior queen.

Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment : What You Can Do to Get Better, How Your Doctor Can Help

Andrew Hall Cutler

Best price for this book: $ 39.5

Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment starts with a detailed explanation of why to consider amalgam illness to be something that some people must have by comparing the well known statistics for how much mercury people absorb from their fillings to the well known statistics of how sensitive different members of a population are to a given toxin. This is for people who really don't know if they believe in amalgam illness or not (the other material available is rather sensational and I can't blame anyone reading it for having questions) before going any further.

Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment discusses how to deal with physicians if you think you have a controversial disease - especially if you have the great "luck" to be covered by a managed care plan.

A key section is devoted to diagnosis - how to tell if you actually have amalgam illness instead of something else. It is also possible to be mercury poisoned from something other than amalgam, and the testing and examination described here is diagnostic regardless of the source.

How to get the dental work done safely if you have decided amalgam fillings are the problem is briefly described - there is a robust industry of amalgam free dentists if you know how to look for them.

The use of drugs and nutritional supplements to get the mercury out of your system is carefully presented - there are some important factors here that are not well described in the previous books on the subject and not all physicians who claim they know what to do actually give good advice.

Then comes what turns out to be the major section of the book - how to treat all the related health conditions amalgam illness can cause so as to relieve them while mercury detoxification proceeds. Since amalgam illness is not widely recognized in the medical community, most people with it get pretty sick before they get motivated to bounce around between doctors and eventually end up in front of one who tells them about it. So most victims have pretty serious, unpleasant health problems (like fibromyalgia or severe allergies) and they really need to make these STOP for the year or two it can take to get fully detoxed and let your body heal.

There are extensive tables of what to use for different conditions, a description of all the drugs and nutritional supplements suggested in the book, and appendices covering things like what the assorted clinical laboratory tests you might get actually mean, what other helpful books are that you might use, and supporting information like what the chelating agents are and how they work.

Tabitha (Tabitha Trilogy Book 1)

Andrew Hall

Best price for this book: $ 0


Alien invasion. Evolve or die.

Nothing could prepare Tabitha Jones for the dead infested world she woke up to.

Robbed of her loved ones and altered by the venom of an alien species, she's forced to leave her old life behind and survive the ruins of Earth. Pursued relentlessly by monstrous swarms and desperate survivors, she faces a changing post-apocalyptic world and her own ever-evolving abilities as she searches for the remnants of civilisation.

But as humanity turns on her, and the alien threat hunts their hybrid creation ever more obsessively, Tabitha comes to realise that there's only one side left to fight for – her own.

Mastering her new electrical nature, she learns to control a living alien weapon – and begins to carve her own path in a violent overgrown world. Where that path will lead her though, not even she can know...

What the readers say:

"Exquisite... I loved this book." ★★★★★

"I have read the masters of SF. And with a doubt if this author never writes again, this book will still stand with them." ★★★★★

"This is one of the best reads I've had in a very, very long time." ★★★★★

"Marvellous! I stayed up all night to finish this book!" ★★★★★

“Kick-ass heroine and aliens that will shock you... one of the most original sci-fi books I've read in some time.” ★★★★★

“Combines a lot of genres but does it in such a way that sucks you into the world… very excited to see what happens next.” ★★★★★

"An amazing read: a seamless blend of sci-fi, post-apocalypse and survival. There have been precious few books I've been unable to put down, and this is one of them." ★★★★★

"The best sci-fi and alien story I've read, can't wait for a sequel." ★★★★★


She didn’t make out its shape at first. It was only when it drooled glowing molten metal as it fed that she noticed it, sprawled out and gripping close to the side of a city tram, like it was making love to it. Its molten slather beaded and slopped from its mouth and hit the wet road in a hissing cloud of steam. Its white eyes stared at the sky, unblinking, while it shredded sheet metal and devoured it with grinding black jaws. Everything about it was black and heaving. The monster swallowed its mouthful of molten metal so loudly that Tabitha heard it up the road. Some kind of exhaust jutted out of its back then; a glowing growth that hissed and sighed a huge jet of steam. The monster’s rubbery black metal body gleamed in the rain and the grey daylight, dripping and hulking as it dropped down to the road and rested. Suddenly its head snapped around in her direction, white eyes staring. Terrified, Tabitha had hidden behind a half-eaten taxi. Its bodywork was covered in messy welding where the creature had bitten and slobbered. She peered around from the wheel arch, looking through the doorless back door, through the taxi’s torn-open front, to where the alien stood in the distance. It hadn’t moved; it hadn’t turned its head. It was just staring in the rain, eyes glowing cold, watching down the road for any sign of the intruder. Tabitha didn’t dare breathe.

Discover a new kind of superhero.

Two Deadly Doves: Six Geese A-Slaying and Duck the Halls (Meg Langslow Mysteries)

Donna Andrews

Best price for this book: $ 6


From ducks to geese to nightingales, Donna Andrews knows her birds! And she's channeled all her skill and winning humor into crafting these two Christmas mysteries with the perfect balance of comedy, suspense, and a dash of holiday cheer.

