Best Amanda Torrey books

Blackthorne Brothers Prequel: Healing Springs Romance

Amanda Torrey

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In this short story prequel, the Blackthorne brothers wrestle with the decision to return home after a long absence.

Estranged from their hometown for eight years, the Blackthorne brothers are called back to search for their missing father. Convinced by Miss Molly--their great-aunt and the town's matriarch--that something dire has happened, the Blackthorne brothers remember an old brotherhood oath they had taken years ago. They are forced to disrupt their vastly different lives, leave their corners of the world, and return to their roots to keep the family dairy farm running in their father's absence.

They are not interested in changing their lives, but will fate step in and force them out of their comfort zones? And will Healing Springs bring the brothers together or drive them further apart?

*This is a short story prequel and leads into the four-book Blackthorne Brothers series--a small town contemporary romance series with medium heat level.*

Zander (Blackthorne Brothers Book 2)

Amanda Torrey

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A secret from the past. A new commitment to the future.

Zander wants to find his missing father as much as his brothers do, but he’s itching to get back to the life he put on hold to come back to Healing Springs. Returning to farm life after building a successful career as a surgeon in disaster-prone regions has him irritable.

Discovering the life-altering secrets hidden from him for the past eight years has him enraged.
And the target for his rage?

The woman he spent the last eight years trying to forget.

He had thought perhaps her discomfort at his return could be attributed to lingering feelings for him, but he was dead wrong.

Her secrets force him to reevaluate his life and everything important to him.

But can loving her—and her secret—fulfill him enough to sacrifice the only life he has ever wanted? And can he forgive her for the time lost to her deception?

***ZANDER is a seductive small town romance with a riveting mystery from the author of the Healing Springs series.***

A Heart to Call Home (Starting Over Book 1)

Amanda Torrey

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After an indifferent divorce, Reed Peterson traded in her high-profile career in the city for an opportunity to try her hand at running a business of her own. She’s not sure if the small town life is for her, but since part of her new mission in life is to adopt the free-spiritedness her mother had once embodied, she knows she has to give it a try. She needs her freedom, and she needs it now. Even if the fresh air might suffocate her.

Rogan Douglas agrees to take on the job of getting Reed’s property up-to-snuff so she can re-open the once grand—now dilapidated—cottage motel in town. Struggling to raise his five kids on his own after the accidental death of his wife, Rogan didn’t realize the job would cost him so much. Like his sanity. And his heart.

Reed and Rogan are venturing down different paths in life, but can they resist the powerful attraction that threatens the way they see themselves? Their futures? And is it possible for two people with such different personalities and values to find a way to call each other’s heart their home?

Not Over You (Healing Springs Book 1)

Amanda Torrey

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*In this second chance romance, Savannah and Quentin struggle to overcome a dark moment in their history in order to rekindle love in small town New England.*

She’s running from a painful past. Can he catch her and help her heal?

Savannah Grace left her hometown after the traumatic death of her young brother ten years ago. Fresh out of high school, she trudged through life under a shroud of guilt and shame. She couldn’t face her family after what she did, and she knew she didn’t deserve happiness.

Quentin Elliott became a paramedic so he could save people. He hadn’t been able to help his high school girlfriend’s brother, but he vowed to prevent as many tragedies as possible. He managed to build a life without Savannah, but he never moved past her.

When Savannah returns to town in hopes of donating bone marrow to her estranged mother, Quentin knows he will only have a short time to help Savannah realize she should stay in Healing Springs. Where she belongs. With him.

Savannah prefers to lace up her running shoes, but Quentin is determined to create a treatment plan to help her settle in for the long haul.

Can a decade of pain be healed with a healthy dose of love? Or will Healing Springs fail to live up to its legendary name?

Declan (Blackthorne Brothers Book 1)

Amanda Torrey

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He should hate her. So why can’t he stay away?

Returning to his hometown after an eight-year self-imposed banishment, Declan is determined to find his missing father. Hopefully alive.

When Declan encounters the fiery vegan activist who can't stop herself from sneaking onto the farm in a misguided attempt to liberate the cows, he's forced to confront all of his previously held beliefs. He can't fight the spark between them, but can he trust her?

As clues into his father's disappearance point toward her as a potential suspect, Declan must confront his beliefs all over again.

