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What happens when a one-night stand ends up being the love of your life?

Two years out of a nasty divorce, Dawn is still under the thumb of an ex-husband who routinely flaunts his hot young conquests in front of her. In an attempt to break free of her long dating drought, she begins clumsy attempts at seducing the roofer she spies working on her next-door neighbor's house. Luckily for her, Zane, 30 years old and nearly a decade younger than Dawn, likes what he sees lying by the pool at the house next door.

Nailed is the second book in acclaimed erotic romance author Alexis Adaire's Blue Collar Romance series.

Dawn: I wasn't looking for a relationship, I only wanted one afternoon ofgood sex. Who knew that my silly flirting with the roofer would lead tothis?

I hadn't even wanted to look at another man since thedivorce, and now I'm sharing a bed with one who's so beautiful it almost hurts.

I'm nearly forty and have a mom bod, curvy and soft. Ilift cupcakes instead of weights. And he's seven years younger, and agod, chiseled from marble.

How the hell did this even happen?

Review excerpts:
"A heartwarming romance about a woman who gets a second chance at discovering what love is all about, then has to fight to hold onto it."
"Dawn and Zane have such an immediately sweet chemistry. Totally love them from the start. This story has some heat, but it's also beautifully healing."
"Alexis Adaire blew me away. Her portrayal of these characters, their life situation, and the people who ended up bringing them together was spot on. Dawn couldn't have been more real if she actually existed."
"Dawn is a character we all can relate to. She doesn't realize how beautiful she really is. Zane and Dawn truly are a match made in heaven."
"A love affair that will leave everyone begging for more, with a few plot twists to keep it from being like all the others. Dive right in, but please leave your panties at the door."

Her Harem

Alexis Adaire

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Why choose one rock star when you can have FIVE?

When image rehabilitation expert Kelsey Lambert is called in to help save the reputation of world-famous rock band Harem, falling in love is the last thing on her mind. After all, her career’s on the line, and keeping untamed musicians out of trouble is a massive undertaking. But when the gig puts her on a tropical resort island with the sexy, unrepentant bad boys, she struggles to remain professional as her inhibitions rapidly melt away. Although getting romantically involved with five rock stars at the same time was definitely NOT part of her business plan, Kelsey soon begins to realize she’s fighting against the very thing she craves most. She was sent to save Harem, but maybe they’ll end up saving her.

Her Harem is a steamy reverse harem romance with scorching graphic sex scenes and a deliciously happy ending.

"Alexis Adaire is the queen of strong female protagonists and Kelsey Lambert is among her fiercest and sexiest!"

Sex Education: A Woman's Awakening, Book 1

Alexis Adaire

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The temptation to sin and lure of the forbidden can be impossible to ignore.

Sex Education, A Woman's Awakening: The Series: Rebecca Beiler's recent sexual urges are at odds with her strict religious upbringing. Married at 17 to a sexually repressed man who left her a widow, at age 26 she now finds herself yearning to be taken hard by hot men with chiseled bodies. When an indiscretion with a neighbor leads to a six-month expulsion from her community, Rebecca attempts to purge herself of her sinful desires by giving into them, in full. Unfortunately, each new intoxicating encounter only intensifies her cravings — intense lustful cravings for physical ecstasy that lead Rebecca to dark recesses of the sexual underground and compel her to do things the likes of which she never imagined herself capable.

In Book 1 Rebecca inadvertently sees a pornographic image that spurs in her a dormant desire for sex. One thing leads to another until she's forced to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, one that will lead her to question her former life and spark a fierce hunger for physical pleasure.

This series was formerly published under the name Shunned.


Jacob knew he should leave, but he couldn't tear himself away from this amazing spectacle. He'd never seen a naked woman before, much less one having sex with herself. He watched silently for a full minute, his own body reacting to Rebecca's display.

When her orgasm overcame her, Rebecca tightened her pelvis and welcomed it. In that same instant, her eyes opened reflexively and she saw the young man in the doorway. Her body immediately halted the orgasm as Rebecca screamed and grabbed the blanket to cover herself.

