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Valor in Vietnam: Chronicles of Honor, Courage and Sacrifice: 1963 - 1977

Allen B. Clark

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2014 Military Writers Society Bronze Award Winner in the History Category Every war continues to dwell in the lives it touched, in the lives of those living through that time, and in those absorbed by its historical significance. The Vietnam War lives on famously and infamously dependent on political points of view, but those who have “been there, done that” have a highly personalized window on their time of that history. Valor in Vietnam focuses on nineteen stories of Vietnam, stories of celebrated characters in the veteran community, compelling war narratives, vignettes of battles, and the emotional impact on the combatants. It is replete with leadership lessons as well as valuable insights that are just as applicable today as they were forty years ago. This is an anecdotal history of America’s war in Vietnam composed of firsthand narratives by Vietnam War veterans presented in chronological order. They are intense, emotional, and highly personal stories. Connecting each of them is a brief historical commentary of that period of the war, the geography of the story, and the contemporary strategy written by Lewis Sorley, West Point class of 1956, and author of A Better War and Westmoreland. With a foreword by Lt. Gen. Dave R. Palmer, U.S. Army (Ret.), Valor in Vietnam presents a historical overview of the war through the eyes of participants in each branch of service and throughout the entire course of the war. Simply put, their stories serve to reflect the commitment, honor, and dedication with which America’s veterans performed their service. Allen B. Clark graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1963. Two years later, in 1965, he volunteered for service in Vietnam and was assigned to the Fifth Special Forces Group. He was wounded in an early-morning mortar attack on the Dak To Special Forces camp on June 17, 1967, that necessitated the amputation of both legs below his knees. He lives in Dallas, Texas, and is the author of Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior, the story of his journey of healing.

Health Humanities Reader

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Over the past forty years, the health humanities, previously called the medical humanities, has emerged as one of the most exciting fields for interdisciplinary scholarship, advancing humanistic inquiry into bioethics, human rights, health care, and the uses of technology. It has also helped inspire medical practitioners to engage in deeper reflection about the human elements of their practice.

In Health Humanities Reader, editors Therese Jones, Delese Wear, and Lester D. Friedman have assembled fifty-four leading scholars, educators, artists, and clinicians to survey the rich body of work that has already emerged from the field—and to imagine fresh approaches to the health humanities in these original essays. The collection’s contributors reflect the extraordinary diversity of the field, including scholars from the disciplines of disability studies, history, literature, nursing, religion, narrative medicine, philosophy, bioethics, medicine, and the social sciences. 

With warmth and humor, critical acumen and ethical insight, Health Humanities Reader truly humanizes the field of medicine. Its accessible language and broad scope offers something for everyone from the experienced medical professional to a reader interested in health and illness.

Wounded Soldier, Healing Warrior: A Personal Story of a Vietnam Veteran Who Lost his Legs but Found His Soul

Allen B. Clark Jr.

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It was early morning, June 17, 1967, and Dak To Special Forces camp in Vietnam was under attack. A mortar exploded, and West Point graduate Allen B. Clark Jr.’s life was changed forever. This is the story of how one soldier, so gravely injured that both of his legs were amputated, turned his grievous loss into a personal triumph. Clark describes his struggle through a year-long recovery and a severe bout of post traumatic stress disorder, so little understood at the time. He tells of earning his MBA from Southern Methodist University and finding employment as a personal financial assistant to Ross Perot, of moving on to public service and founding the Combat Faith Ministry, a lay ministry to veterans. Clark's story of growth and spiritual fulfillment wrested from his wartime tragedy is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and is of special relevance in our day of so many soldiers returning wounded in body and spirit from Iraq.

Abandon Automobile: Detroit City Poetry 2001 (African American Life (Paperback))

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Do poets' surroundings shape their viewpoint and work? Abandon Automobile seeks to address this question by bringing together the work of more than one hundred of Detroit's most acclaimed and accessible poets. Writing about location as if it were a living entity, these poets visualize Detroit as a variety of complex archetypes-the city becomes a savior, a beast, a nurturing mother, a seductress, a friend, an enemy. Like the city itself, the poetry represented is diverse and the poems are by turns tender, forceful, introspective, and vital. In the introduction to the volume, Melba Joyce Boyd and M. L. Liebler show how Detroit's poetry scene has changed over the years to embrace political movements and cultural transformations. Readers will find that one doesn't need to be a Detroit native to enjoy the many themes of this anthology. The exciting range of voices represented in this collection will appeal to anyone interested in poetry, regional literature, and urban life.