With a missing father, a neglected farm, raging brothers, and a feisty woman who not only vows to shut them down at any cost but also tempts him like no one ever has, Declan can’t afford to be off his game.

But how can he stay focused with her challenging him at every turn?

***DECLAN is a seductive small town romance with a riveting mystery from the author of the Healing Springs series.***

Blaze (Blackthorne Brothers Book 3)

Amanda Torrey

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He may not say much, but once provoked…

Or enticed…

All bets are off.

Blaze learned early in life that his voice didn’t matter. He developed his fighting skills and now has big career plans and sponsors willing to support his time in the ring.

But first, he needs to find his missing father so he can leave his hometown once again.

Following clues leads him to danger, but no amount of danger carries as great a risk as being taunted by the woman who tempts him beyond all reason.

The one woman in the world he vowed never to touch.

His best friend’s little sister won’t leave him alone. But once an oath is broken, what does a man have left?

And why is it that the one opponent he can’t beat happens to be the one that lives inside his head?

***BLAZE is a seductive small town romance with a riveting mystery from the author of the Healing Springs series.***

Stay (Healing Springs Book 2)

Amanda Torrey

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Ava O´Connor has never had a relationship last long enough to sustain a houseplant, let alone the life she dreams of.

She thought she had found lasting love, but that relationship went up in flames before she had even had time to get cozy. Still scarred from her fiance’s betrayal, she begins to believe that she’s better off alone. She has her dog to keep her warm and happy, anyway.

When Cole Stanton—a summer love from years ago and the only man who has ever made her blood burn—returns to town, he´s suddenly interested in rekindling old flames. But with her confidence shaken, she knows she can´t let him into her heart.

Fate seems to bring them together, but is their love strong enough to intervene when life threatens to tear them apart?

One Night with a Stranger (Unforgettable Nights Book 1)

Linda Steinberg

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She thought all she wanted was a one night stand. But what could a second night hurt?

On the rebound from a bad breakup with Mr. Wrong, Lisa Randall does something she’s never done before: has a one night stand with a stranger she meets in a bar. As amazing as the night is, the last thing she expects is to hear from the guy again. But when one night turns into two, and then three, and then more, Lisa wonders whether her infatuation with Matt is keeping her from meeting Mr. Right, or whether a passionate one night stand can actually lead to true love.
Matt Owens has always considered himself the King of Jumping into Things Too Fast. He met his ex on a Tuesday, proposed on Saturday, and married her a month later. This time around he wants to take things slow, enjoy the moment. And the attractive woman he picked up in a bar seems to fit the bill. Lisa doesn’t even want to know his last name, let alone plan a future. But as he begins to develop feelings for her, he knows his one big secret could ruin any chance for something more.

Kaden (Blackthorne Brothers Book 4)

Amanda Torrey

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His reputation is everything. So why is he falling for the one woman who could destroy it all?

Planted on Hollywood’s A-list, Kaden thought working the family dairy farm was part of his distant past. Though he had to return to help his brothers locate their missing father, there’s nothing in Healing Springs that he wants.

Or so he thought.

Chasing clues and narrowing in on their father’s whereabouts forces Kaden to work in close proximity to a woman he can’t stand. The woman responsible for chasing him away eight years ago.

The woman who now intrigues him.

If the paparazzi sniffs out their growing relationship, Kaden could lose everything he hopes to gain, including a role he desires above all else.

But can he put a value on the way she makes him feel? The way she sees him like no one ever has?

Regardless of what happens in Healing Springs, Kaden knows he’ll never be the same.

***KADEN is a seductive small town romance with a riveting mystery from the author of the Healing Springs series.***

Imperfect Harmony (Starting Over Book 4)

Amanda Torrey

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A marriage of convenience isn’t on Harmony Peterson’s agenda when she’s forced to sneak into Healing Springs to retrieve important papers, but if marrying a stranger keeps her from reuniting with her estranged sisters, how dumb would she be to turn down the offer? She’ll do whatever it takes to keep her vow to protect the infant she hadn’t planned on raising.

Keegan O’Malley knows he’s not qualified to save anyone, but if a sham marriage can help this beautiful, intriguing stranger who forced her way into his life and maybe help him in return, why should he talk himself into reason? Though he’s failed to live up to his moral code before, he has to believe he’s somehow been given a second chance to right the wrongs.

A fake marriage may be something they can live with. But can they honor the unspoken promise to keep their hearts out of the bargain?