"Jacob!" she shouted. She'd forgotten having asked her neighbor to stop by that afternoon to help her patch a leaking roof. Jacob couldn't move; he remained at the bedroom door, transfixed. She could see the intensity of his glazed stare. He tried to talk, but nothing came out. Seconds passed without a word being uttered.

Then Jacob turned away toward the front door. He hadn't taken three steps when Rebecca bounded from the bed and ran after him, wrapping the blanket around her as she went. "Wait, Jacob!" Rebecca shouted. She caught him as he was reaching for the knob, grabbing his hand. The young man reluctantly turned to face her.

"Don't!" she pleaded. "You can't... If you tell anyone, we will..." Jacob wasn't looking at her face, though, but rather at her exposed left breast, which had slipped out from the blanket. He reached and ran his hand over it as Rebecca stood stunned. She was about to admonish him when he touched her nipple, pinching it slightly and causing her to exhale audibly. Looking quickly around the room, she determined that nobody could see them in this spot, so close to the front door. She decided not to stop Jacob.

As Jacob continued to massage her breast, Rebecca felt her desire rise. Looking at his face, she released the blanket, allowing it to cascade to the floor.

Tags: forbidden, temptation, submission, virgin, taboo

Publisher's Note: The Sex Education: A Woman's Awakening series contains graphic sex scenes. If such topics offend you, please don't buy this book.

Hollywood Bad Boys Club, Book 1: Drake

Alexis Adaire

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Drake Manning:

I’m one of the biggest movie stars in the world. I practically own Hollywood and can get away with damn near anything in this town. Cops who pull me over while I’m getting blown in my Ferrari don’t write tickets, they ask for autographs. My three closest friends and I call ourselves the Hollywood Bad Boys Club and we go through more women in a month than most guys do in a lifetime. I’ve never had a serious relationship and am determined to keep that streak intact. At this point in my life, the world is my oyster and nothing or nobody is going to slow me down.

Allie Winters:

Actors are shallow and egotistical, and I’m a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, for God’s sake. This cover story interview with Drake Manning is just another assignment and nothing to get excited about. Even if his fans have nicknamed him “The Body” because of his astounding physique, that won’t distract me from doing my job. Sure, I looked at a few half-naked pictures of that flawless body – but I was just doing research. Besides, Manning is not my type and I’m definitely not his, so there’s zero chance I’ll become another of his more than five hundred rumored conquests. I’m too smart to ever fall for a man like Drake Manning.

Hollywood Bad Boys Club, Book 1: Drake is an incendiary romance, the first of a four-book romantic-yet-erotic series about a group of Hollywood alpha males who pride themselves on the many women they bed while managing to avoid messy emotional entanglements.

The Billionaires' Executive Sweet, Book 1: (Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Alexis Adaire

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Exotic travel, expensive clothes, hot sex with five billionaires... who needs love?

Chelsea Broussard can't decide which is worse, her sexual drought or her low-paying job. After a chance meeting with a wealthy businessman who promises to change her life, she's forced to choose between her old status quo and a new mysterious life as a playmate for five alpha billionaire executives — a job that would surely lead her into some extremely exciting and possibly bizarre situations.

In The Billionaires' Executive Sweet, Book 1, 26-year-old Chicago travel blogger Chelsea finds herself in the middle of an incredibly hot spur-of-the-moment sexual encounter with a mysterious alpha male billionaire who vanishes immediately afterward. Weeks later, he reappears to escort Chelsea to a meeting with four of his alpha billionaire friends, who have a proposal for her: They need a companion to accompany them on their occasional deviant sexual escapades, someone who is as open-minded and adventurous as she is beautiful. And they're willing to pay an absurd amount of money for this short-term position. Chelsea is forced to decide on the spot, with the course of her life hanging in the balance.

Warning: ADULTS ONLY! This story was written for adults 18 and over and includes very hot, very explicit sex scenes.

Seducing My Billionaire Stepbrother (Seducing My Billionaire Stepbrother: A Romance Book 1)

Alexis Adaire

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What if the perfect man lived one room over while you were growing up?

(Be warned: This is BOOK 1 of a TRILOGY and therefore contains a cliffhanger.)

