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Teacher's Pet: A New Adult Wedding Romance (School's Out Book 2)

Amanda Heartley

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Lennon and Darcy are back for the happiest day of their lives!

Straight out of teacher training, I fell hard for my beguiling student ten short months ago
Ok, I was her teacher, but I don't care it was me that broke the rules.
She's a feisty one, and call me crazy, but I know she's all I want, and I have to make her

So, it's back to the beach where it all began for us with the biggest question I've ever had
to ask.
Thank God she said yes, and now, a trip of a lifetime to Hawaii sounds perfect. A tropical
paradise where we can get closer than ever.

But just when I think I have it all under control, seems everything I'd planned turns to cr*p,
and conspires against the happiness we both crave. And if that wasn't bad enough, a
thousand-to-one chance meeting with someone from the past threatens everything.

My life with her... my career... and maybe even my liberty.

Ok, so I'm only nineteen, but I know my own mind. And I know I want him. He has a s*x
drive that would make a Ferrari blush — matching my own perfectly. But I know what love
is. This is no crush, and when Lennon takes me back to our special place to ask me to be
his wife, I'm the happiest girl in the world.

What could possibly go wrong? Turns out, a LOT.

I thought I was smart, but when a joke I played on him backfires on me, I'm left wondering
if I went too far, and he's having second thoughts about being with me.

With everything working against us, our plans are in shreds. Seems our island dream is
over before it's even started, but I won't give up without a fight.

Come hell or high water, I'm determined to keep him in my bed, and in my heart...

*** This is a standalone, heart-warming new adult romance featuring the continuing hot
and steamy relationship between a teacher and his former student. A Christmas holiday
short story of love and marriage with no cliffhanger and no cheating, Although this can be
read standalone, you may wish to read Book 1, Forbidden, first, here...

“I’m so sorry to just turn up like this, but I can’t stop thinking about the other night,” she
whispers, looking around, furtively.

“Excuse me?” I ask, checking up and down the hall to see what she’s looking at. I have no
idea who this girl is. “Are you sure you have the right room? I don’t think we’re acquainted,
are we?”

“Oh, wow, you don’t remember me?” She shakes her head and mutters something under
her breath. “Wow. I can’t believe this,” she says. Her cheeks redden as she looks up at me.
“I’m sorry. I’ll go. Forget I even came here, okay? I’m sure you will.”

“What the hell? Wait,” I call out, but she’s gone, storming off down the corridor before I can
get any answers.

Forbidden: A Student Teacher Romance (School's Out Book 1)

Amanda Heartley

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I'm her teacher... but rules are made to be broken.

Eight years together and my high school sweetheart cheats on me.

C'est la vie. I'm moving on, hopelessly defeated by love and relationships. Until I see her... a dark-haired beauty at a friend's wedding slipping a stolen beer bottle under her skirt. And when I catch her drinking it in my car, her ballsy attitude blows my mind ...and that's not all she blows. Can't wait to see this little firecracker again.

Though I didn't expect to see Darcy quite so soon. Just two days later, sitting in my class — on the first day of my first teaching job, no less. Not the best start to my career.

I'm intrigued by her, although I know it's wrong. Her s*xy smile, the way she licks her lips at me when I look at her, the way she moves — they all make me rock hard for her. She's driving me wild. But as much as I want her, I have to push her out of my mind. This can't happen... we can't happen.

There are rules against teachers having s*x with their students, and I've spent six long years working my ass off to get to this point. I won't throw it all away now. She's a divine temptation, but she's forbidden, nonetheless.

*** Forbidden is a heartwarming new adult romance featuring a hot and steamy relationship between a fresh-out-of-college teacher and his beguiling student. No cliffhanger, no cheating, and for a very limited time, my panty-melting older woman, younger man romance, Runway Encounter, is included as a bonus!

Irresistible SEAL - The Complete Series: A Navy SEAL Romance

Amanda Heartley

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Hot and Heartwarming Military Romance

After a childhood full of pain, I've dedicated the last twelve years
of my life to the US Navy SEALs, but the relentless overseas tours
have taken their toll on my mind and body.

My buddies all have wives and girlfriends back home. I have no one.
I dream of what life might be like outside the military. Love, romance,
my own space? Maybe even a family to call my own someday.

I work in the fast-paced world of finance. Headstrong and ambitious,
I've chosen career over love and put all I have into my new job. A job
I was ‘persuaded’ to take far away from my beloved Manhattan by my
rich, but overbearing father.

I'm not looking for romance, but lonely and lost in my new environment,
I turn to online retail therapy to lift my spirits where I stumble across a
dating site and find myself beguiled by one hot Navy SEAL, Luke Carter.

The sparks flicker to a roaring flame with each sizzling message between
them—but the battlefield deals Luke a cruel blow and he’s rushed home
to the United States. He’s only an hour away from Juliet but in his mind,
everything’s changed and pride gets in the way of the love, passion, and
the happiness they both so desperately crave.

