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350 Big Taste Recipes for the 1.5 Quart Mini Slow Cooker: All American Favorites Adapted for the Mini Slow Cooker with an Emphasis on Healthy Eating

Albert Herbert

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New and revised with new text and complete index!

Albert Camus: A Biography

Herbert R. Lottman

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When Albert Camus died in a car crash in January 1960 he was only 46 years old ? already a winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature and a world figure ? author of the enigmatic The Stranger, the fable called The Plague, but also of the combative The Rebel ? which attacked the ?politically correct’ among his con-temporaries.

Thanks to his early literary achievement, his work for the under-ground newspaper Combat and his editorship of that daily in its Post-Liberation incarnation, Camus’ voice seemed the conscience of postwar France. But it was a very personal voice that rejected the conventional wisdom, rejected ideologies that called for killing in the cause of justice. His call for personal responsibility will seem equally applicable today, when Camus’ voice is silent and has not been replaced. The secrecy which surrounded Algerian-born Camus’ own life, public and private ? a function of illness and psychological self-defense in a Paris in which he still felt himself a stranger ? seemed to make the biographer’s job impossible.

Lottman’s Albert Camus was the first and remains the definitive biography ? even in France. On publication it was hailed by New York Times reviewer John Leonard: ?What emerges from Mr. Lottman’s tireless devotions is a portrait of the artist, the outsider, the humanist and skeptic, that breaks the heart.” In The New York Times Book Review British critic John Sturrock said: ?Herbert Lottman’s life (of Camus) is the first to be written, either in French or English, and it is exhaustive, a labor of love and of wonderful industry.” When the book appeared in London Christopher Hitchens in New Statesman told British readers: ?Lottman has written a brilliant and absorbing book... The detail and the care are extra-ordinary... Now at last we have a clear voice about the importance of liberty and the importance of being concrete.”

The new edition by Gingko Press includes a specially written preface by the author revealing the challenges of a biographer, of some of the problems that had to be dealt with while writing the book and after it appeared.

The Senior Gourmet: 200 Easy to Make Recipes for the Senior Who Wants to Prepare Fresh and Healthy Meals

Albert Herbert

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200 Easy To Make Recipes For The Senior Who Wants To Prepare Fresh And Healthy Meals

Herbert Eugene Bolton: Historian of the American Borderlands

Albert L. Hurtado

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This definitive biography offers a new critical assessment of the life, works, and ideas of Herbert E. Bolton (1870–1953), a leading historian of the American West, Mexico, and Latin America. Bolton, a famous pupil of Frederick Jackson Turner, formulated a concept—the borderlands—that is a foundation of historical studies today. His research took him not only to the archives and libraries of Mexico but out on the trails blazed by Spanish soldiers and missionaries during the colonial era. Bolton helped establish the reputation of the University of California and the Bancroft Library in the eyes of the world and was influential among historians during his lifetime, but interest in his ideas waned after his death. Now, more than a century after Bolton began to investigate the Mexican archives, Albert L. Hurtado explores his life against the backdrop of the cultural and political controversies of his day.

Conserving Southern Longleaf: Herbert Stoddard and the Rise of Ecological Land Management (Environmental History and the American South Ser.)

Albert Way

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The Red Hills region of south Georgia and north Florida contains one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in North America, with longleaf pine trees that are up to four hundred years old and an understory of unparalleled plant life. At first glance, the longleaf woodlands at plantations like Greenwood, outside Thomasville, Georgia, seem undisturbed by market economics and human activity, but Albert G. Way contends that this environment was socially produced and that its story adds nuance to the broader narrative of American conservation.

The Red Hills woodlands were thought of primarily as a healthful refuge for northern industrialists in the early twentieth century. When notable wildlife biologist Herbert Stoddard arrived in 1924, he began to recognize the area’s ecological value. Stoddard was with the federal government, but he drew on local knowledge to craft his land management practices, to the point where a distinctly southern, agrarian form of ecological conservation emerged. This set of practices was in many respects progressive, particularly in its approach to fire management and species diversity, and much of it remains in effect today.

Using Stoddard as a window into this unique conservation landscape, Conserving Southern Longleaf positions the Red Hills as a valuable center for research into and understanding of wildlife biology, fire ecology, and the environmental appreciation of a region once dubbed simply the “pine barrens.”

The Rebel: An Essay on Man in Revolt, English translation of L'Homme Revolte (A Vintage Book, K-30)

Albert Camus

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"The Rebel offers us a philosophy of politics. It is the kind of book that appears only in France, devoted, in a passionate intellectual sense, to the examination of such concepts as liberty and terror." --Sir Herbert Read (Foreward)

350 Big Taste Recipes for the 1 1/2 Quart Mini Slow Cooker

Albert; Elliott, Kevin Herbert

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Albert Herbert Hawkins: The Naughtiest Boy in the World

Frank Dickens

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Albert, curious to know if the Queen of England is afraid of spiders, goes to the opening of Parliament to find out.

Albert Camus in New York

Herbert R. Lottman

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When Albert Camus arrived in New York he was all but unknown on foreign shores -- our shores for example. The Stranger, his first influential novel, was to be published only during his American visit. University specialists knew something about him, and some were already great admirers, as were a handful of francophile journalists. But in Paris Camus was a full blown hero, a young and brilliant author of eminent works, a likable champion of the Resistance. His relative obscurity in New York made him totally accessible, added intensity to his brief stay, for those fortunate enough to meet him then, and for us now as we reach back to recreate those days.

Killer Pack

Albert Herbert

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