This special collections starts with Six Geese A-Slaying, centered around the Caerphilly holiday parade. When the local curmudgeon playing Santa is murdered, it's up to Meg and Chief Burke to tackle a two-fold mission: Solving the murder and saving Christmas…

Next in Duck the Halls, an unknown prankster is setting skunks and ducks loose in the New Life Baptist Church, seemingly to derail the Christmas concert. Before they can find the culprit, though, an elderly vestryman is found dead. Who would have murdered such a harmless old man? And will Meg ever be able to finish all of her shopping, wrapping, cooking, and decorating in time for Christmas Eve?

Illustration: Portfolio Series

Andrew Hall

Best price for this book: $ 9.93

This broad introduction to illustration reveals the artistic, intellectual, and organizational skills needed to study and practice as a freelance illustrator. It includes a practical introduction to image-making, covering basic techniques, andalso looks at the mechanics of visualization and communication. There are chapters on how to deal with different kinds of brief, from publishing and editorial to light entertainment, as well as information on career paths and how to workin the industry.

Bayesian Data Analysis, Third Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Texts in Statistical Science)

Andrew Gelman

Best price for this book: $ 50.47


Winner of the 2016 De Groot Prize from the International Society for Bayesian Analysis

Now in its third edition, this classic book is widely considered the leading text on Bayesian methods, lauded for its accessible, practical approach to analyzing data and solving research problems. Bayesian Data Analysis, Third Edition continues to take an applied approach to analysis using up-to-date Bayesian methods. The authors―all leaders in the statistics community―introduce basic concepts from a data-analytic perspective before presenting advanced methods. Throughout the text, numerous worked examples drawn from real applications and research emphasize the use of Bayesian inference in practice.

New to the Third Edition

  • Four new chapters on nonparametric modeling
  • Coverage of weakly informative priors and boundary-avoiding priors
  • Updated discussion of cross-validation and predictive information criteria
  • Improved convergence monitoring and effective sample size calculations for iterative simulation
  • Presentations of Hamiltonian Monte Carlo, variational Bayes, and expectation propagation
  • New and revised software code

The book can be used in three different ways. For undergraduate students, it introduces Bayesian inference starting from first principles. For graduate students, the text presents effective current approaches to Bayesian modeling and computation in statistics and related fields. For researchers, it provides an assortment of Bayesian methods in applied statistics. Additional materials, including data sets used in the examples, solutions to selected exercises, and software instructions, are available on the book’s web page.

Bayesian Disease Mapping: Hierarchical Modeling in Spatial Epidemiology, Second Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC Interdisciplinary Statistics)

Andrew B. Lawson

Best price for this book: $ 80.91


Since the publication of the first edition, many new Bayesian tools and methods have been developed for space-time data analysis, the predictive modeling of health outcomes, and other spatial biostatistical areas. Exploring these new developments, Bayesian Disease Mapping: Hierarchical Modeling in Spatial Epidemiology, Second Edition provides an up-to-date, cohesive account of the full range of Bayesian disease mapping methods and applications. A biostatistics professor and WHO advisor, the author illustrates the use of Bayesian hierarchical modeling in the geographical analysis of disease through a range of real-world datasets.

New to the Second Edition

  • Three new chapters on regression and ecological analysis, putative hazard modeling, and disease map surveillance
  • Expanded material on case event modeling and spatiotemporal analysis
  • New and updated examples
  • Two new appendices featuring examples of integrated nested Laplace approximation (INLA) and conditional autoregressive (CAR) models

In addition to these new topics, the book covers more conventional areas such as relative risk estimation, clustering, spatial survival analysis, and longitudinal analysis. After an introduction to Bayesian inference, computation, and model assessment, the text focuses on important themes, including disease map reconstruction, cluster detection, regression and ecological analysis, putative hazard modeling, analysis of multiple scales and multiple diseases, spatial survival and longitudinal studies, spatiotemporal methods, and map surveillance. It shows how Bayesian disease mapping can yield significant insights into georeferenced health data. WinBUGS and R are used throughout for data manipulation and simulation.

Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R, Second Edition (Chapman & Hall/CRC The R Series)

Owen Jones

Best price for this book: $ 58.1


Learn How to Program Stochastic Models

Highly recommended, the best-selling first edition of Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R was lauded as an excellent, easy-to-read introduction with extensive examples and exercises. This second edition continues to introduce scientific programming and stochastic modelling in a clear, practical, and thorough way. Readers learn programming by experimenting with the provided R code and data.

The book’s four parts teach:

  • Core knowledge of R and programming concepts
  • How to think about mathematics from a numerical point of view, including the application of these concepts to root finding, numerical integration, and optimisation
  • Essentials of probability, random variables, and expectation required to understand simulation
  • Stochastic modelling and simulation, including random number generation and Monte Carlo integration

In a new chapter on systems of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), the authors cover the Euler, midpoint, and fourth-order Runge-Kutta (RK4) schemes for solving systems of first-order ODEs. They compare the numerical efficiency of the different schemes experimentally and show how to improve the RK4 scheme by using an adaptive step size.

Another new chapter focuses on both discrete- and continuous-time Markov chains. It describes transition and rate matrices, classification of states, limiting behaviour, Kolmogorov forward and backward equations, finite absorbing chains, and expected hitting times. It also presents methods for simulating discrete- and continuous-time chains as well as techniques for defining the state space, including lumping states and supplementary variables.

Building readers’ statistical intuition, Introduction to Scientific Programming and Simulation Using R, Second Edition shows how to turn algorithms into code. It is designed for those who want to make tools, not just use them. The code and data are available for download from CRAN.