Best Alison Heart books

Near to the Wild Heart (New Directions Paperbook)

Clarice Lispector

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This new translation of Clarice Lispector's sensational first book tells the story of a middle class woman's life from childhood through an unhappy marriage and its dissolution to transcendence.

Near to the Wild Heart, published in Rio de Janeiro in 1943, introduced Brazil to what one writer called “Hurricane Clarice”: a twenty-three-year-old girl who wrote her first book in a tiny rented room and then baptized it with a title taken from Joyce: “He was alone, unheeded, near to the wild heart of life.”

The book was an unprecedented sensation ― the discovery of a genius. Narrative epiphanies and interior monologue frame the life of Joana, from her middle-class childhood through her unhappy marriage and its dissolution to transcendence, when she proclaims: “I shall arise as strong and comely as a young colt.”

Broken Hearts and New Creations: Intimations of a Great Reversal

James Alison

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Following Aquinas and Girard, Alison plumbs the depth of human nature to demonstrate that religious truths are truths we must experience in our own lives.>

Regions of the Heart: The Triumph and Tragedy of Alison Hargreaves (Adventure Press)

David Rose

Best price for this book: $ 4.99

Recounts the life of a mountaineer who climbed Everest alone, and describes the furor after her death on K2, because she was also the mother of two children.

A House to Mend a Broken Heart (Welcome to Willow Tree Hall)

Alison Sherlock

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Everyone is hiding from something...

Full of warmth, laughter, tears and heartache. Find out if there is a happy-ever-after at Willow Tree Hall. Perfect for the fans of Milly Johnson and Lucy Diamond.

Willow Tree Hall has seen much better days and has been the proud ancestral home of the Earl and Countess of Cranley for centuries.

With no qualifications and escaping her past Annie Rogers takes the job as housekeeper to widowed Arthur, the charming current Earl of Cranley. After a bad fall puts Arthur in hospital, it's up to his reluctant heir, Sam Harris, to lend a helping hand and try to find a sustainable future for the Estate.

With the house requiring a full renovation, Annie suddenly finds herself completely out of her depth with a team of dodgy builders and Sam watching critically from the side-lines.

With Sam running from his past and Annie hiding from hers, just maybe together they can bring Willow Tree Hall back to life.

The start of a beautiful new series focussing on the lives and loves, trials and tribulations of all those who live and work at Willow Tree Hall.

Her Rebel Heart: A Romance of the English Civil War

Alison Stuart

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England 1643: Deliverance Felton has been left to defend her home, Kinton Lacy Castle in a time of civil war. She can shoot and wield a sword as well as any man and anything she needs to know about siege warfare she has learned from a book...but no book can prepare her for what is to come.

Everything Captain Luke Collyer knows about siege warfare - and women - he has learned from experience. When he is sent by Sir John Felton to defend Kinton Lacy Castle against the Royalists, he will be up against a formidable force.

He had not reckoned on that force being Sir John’s daughter, Deliverance.

Deliverance will not give up her command lightly and Luke will have to face a challenge to his authority as fierce as the cavalier foe outside the walls.

As betrayal surfaces, they must learn to trust each other and uncover the traitor within the castle walls before it is too late for the castle... or their hearts.

(previously published as CLAIMING THE REBEL'S HEART)

A Place in My Heart

Mary Grossnickle

Best price for this book: $ 9.2


Who are my birthparents? Is it okay to think about them? Can I care about all of my parents at once?

A Place in My Heart tells the simple story of Charlie, a chipmunk adopted by a family of squirrels, who starts to wonder about his birthparents. At first he is scared that this might upset his family but feels much better when he talks to his mother. The story reassures children that it is okay to ask questions about their birthparents without upsetting their “forever” (adoptive) parents.

This fully illustrated picture book for adopted children aged 2-5 gives you an opportunity to discuss adoption, birthparents, and the fact that our hearts are big enough to hold everyone we care about.

The Heart of Memory: A Novel

Alison Strobel

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When beloved Christian writer and speaker Savannah Trover becomes gravely ill, she has to face the sham that her faith has become. Days before her heart transplant, she vows to change her ways and she renews her relationship with Christ. But when she awakens from the surgery, Savannah discovers that her faith has left her completely. Savannah’s husband, Shaun, is concerned about his wife's odd behavior—and even more concerned about the secret he’s keeping from her. If she doesn't bring down their ministry, then he might, losing his family in the process. A stranger may hold the answer to Savannah's recovery, but is Savannah strong enough to return to her old way of life? Can Shaun right his wrongs before word gets out? And do either one of them remember how to be who they once were—or who they want to be? In this latest relational drama from Alison Strobel, readers will explore the difference between emotional faith and life-giving truth as Savannah wonders if she can ever trust her heart again.

Alison Dare, The Heart of the Maiden

J. Torres

Best price for this book: $ 10.95

Alison Dare: Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft in fabulous, graphic adventures.

Alison Dare is not your typical twelve-year-old. She's the daughter of an archaeologist/adventurer and the masked hero known as the Blue Scarab. To top it off, she's also the niece of an international super-spy; it's no surprise that a craving for danger is in her blood! Unfortunately, her parents have locked her away at the prestigious St. Joan's Academy for Girls, hoping that this would lead to a more "normal" life for their daughter.

But despite all the strict rules at the school, Alison and her best pals - Wendy and Dot - somehow manage to find themselves involved in adventures that rival those of Alison's globetrotting, planet-saving relatives. Whether it's magic genies, super-powered bank robbers, or a dastardly baron bent on world domination, Alison Dare delivers the best thrills since Indiana Jones and more action than Lara Croft!

Alison's Gift: The Song of a Thousand Hearts Opening

Pat Hogan

Best price for this book: $ 6.98

From the Author:

This book is a product of the inspiration I had after experiencing the events of Alison Sanders' life and death. I was moved by the beauty and depth of my experience at her crossing from this world, an experience that was shared by many. Since that unique experience, I have come to see that many people through their deaths teach those of us who remain behind.

I would like to believe that there could be a magical quality to our lives and to the difficulties that we experience. I am convinced that there are deeper qualities that stand side by side our mundane lives. Some of us seek these qualities out and sometimes these qualities come for us- often in a guise that we do not recognize.

In Alison's Gift: The Song of a Thousand Hearts Opening, there are events that strike at our very faith in life. No one would choose these events, in the same way that we would not choose to have our lives challenged beyond our ability to cope. Yet, a mother's heart brought forth an opportunity for the light of love to shine in the darkness of loss for a family and community.

The people who I have written about in this book are real heroes. They are heroes not because of what they were able to conquer, but because of what they were able to endure. Then, through willpower and perseverance, they created many positive legacies, transforming tragedy into a tool for improving life and helping others.

Ultimately, I have sought to portray the universal qualities beyond the specific events described. I believe that the magic that each of us desires is as close to us as the losses and gains of our ordinary lives. For whatever reason, sometimes it the most dramatic experiences that bring this into focus.

I hope that you find joy here, feel some magic in these pages and experience the exquisite beauty that inspired me to write this story. My prayer is that Alison's gifts of courage, selflessness and love will help each of us to bring forth the heart of the hero that lives within.

Three of Hearts: Erotic Romance For Women

Best price for this book: $ 10.26

Three’s company? No, three’s a charm! Three of Hearts features sexy trios who are not just falling into bed, they’re falling (or have already fallen) in love. These stories explore the threesome dynamic emotionally as well as sexually. Whether it’s a couple introducing a third person to their relationship for just one night of fun or for a lifetime commitment, or a woman torn between two lovers who decides not to choose, the focus of this collection of sexy stories is entirely on female pleasure.