Ahlan wa Sahlan: Functional Modern Standard Arabic for Beginners, Second Edition: With Online Media

Mahdi Alosh

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The second edition of this widely used text covers the first year of instruction in Modern Standard Arabic. It will teach students to read, speak, and write Arabic, while presenting an engaging story that involves Adnan, a Syrian student studying in the United States, and Michael, an American student studying in Cairo. In diaries, letters, and postcards, the two students describe their thoughts and activities, revealing how a non-American views American culture and how the Arabic culture is experienced by an American student. This new edition features online video, filmed in Syria; expanded communicative activities; an updated audio program; and material designed according to proficiency principles.

Features of the New Edition include:

*video, filmed in Syria

*expanded communicative activities

*updated audio program

*material designed according to proficiency principles

Components of the Second Edition include:

*A full-color Student Textbook with included online audio and video access

*Annotated Instructor’s Edition (ISBN 978-0-300-14047-7)

*Sound and Script Workbook

*Online, interactive exercises

This is good country: A history of the Amish of Delaware, 1915-1988

Allen B. Clark

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Hardcover Publisher: Gordonville Print Shop; First Edition edition (1989) Language: English ASIN: B000XVK49S

The Grand Strategy that Won the Cold War: Architecture of Triumph

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This book demonstrates that under the leadership of President Ronald Reagan and through the mechanism of his National Security Council staff, the United States developed and executed a comprehensive grand strategy, involving the coordinated use of the diplomatic, informational, military, and economic instruments of national power, and that grand strategy led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. In doing so, it refutes three orthodoxies: that Reagan and his administration deserve little credit for the end of the Cold War, with most of credit going to Mikhail Gorbachev; that Reagan’s management of the National Security Council staff was singularly inept; and that the United States is incapable of generating and implementing a grand strategy that employs all the instruments of national power and coordinates the work of all executive agencies. The Reagan years were hardly a time of interagency concord, but the National Security Council staff managed the successful implementation of its program nonetheless.

National Geographic Magazine, June 1948, (Vol. 93, No.6)

William J., & Grosvenor, Alexander G. B.; Allen, Arthur A.; Clark, Sydney: Craighead, Frank & John; Simpich, Frederick] National Geographic Society [Aston

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Any book over 50 years old the spine will be detoured on the self because it exposed to the element. We partial restore the spine, look at the picture for the Condition of the spine. This magazine front and back cover Like New (A small tear on the front cover) Inside the Magazine like new. It will be shipped well protected with shrink warp with cardboard backing for maximum protection. Please, see the Pictures to see how the front and back cover look also how the spine looks.

EduMatch Snapshot in Education (2017)

Sarah-Jane Thomas

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We’re back! EduMatch proudly presents Snapshot in Education (2017). In this two volume collection, 32 educators and one student share their tips for the classroom and professional practice. Topics include culture, standards, PBL, instructional models, perseverance, equity, PLN, and more.

Check out Volume 2 for tips on professional practice!

Find out more about EduMatch at, and see other publications at

Building Unity in the Church of the New Millennium

Dr Dwight Perry

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In Building Unity in the Church of the New Millennium, Dr. Dwight Perry and twenty other scholars and practitioners address discrimination specifically within the evangelical church. But they do not deal solely with racial discrimination, but also gender, age, physical disability and class discrimination. "Dr. Dwight Perry and a diverse group of gifted contributing authors use great insight and wisdom in dealing with key contemporary issues that threaten unity within the Body of Christ. Building Unity in the Church f the New Millennium is sure to awaken in the heart of every believer a desire for oneness and true scriptural unity. It is a must-read for Christian leaders who are serious about reconciliation and building bridges that will unite the fractured church." Dr. Joseph Stowell, President, Cornerstone University "This book leads us to a new, more holistic way of understanding just what it is that separates us as Christians as well a how we can work for a more united church." - Elisa Morgan, President Emerita, MOPS International "My dear friend Dr. Dwight Perry has done the body of Christ an invaluable service in putting together Building Unity in the Church of the New Millennium ... The authors speak from a biblical perspective on issues that have fragmented and divided the church ... This is a clear, compelling call to pursue and demonstrate the unity of the body of Christ ... You must read this book!" - Dr. Crawford Loritts, Jr., Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church, Roswell, GA; Author; Speaker; Radio Host; former Associate Director, Campus Crusade for Christ, USA