Can Juliet break down the walls of this irresistible SEAL, or are they
both destined to a life of loneliness?

Irresistible SEAL is a full-length heartwarming, long-distance military
love story with NO cliffhanger and a guaranteed HEA.

Saddled On The Cowboy: A Hot Western Romance (Volume 1)

Amanda Heartley

Best price for this book: $ 9.99



After a cheating wife and a failed marriage, now I can live for myself.

I walked away from that train wreck, leaving the lavish lifestyle of an oil tycoon billionaire far behind me.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t walk away penniless… far from it, but returning to my roots as a rancher in Texas has set my country boy spirit free. Now, an honest day’s work is done with my hands—not sitting in a boardroom.

Finally, I’m free from the havoc and pressure of city life, the high expectations—and a treacherous woman with no scruples.

I love the clean Texan air and wide-open spaces, and although I miss the sensual touch of a good woman, God knows I’m not looking for love anytime soon after my last encounter.

Until now.

Until Lainey blows into town and intrigue sets in for the smart, sassy city girl.

I’m playing it cool, just a regular cowboy now. But can she handle the truth when she discovers my past?


You can take the girl out of the city, but you’ll never take the city out of this girl.

Moving from the bustling NYC streets to the backcountry ranch land of Texas is not what I planned or wanted… not at all.

Dirt, dust, bugs, smells—no thank you.

Until a hot hunk of a cowboy with fast, rough hands sweeps me right out of my new boots and has me saddled up for a rough ride with him in a flash.

But it turns out that as well as those steel-blue eyes, he has hidden secrets under that Stetson of his.

He’s a whole lot more than the man I met. I just have to decide whether I can live with that.

Saddled On The Cowboy is a standalone contemporary western romance with a happily-ever-after and no cliffhanger.

Oceans Apart Complete Series Box Set: A British Billionaire Romance

Amanda Heartley

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He's in London... She's in L.A.

How do you hold on to love when you're 5,000 miles apart?

Ginny Peterson thought she had it all—great job, great friends and an even greater
boyfriend—until she caught him with the sultry vixen from the fifth floor!

Determined to hold her head up and move on, she buries herself in work until her BFF
coaxes her out for a night on the town. In walks Tristan Armstrong—a British tattooed
billionaire with an accent that curls her toes! He’s rich, powerful and can't keep his
eyes off Ginny and her delicious curves—only problem is... he’s going back to his life
in England in two short days.

Tristan and Ginny have to fight hell and high water just to get their hands on each
other... literally. Living in different parts of the world, and battling the distance
across the Atlantic, they're not going to let anything come between them.

…Despite everything and everyone that tries.

The Oceans Apart series is a flirty, humorous read.
A long-distance love affair between a British billionaire and his girl from the United
States with no cheating and no cliffhanger.

Time Out: A Stepbrother Sports Romance

Amanda Heartley

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The Game’s Not Over Until I Say It’s Over

I'm Craig Robinson, star quarterback for the Worthington Wildcats college football
team. I love nothing more than getting down and dirty on the field... and off.

An injury in the last game of the season finds me limping home alone when a chance
meeting with sassy babe, Avery Shoemaker, changes my life forever... in more ways
than one.

But my dreams are shattered when my father drops the biggest bombshell of my life
on me—and it explodes in my face. Hurt on the inside as well as on the outside,
Avery is the only one who can take away my pain—but she's pushing me away.

Dealing with my new reality leaves me wondering if I'll ever be happy again.

With or without her.

Time Out is a full-length standalone sports romance novel with no cliffhanger
and no cheating.

Shameless Submission: A Dark BDSM Romance

Amanda Heartley

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One hot Dom... one high-paid hooker... two months of 'training'.

I've had it all. Major heartache and big-time success. Now I can get whatever I want, whenever I want. And I want her...

I've had a rough life. The street is all I've known and I'm the best at what I do... and I'll do most things. Always in demand, I'm my pimp's best moneymaker.

One Dom. One not-so-submissive, and the man who wants her back. Now, it's her decision. Stay with her new master and submit to his lifestyle, or rebel and return to her scandalous, yet lucrative life on the street.

Feel Stella's pleasure and pain in this dark BDSM romance as she learns to please the man she calls, 'Sir'.

Shameless Submission is a full-length BDSM novel of love and hurt between a billionaire dom and his willing sub with no cliffhanger and no cheating.

Southern Heat Complete Series Box Set: A Small Town Romance

Amanda Heartley

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All 4 Stories in this Smokin' Hot Deep South Romance!

Southern Heat will take you on a wild ride of lust, betrayal, white-hot passion and,
ultimately, true love.


Fun and exciting... Dark and deceptive... Hollywood lures
many victims into its lair.

