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Miss Foster's Folly

Alice Gaines

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Manhattan, 1886

Juliet Foster has just become the wealthiest spinster in town. Her domineering and thoroughly unpleasant father has died and left her millions. She's free to be her own woman and seek a life of adventure.

David Winslow, Marquess of Derrington, is in search of a wife who can break the Winslow Curse. Every second-generation heir inherits a restless, defiant nature that can only be tamed by a mate as independent and rebellious as himself.

Miss Juliet Foster is perfect—and eager for seduction. But when he wants more than a few nights of passion, Juliet runs like the devil's on her heels. Can the marquess convince her that marriage isn't a trap, but the greatest freedom of all?

89,000 words

Just One Week

Alice Gaines

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Her brother's best friend is not only the hottest man Michelle Dennis has ever seen, he's the reason she left town eight years ago. Of course he's the one waiting at the airport. Worse, he made sure they're staying in the same house.

Alex Stafford is expecting to pick up his friend's kid sister, not a full-fledged bombshell. He was planning to apologize for their past, but the feelings he had years ago come roaring back...and this time, there's no denying them.

Keeping his hands off is a test he's bound to fail--especially when they're stuck in close quarters. But falling in love with Michelle, living in her world, isn't an option for a guy like him. And remembering that will save them both a lot of heartache...

Captain and Countess

Alice Gaines

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In this sensuous Regency romance, Jason, Lily, and Bess become engaged to the wrong people.

Captain Jason Northcross desperately desires his sister, Lily, to marry into noble society. To achieve a duchy for his sister, he needs a proper marriage for himself. His status guarantees an easily achieved betrothal, and he should have no trouble selecting one of the eligible young ladies during his party in the countryside. However, distracted from his goal, he has a hard time keeping his hands off his neighbor, Lady Rushford.

The late Earl of Rushford's widow, Bess Webster, believes romance has passed her by. So why can’t she keep Captain Northcross out of her dreams? And how does he inflame passions she didn’t know she had? While she should be focused on penning novels and finding husbands for her friends, her thoughts center on broad shoulders and laughing green eyes.

Will these misaligned engagements be set straight before the final vows have been spoken?

His For The Week

Alice Gaines

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"Alice Gaines will tantalize your romance taste buds with a book you can’t put down until the very last page.”New York Times bestselling author Jasmine Haynes

Sex columnist Désirée “Rae” Knight is in a bind—and not the kind she usually likes. Her newest assignment, and possible big break, is an article for her magazine on the sex resort that just opened. The only problem is it’s couples only. Although she writes about having red-hot sex, she’s been single longer than she’d like to admit. Enter her coffee shop crush, who she’s been secretly ogling every morning. Trouble is, he doesn’t know she exists.

When Nate Winslow recognizes the shy, quiet woman at Sufficient Grounds as the author of the sex columns that fuel his fantasies, he’s surprised. And the last thing he expects is an invitation to join her at a sex resort. But his answer is hell yes!

Rae and Nate have enough chemistry in the bedroom to set the sheets ablaze. When Rae insists they limit their relationship to sex only, Nate agrees since he’s burned out on love. But the more they push each other’s boundaries, the more they realize one week won’t be enough.

Kiss the Frog: A Princes of Danislova Novel

Alice Gaines

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Pity sex with the shyest student in the lab?

That’s what Felice Larson’s friends have blackmailed her into. Dev VonRamsberg seems nice enough, if you can see past the hair that hangs in his face, the glasses, and the corduroy slacks. It’ll be embarrassing for her and possibly humiliating for him, but if Felice doesn’t follow through, the others will let their professor know she ditched on a critical research trip. So she borrows a key and lets herself into Dev’s apartment in the middle of the night and promptly gets the surprise of her life.

Christian Devlin Philippe Pascal VonRamsberg, Crown Prince, and Heir Apparent to the Throne of Danislova, has lusted after his co-student, Felice Larson, for months but hasn’t followed through because of his obligations back home. But now that she’s literally snuck into his bed, he takes full advantage, much to their mutual delight. Dev’s been hiding out in plain sight in the United States so he can get his graduate degree and enjoy a more or less normal life before he has to return to Danislova to fulfill his duties to his country. He never expected to fall for an American woman, but now that he has, how can he give her a happy ending?

Felice discovers that she’s kissed a frog and won a prince, complete with a whirlwind tour of his lovely homeland in Eastern Europe. She falls in love with Danislova and the current Prince Royal, Dev’s father—a man closer to a father figure for her than her own parents. Unfortunately, Dev’s duties to his country require that he marry the right sort of woman…the wife his father has already selected for him. Will Felice and Dev face heartbreak, or can love triumph over tradition?