Jared and I were the perfect couple. Well, almost perfect.

I never thought of my tech genius billionaire stepbrother in that way until the day I accidentally saw him naked. But oh my god, that moment might change both of our lives forever. Now I can't get Jared's gorgeous, so-well-endowed body off my mind. Because we grew up in the same house, any sexual contact between us is obviously taboo and forbidden, but that only makes me want him more. I can't even be sure he wants me in that way, but I am consumed by my lust and want only to get utterly filthy with him. Standing in my way is Jared's vile bitch of a fiancée, Heather, but I intend to crash his raunchy bachelor party wearing a mask and seduce him.

Hey, what he doesn't know won't hurt him... right?

Falling For My Billionaire Stepbrother is a sexy, steamy, intelligent billionaire stepbrother romance that will arouse your lust and engage your mind.

Slow Burn

Alexis Adaire

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Tyler Jackson isn't looking for romance, but he certainly wants to see what this Jess woman might have to offer once he separates her from her clothes.

While it seems impossible that they could duplicate the intensity of their scorching hot initial rendezvous, Ty soon learns it's equally intense every time they're naked together.

Jess Hensen is smitten by the insanely sexy firefighter who's just risked his life to save an entire litter of kittens.

Is it his looks or his bravery that's so enticing? Or could it be that vague sense that she's seen him somewhere before?

When she learns of his dark, dangerous past, will she be too taken with him to walk away like she knows she should?

Or will Jess risk everything to stay by Ty's side?

FIRE CAUTION: The contents of this book are extremely hot and might cause arousal.

Slow Burn is the first book in acclaimed erotic romance author Alexis Adaire's Blue Collar Romance series.

The Billionaires' Executive Sweet, The Complete Series: (Alpha Billionaire Romance)

Alexis Adaire

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Chelsea Broussard couldn't decide which was worse: her sexual drought or her boring job.

Then a hot rendezvous with a mysterious alpha male billionaire leads to a new job offer: He and four of his alpha male billionaire buddies need a playmate, someone open-minded and adventurous, to accompany them on their deviant sexual escapades. Chelsea makes the leap and leaves her old status quo behind for an exciting opportunity that will lead her into some reckless and unimaginably hot situations.

In the sizzling 7-book The Billionaires' Executive Sweet series, Chelsea finds herself doing things the likes of which she'd never imagined herself capable — the most dangerous being falling in love with a man she can't possibly have.

Warning: ADULTS ONLY! This story was written for adults 18 and over, and unlike that mega-famous alpha billionaire trilogy, it includes scorching, extremely explicit sex scenes. Multiple partners, sex clubs, exotic sex resorts, seedy adult theaters, and extravagant sex parties are among the scenarios. Best of all: The romance is even hotter than the sex.

Probed: The Encounter: (Shapeshifter Alien With Multiple Partners MMMF - Paranormal SciFi)

Alexis Adaire

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Science fiction, alpha male, romance, sex... and tentacles!

Unimpressed and uninspired, Amy Collins was resigned to a life of dating boring men who were mediocre in the bedroom — until a chance meeting with an otherworldly being changed everything. With alpha male shapeshifter Z, Amy discovers pleasures she had never imagined she wanted, but would this visitor to Earth ultimately prove to be more man than she could handle?

Tentacle sex and scifi romance have never been this hot and slithery!

Forced to Bloom, Book 1

Alexis Adaire

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Forced to Bloom is a deliciously steamy BBW Alpha Billionaire Romance.

Rachel Malinsky wasn't certain the ad she was responding to was actually placed by a billionaire. Nor did she know if this man would be interested in her very curvy body. Hell, she wasn't even sure she even wanted to be a submissive to begin with. From the moment he started instructing her to do things that terrified her, though, such as stripping for him on video or exposing a breast in public, she was hooked. Now if she only knew who he was or what he looked like…

Forced to Bloom is a sizzling romance that engages the mind as well as arouses passion. A BBW discovers the self-confidence she's always lacked when she decides to submit her curves to the control of a rich, powerful man she's never even met.

Warning: This story was written for adults 18 and over and includes scorching sex scenes, including domination and submission.