Best Alyse Zaftig books

Paying Off Her Dad's Best Friend

Alyse Zaftig

Best price for this book: $ 9.99


My dad stole a fortune from his best friend. Now I’m paying the price.

His former best friend offers me a choice. A) He can kill my dad. B) I can agree to move in with him. To save my dad's life, I agree to give him my body. I never agreed to give him my heart. I think he's stealing it anyway.

Sunshine: BWWM Billionaire

Alyse Zaftig

Best price for this book: $ 0

I shouldn't touch the nanny.


Reason 1: My wife just died. 

Reason 2: I have a newborn. 

Reason 3: I am a wreck.

But maybe those are the reasons why I can't stop thinking about her, no matter what.


I came to this house to take care of baby Chris, but I can't deny that there's a spark between me and my employer. When his late wife's best friend moves in, can I stay?

Note: This is a quick, clean romance.

Chased by the Dragons: Galapagos (BBW Paranormal Dragon Shapeshifter Menage Romance) (Chased by the Dragons of Ecuador Book 1)

Eva Wilder

Best price for this book: $ 0

***This is a STANDALONE SHORT. This short has a happy ending with no cliffhanger.***

Alice is a curvy college student who is on a school trip to the Galapagos. She’s snorkeling in Floreana one day when she nearly drowns.

She wakes up in a strange place and meets two irresistible dragon shifters. They offer her a place where she belongs. Will she choose her old life or her new one?

Note: This story contains a lot of steam. If you don’t enjoy steamy romance, you may want to skip this. However, if you like two dragon mates who can’t get enough of their curvy woman, this is for you.

Fake Marrying Her Dad's Best Friend

Alyse Zaftig

Best price for this book: $ 0


The single dad next door needs a nanny.

When my neighbor's nanny quits, I step in to watch Danny. When I move in, my secret crush on Jeff blossoms. I've had a crush on my dad's Army buddy a long time.
And one night, I find myself in his bed. I give him my v-card.
And then I'm wearing his grandmother's ring on my finger to save his company.
Once I'm pregnant, our marriage seems a little too real.
***No cheating, guaranteed HEA***

The Bad Boy's Pregnant Bride: A Baby Romance

Alyse Zaftig

Best price for this book: $ 0

My wild child ways sometimes get me into trouble, but I never expected to wake up married in Vegas.

After attending my best friend’s wedding, one drink was followed by too many to count. Before I knew it, I woke up next to Chris Hudson.

I’m the kind of guy who hits it and quits it. So why is Nora wearing a rock on her finger?

I’d annul our marriage, but I can’t find her. And when I do, she’ll reveal the secret that she’s been keeping…a gift that’ll come in nine months.

Note: Only read this book if you like steamy scenes.

Gone with the Aliens: A BBW Alien Menage Pregnancy Romance

Stikki Minaj

Best price for this book: $ 0


They aren’t from here. But they come here. Often.

I am having a terrible, horrible, very bad day. I wake up in a bath tub, get financially cut off, and break up with my boyfriend. It’s not even 9 AM yet.

Two gorgeous aliens offer me an incredible deal, which will solve all of my financial problems. I say yes. Suddenly, I am in a spaceship heading for their home planet.

Note: This novelette contains some scorching hot sex (mm, yeah, baby!). If you don't like steamy stories, you might want to skip this one. However, if you love multiple partners, curvy girls, and aliens, this is the book for you. Enjoy!

Working for Her Dad's Best Friend

Alyse Zaftig

Best price for this book: $ 9.99

I want to bend her over my desk and make her scream, but I shouldn't.
I want my secretary. Those tight skirts she wears leave little to the imagination. I can see every luscious curve. She has the face of an angel and curves that could tempt a choirboy into sinning. 
I have a crush on my boss, who happens to be best friends with my dad. He's stern and bossy, with a handful of silver streaks in his hair. Gorgeous, yes, but also demanding as hell. Strict but fair. One day, he asks me to come in his office. 
And lock the door.