"Alice Gaines masterfully blends funny and sexy into a page-turner that readers can’t put down." Jasmine Haynes, New York Times bestselling author of Pleasing Mr. Sutton

The Princes of Danislova is a contemporary fairy tale romance series in which each young American woman meets her Prince Charming. If you like your romance sizzling, this series is for you as each prince beguiles his princess in and out of bed.

Brief Encounter: An Erotic Short (A Cabin Fever Novella)

Alice Gaines

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Life imitates art when Elizabeth Carlisle's trip to an erotic art exhibit leads to a steamy encounter with a sexy Italian stranger.

Secrets Volume 30 Desires Unleashed (Secrets Volumes)

Maree Anderson

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Cox Club – Alice Gaines

At the urging of her best friend, Andi Crawford visits an exclusive club in order to find some sexual satisfaction after her divorce. The last person she expects to find at a place like Club Cox is her overbearing ex-husband, Blake. But, he’s there and as tempting as ever. Can she maintain her independence, or will she surrender to the intense physical pleasure only he can give her?

To My Reader: The great thing about writing is the ability to portray the world the way it ought to exist. There really ought to be clubs where women can go to fulfill every sensual and sexual fantasy. I’ve created such a club in this story. Enjoy the fantasy!

Kat On a Hot Tin Roof – Maree Anderson

Kat Meyer is completely clueless about the ancient Chinese curse that turns her into a cat between the hours of 11pm and 1am. Feline-Kat targets those born under the Chinese Zodiac Sign of the Rat and steals precious items from them, but Kat believes that Cupcake, her pet cat, is the culprit who’s leaving “gifts” on her pillow. When Jace Burton wakes in the middle of the night to find a naked and highly distraught Kat in his living room, he’s inclined to believe her bizarre tale of sleepwalking and cat-burglars-of-the-feline-persuasion—not to mention appalled to think of what harm might have befallen her while she prowled the streets at night! Jace is willing to go all out to protect Kat from harm—whether she likes it or not—but how’s he gonna react when he discovers her secret?

To My Reader: When my kids were small, their favorite story was Slinky Malinki, about a cat-burglar of the feline persuasion, and I once owned a cat that used to carry stuff around in his mouth. So I was just waiting for an excuse to incorporate a clever cat-burglar into one of my stories, and voilà! Kat On A Hot Tin Roof.
My heroine, Kat, blames the “gifts” left on her pillow each night on Cup­cake, her pet cat. And when she wakes up naked, curled atop her bed, she be­lieves she’s been sleepwalking—bare-assed naked sleepwalking. What other explanation could there possibly be? Hmmm. That would be telling ;-)

Oh, the endless possibilities for fun and embarrassment, LOL. Poor Kat. With all the weirdness in her life right now, the last thing she needs is a sexy alpha male, who sends her dormant hormones into orbit. So of course, that’s exactly who rocks into town and turns her life upside down. And when Jace gets up-close-and-personal with Kat, he discovers there’s far more to this cat-burglar caper than meets the eye.
I hope you enjoy Jace and Kat’s story!

Kellen's Conquest by Anne Kane

Orphaned as a child, Mia’s most cherished dream is to settle down and have a family of her own. Kellen may be the sexiest man in the known worlds, but he’s AlphElite and when they settle down, it’s with one of their own kind. When someone sets him up to kill her, Kellen decides to kidnap her and keep her by his side until he’s sure she’s safe. They traverse the stars, stopping to fight off a sentient reptile and enlist the help of Kaelin’s teammates to find out who wants her dead, and more importantly, why.

To My Reader: I love to fantasize about what the future might hold for mankind. One thing I’m sure about is that love will still make it all worthwhile. I hope you enjoy reading Kellen and Mia’s story as much as I enjoyed telling it.

Scoundrel in a Kilt by Nicole North

Brodie, Chieftain of Clan MacCain, is a dark, sensual Scottish scoundrel who loves nothing more than being a selkie shape-shifter, even if he has been cursed by a witch of the dark arts. Stunning modern day supermodel Erin Schultz blazes into his 1621 world like a falling star. Though he’s certain she will shatter life as he knows it by breaking his curse, he can’t resist her tantalizing seduction.

To My Reader: Nothing’s hotter than a Highland hunk in a kilt… except when he takes off that kilt. I hope you enjoy my wicked, dark shape-shifting selkie scoundrel, Brodie, as much as the time-t

Secrets Volume #8 (Secrets Volumes)

Mary Janice Davidson

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Mary Janice Davidson - Jared's Wolf

Jared Rocke will do anything avenge his sister’s death, even believe in werewolves. What he doesn’t believe is that he’s attracted to Moira Wolfbauer, the she-wolf sworn to protect her pack. In Jared’s Wolf, two enemies must join forces to stop a killer while learning that love defies all boundaries--even those between species.