...including Annie, a small town girl with dreams of making it big. She’s naive,
soft and about to score the audition of a lifetime—one that will solidify her
career—if she can navigate the director's couch. Sex and starlets are
what drive men like Vicktor Rossen. He’ll say and do anything to get what he
wants. She saw it, experienced it and now she’s out for revenge—and her best
friend, his gay personal assistant, knows exactly what to do.

Until a startling phone call shatters everything...


An actress on the verge of a promising career, small town
girl, Annie, reluctantly returns home to Georgia where her grandpa has left her
the family ranch. Now, she just wants to take care of business and get back to
acting and the bright lights of Hollywood.

After a scare one night, her frantic call for help brings the boy next door from
her childhood to her front porch. Military vet, now sinfully sexy town sheriff,
Tommy Donovan.

Losing her grandpa makes her sad, but her best friend from school provides some
welcome female distraction, in more ways than one. Now she's stuck at a
crossroads between her desire for Tommy and her special friendship with BFF,
Marti. When the girl's secret is exposed, the consequences will either make them
stronger or tear them apart. She doesn't plan on staying for good, but making it
right with both isn't going to be easy.

Road Trip:

Marti's on the run... to anywhere but small town Georgia.

Fleeing from her past, broken-hearted and alone, she vows to rise above the
drama she left behind and find a place where she'll finally have the life and
love she so desperately craves.

But when handsome billionaire boss, Nick Vargas, walks into her life disguised
as a long-haul trucker, everything changes. He’s bold, charming, and perilously
sexy. One look at him and a glass of sweet tea later, Marti knew her heart was
in trouble... big trouble.

Nick is scarred from the loss of an old flame, and he's sworn to never to put
his feelings on the line again. But from the moment they touch, and he takes in
her curves, the chemistry is undeniable. Will they go their separate ways at the
next truck stop, or can Marti give him a second chance at love and help him
forget his painful past?


Marti Odell thought she'd found the man to fulfill her every

He’s gorgeous, rich, and says all the right things. Until he says, “I do.” She
patiently waits for Nick to give her the happily-ever-after she’s been dreaming
about, until Ellie, Nick’s long time assistant, turns Marti’s dreams into a

He promised to protect her, she promised to play her part... promises neither
one of them can keep.

She knows that she can't live in a world where nothing makes sense. So she runs.
Back to her hometown. Back to her best friend. Back to her familiar way of life.
Although her heart is broken, her dignity is intact.

Join Marti and Nick, along with Annie and Tommy in this panty-melting conclusion
to the Southern Heat series of books. You’ll laugh, cry, and fall in love when
you experience the pain and ultimate pleasure of Blissmas.

Southern Heat is a complete standalone small town romance
set in the southern United States with a guaranteed HEA

Fueled Obsession Complete Series Box Set: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Amanda Heartley

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A bad boy with a need for speed... A good girl with a heart of gold.

Together, it's the ride of a lifetime!

I’ve never had an easy life. Been beaten and broken for most of it, thanks to
my alcoholic mom and the random 'dads' she's brought home over the years.
But who said life was going to be easy anyway?

All I know is, I'm the best street racer this town has ever seen. No small thanks
to a little blow, my racing skills, and my ‘68 Camaro.
She's one of the classics.
She’s my everything.
Sleek, fast and doesn’t take any crap.

Neither do I.

Relationships and love—whatever that is—aren't meant for a man like me.
I've always thought that's for the rich folks on the other side of the tracks.
But when I meet one sweet nurse at the local clinic, my whole life changes.
Mollie is beautiful, smart, soft and caring... and so totally out of my league.

I’ll have to up my game if I want her... and I do want her like I’ve never
wanted anyone else before.

Fueled Obsession is a heartwarming, opposites attract, new adult romance
between a revved up race car driver and a kind, compassionate nurse. No
cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA. Enjoy!

Fueled Obsession 1: A Bad Boy Sports Romance

Amanda Heartley

Best price for this book: $ 0


A bad boy with a need for speed... A good girl with a heart of gold.

Together, it's the ride of a lifetime!

I’ve never had an easy life — but then again, who said it was going to be easy?
I'm Jackson Fitzgerald, and I’m the best street racer this town has ever seen, thanks to a little blow, my racing skills, and my ‘68 Camaro. One of the classics and she’s my everything — my baby. Sleek, fast and doesn’t take any crap.

Neither do I.

Relationships and love aren't me, but when I meet one sweet nurse at the local clinic, my whole life changes. She’s rich, beautiful, smart... and so totally out of my league. I’ll have to up my game if I want her — and I want that sweet little lady like I’ve never wanted anyone else in my life.

Fueled Obsession is a heartwarming opposites attract, new adult romance between a revved up race car driver and a kind, compassionate nurse. This is the first book in the series and DOES contain a cliffhanger with an eventual HEA. Enjoy!