Billionaire's Assistant

Alyse Zaftig

Best price for this book: $ 0

I shouldn't look. Shouldn't touch.
I'm a player. Manwhore.
My best friend's little sister is off limits.
I've always had a crush on my brother's best friend, but he treats me like a kid sister.
Until he hires me and we're making out in his office.
I need him.
He wants me.
Simple, right?
***Guaranteed happy ending!***

Taming the Beast

Alyse Zaftig

Best price for this book: $ 16.34

These USA Today and National Bestselling Authors reimagine the timeless French fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast.

From sinfully sexy alpha werewolves to grumpy werebears who just need to be tamed through love, these shifter tales will burn up your sheets and melt your heart. Eleven bestselling authors have come together to form a collection of brand new paranormal romance featuring love, magic, and guaranteed happily ever afters. You won't find these stories anywhere else.

Featuring Tales from USA Today and National Bestselling Authors:

Beauty Is The Beast by J. M. Klaire
When Belle's father walks in on her and Gastard doing the dirty, beastly curses abound. At least her dad kept the help. Kind of.

The Half-Bear's Honey by Jacqueline Sweet
A curvy librarian on the run and a cursed bear shifter spark an unlikely romance in the wilds outside Bearfield.

Baylee and the Beasts by Kit Fawkes
Librarian Baylee finds passion, love, and protection with her two beastly bosses. Can her love break the spell that transforms the men each night?

Booty and the Beast by Kim Fox
Studying owls in the forest seems like a great idea to Bella. Will she change her mind when she meets the beast lurking inside the dark woods?

Beauty and the Bad Bearlionaire by Scarlett Grove
Can Matilda Swank's maid service help bad bear billionaire James Hill clean up his act in time to solve the mystery of Fate Mountain's notorious haunted mansion?

Her Dragon Temptation by Olivia Arran

Faye's job as an accountant is dull, until the day she's sent to audit the mysterious Jewelcrest estate. Alpha dragon shifter Bastian Jewelcrest needs a mate to provide an heir. It's all about business...until Faye knocks on his door.

Beast Lightning by Cynthia Fox
Dragon shifter Javelin saved a group of human settlers from certain death and all he got out of it was an injured wing and a lousy nickname, Beast Lightning. Now the males in his tribe need human mates to save their species. Will he find true love and fly again?

Beauty and the Viking by Holley Trent
If eccentric werewolf Andreas can't trust Mary, he'll not only face a lone wolf's danger, but risk his chance for a perfect mate as well.

Dragon Untamed by Tessa Rowan
Heading to Scotland for some quiet, Ella meets a surly & sexy dragon-shifter with a mind she can't read. Her desire is his own wild need.

The Cursed Werebear Prince by Alyse Zaftig
To save her father's life, Cateline agrees to go with Prince Marceau. But she's not prepared to learn his dark secrets, including his werebear curse.

The Rogue and the Rose by Amanda Jones
Rose refused to care about anyone...until him. But he just might have a secret that will devastate her all over again.

Eleven Paranormal Tales of Werewolves, Werebears, Shapeshifters, Magic, Witches, and More.

Rogue Hearts: A Bad Boy Baby Romance

Alyse Zaftig

Best price for this book: $ 0


I can't stay away from her. Professional ethics? What are those?

I spend most of my time keeping my clients in line, making them shut up so that I can get them out of whatever they’ve gotten tangled up in. I am one of the best attorneys in New York. Women can smell my confidence from a mile away. I win every case. I can seduce anybody. All it takes is a look and a smile. Women come running. One night per lovely lady, and that's it.

Until I meet Victoria Bellamy.

I’m about to win my case until Andrei Rusak steps in. Now a case which should’ve been open and shut turns into a battle. It doesn’t help that I melt inside every time that he looks my way.

But I’m not interested in getting involved with some Russian criminal lawyer. Professional ethics aside, I don’t really date very much…I don’t want to end my dry spell with opposing counsel, no matter if his kisses make me weak at the knees.

***Guaranteed HEA, no cliffhangers***