To My Readers: When I wrote Love’s Prisoner for Secrets VI and introduced Michael and Jeannie Wyndham, I was overwhelmed by your response. All your wonderful letters and phone calls boiled down to one request: more Wyndham werewolves! Your wish is my command. I hope you like Moira and Jared as much as you liked Jeannie and Michael.

Liz Maverick - Kiss or Kill

In this post apocalyptic world, Camille Kazinsky’s military career rides on her ability to make a choice--whether the robo called Meat should live or die. Meat’s future depends on proving he’s human enough to live, man enough . . . Should Camille Kiss or Kill this man/machine that makes her feel like a woman?

To My Readers: He’s part man, part machine, and his life’s on the line. She’s the woman who must decide his fate. How would you try to figure out if a man…was man enough?

Alice Gaines - My Champion, My Love

My Champion, My Love tells the tale of Celeste Broder, a woman committed for a sexy appetite that is tolerated in the men, but not the women of her time. She desperately needs a champion, and finds one in mayor Robert Albright. If she can convince him her freedom will mean a chance to indulge their appetites together.

To My Readers: Passion isn’t only for the young, and good guys don't always finish last.

Jeanie Cesarini -Taming Kate

When Kathryn Roman inherits a legal brothel, she refuses to trade her high-powered career in Manhattan for a life in the wild, Wild West. Little does this city girl know that the town of Love, Nevada wants her to be their new madam so they’ve charged Trey Holliday, one very dominant cowboy, with Taming Kate.

To My Readers: I was in the mood for a cowboy and since this cowboy would be my very first…Secrets provides the perfect place to explore my mood, a place where stories indulge sensual fantasies and deep dark desires. So, dearest reader, hop on for a red-hot ride west, to a town called Love where just about anything can happen…and does.

Secrets Volume 31 ~ Fantasies Fulfilled

Alice Gaines

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Secrets Volume 31 Fantasies Fulfilled Labyrinth by Alice Gaines Julia Cramer has imagined reclusive billionaire, Deimos Rowland, to be her perfect lover for her whole adult life. As she journeys through the sexual labyrinth he's constructed in his personal Greek island, she discovers that a few twists make “perfect” even better. Sex, Lies and Contracts by Jennifer Probst Julianna needs to marry a man with money to save her family estate. Jack needs to marry a woman who will love him for himself, and not for his wealth and title. When Jack disguises himself as a gardener and promises to show Julianna the dark world of pleasure she's never experienced, he's con¬vinced his heart is safe. But when his cousin comes to town, disguised as the perfect husband for Julianna and intent on stealing Jack's legacy, he ignites a chain reaction that will change them forever. Can love and truth triumph? Forbidden Fruit by Anne Rainey Veterinarian assistant, Ava Sweet has lusted after bad boy Luke McGiffin since high school and she's tired of him treating her like a kid sister. It's time to show the hunky roofer her feminine side. The plan: let Jen, her best friend, give her a makeover, and then tempt Luke right out of his sexy jeans. But can Ava handle a man with such strong appetites or is she in over her head? The Disciplinarian's Daughter by Leigh Court Little did innocent Amelia Ashworth realize when she responded to an ad for a 'scientific study of virgins' that the so-called study would entail ex¬perimenting with erotic toys and techniques to discover how a woman could pleasure herself in sexually-repressed Victorian England. Or how much she'd enjoy her lessons at the hands of Dr. Trevor Markham!

Alice Guy Blaché: Cinema Pioneer

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This book celebrates the achievements of Alice Guy Blaché  (1873–1968), the first woman motion picture director and producer. From 1896 to 1907, she created films for Gaumont in Paris. In 1907, she moved to the United States and established her own film company, Solax. From 1914 to 1920, Guy Blaché was an independent director for a number of film companies.
Despite her immensely productive and creative career, Guy Blaché’s indispensable contribution to film history has been overlooked. She entered the world of filmmaking at its nascent stage, when films were seen primarily as a medium in the service of science or as an adjunct to selling cameras. Working with Gaumont cameramen and cameras and the new technical advances for the projection of film, she became one of the film pioneers ushering in the new era of motion pictures as a narrative form. Written by cinema history experts and curators, this handsome volume brings to light a critical new mass of Guy Blaché’s film oeuvre in an effort to restore her to her rightful place in film history.