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Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Small Gardens

Alan Titchmarsh

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Covering everything from window boxes and balconies and small gardens up to the size of a tennis court, this definitive guide covers design, planting, landscaping, and plant growing

Successful gardens can be created in the smallest spaces, and this essential guide, shows how to achieve the right garden in the space available. With ideas for maximizing space, design solutions for front gardens and driveways, and recommended plants to grow, this is the ultimate guide for anyone wanting to create a garden on a small plot. It also includes design ideas to match practical needs; A-to-Z profiles of recommended plants; landscaping ideas for all garden shapes; practical uses for balconies and window boxes; and instructions on how to grow vegetables, herbs, and fruit in any small space.

My Secret Garden: A Personal Tour of My Own Private Plot

Alan Titchmarsh

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Stunning photography and diary entries chart the stories behind the growth and development of Alan Titchmarsh's own private garden

After moving from the Barleywood garden where he hosted BBC Gardeners' World for seven years, Alan Titchmarsh set up home in an old farmhouse a few miles down the road, and went about planting his own private eden away from the public eye. In this new diary Alan finally reveals all about this secret garden, explaining with his trademark warmth the personal stories behind its design and evolution. Accompanied by beautiful photographs taken by Jonathan Buckley throughout the five years in which the garden has been made, this records allows readers access to all of the successes and failures of this diverse and ambitious project. Comprising many different styles and spaces—from an acre of formal beds and ponds to wildflower meadows and a stunning winter garden—Alan's tales of development and cultivation will be applicable to all gardeners. With his plot of land encompassing raised vegetable gardens and fruit trees, a handsome greenhouse, and wildlife-friendly plantings, gardeners of all styles and levels of expertise will find something to enjoy. Driven by Alan's infectious and informative style, this book is fascinating, amusing, and inspiring.

Mr Gandy's Grand Tour

Alan Titchmarsh

Best price for this book: $ 26.99


Timothy Gandy has kept his lifetime's ambition secret for forty years.

Now, suddenly (if tragically) released from the hen-pecked tedium of his ordinary existence, he is unexpectedly free to realize his dreams.

He will embark on a Grand Tour of Europe, following in the footsteps of the aristocrats of the eighteenth century.

He anticipates high art, culture and pleasant weather. He never expected to encounter new friendships - and possibly even love - along the way.

It seems that Mr Gandy has embarked on the journey of a lifetime...

The Gardener's Year: The Ultimate Month-by-Month Gardening Handbook

Alan Titchmarsh

Best price for this book: $ 22.95

The Gardener’s Year is not about quick fixes or design makeovers, but simply about knowing what you should be doing in your garden, when, and why. Month-by-month, Alan Titchmarsh tells you how to keep your garden looking its best, with sections on lawns, trees, shrubs and climbers, flowers, patios and containers, vegetables and herbs, fruit, greenhouses, and water gardens. Designed for easy reference, the book will answer all your questions, from what seeds you can plant in your vegetable plot in May to how to keep your hanging baskets stunning in September. Features include detailed plant directories, at-a-glance checklists of monthly tasks, creative projects, and 600 color photos and step-by-step diagrams.


Alan Titchmarsh

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Nick Robertson thought he’d gotten used to his grandmother’s behavior. At 87, Rosie’s determined that before life passes her by, she will live a little. Or, preferably, a lot. It wouldn’t be so bad if Nick had nothing else to do. But with a living to make on the Isle of Wight, two warring parents on the mainland, and a love life in terminal decline, he would prefer his grandmother to get on with things quietly. But there’s no time like the present, insists Rosie. She’ll help Nick find the soul mate he clearly lacks, and he can help Rosie make the most of her few remaining years.

The National Trust Tour of Britain

Anna Groves

Best price for this book: $ 25.1

The tour starts in the Midlands, then we travel through England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, discovering spectacular and iconic landscapes; perfect beaches, dramatic hills, peaceful wood and precious wildlife reserves. Explore breathtaking and historic properties—country houses, castles, cottages, quirky follies and even strange cave houses. Many of them tell fascinating stories and contain remarkable treatures. From little walled gardens to painstakingly perfect topiary to riotously delightful cottage gardens, all sorts of beautiful gardens and grand masterpieces are discovered. And finally, our most ancient landmarks are visited, including prehistoric standing stones, Saxon burial mounds and 1000-year-old trees.

The Queen's Houses

Alan Titchmarsh

Best price for this book: $ 22.99


Both a sumptuous visual guide and an affectionate look at the personal family stories behind the formal grandeur of the royal residencies

The Queen’s life is dedicated to her public—every move is scrutinized, every word noted. But her homes are havens where peace can be found, away from watchful eyes; sanctuaries of private calm in a whirlwind life of public duty. Here Alan Titchmarsh takes readers on a tour of the royal residences, examining the personal family stories behind these magnificent buildings. Through personal reflections, interviews with royal staff, and meticulous historical research, Alan looks beyond the formal grandeur of Buckingham Palace, the imposing structure of Windsor Castle, and the private escape offered by Balmoral and others. Illustrated with intimate family photographs and evocative memorabilia, The Queen’s Houses offers a glimpse of life behind the state banquets and sovereign duties—a respectful study of the royal family at home.


Alan Titchmarsh

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Jamie Ballantyne and Artemis King were never meant to fall in love. The feud between their families has run for three generations.
But whatever Jamie's head might tell him, his heart will always belong to Artemis. After fifty years, perhaps it's time for the Kings and the Ballantynes to bury the hatchet.
Then Jamie and Artemis start to uncover their shared past. What they find will rock the foundations of both their families, as a web of deceit and intrigue is ruinously exposed ...

Alan Titchmarsh: Audible Sessions: FREE Exclusive Interview

Robin Morgan

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Alan Titchmarsh first found fame as a presenter on British television. His long-standing career in horticulture led to media attention and he subsequently hosted several gardening programmes. Perhaps finding the 'pen mightier than the spade' he has in recent years, turned his hand to authorship: first writing gardening tomes, followed by autobiographical works and latterly, fiction.

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Climbers and Wall Shrubs

Alan Titchmarsh

Best price for this book: $ 9.55

The definitive guide to adding an impressive extra dimension to any garden through vertical climbers and wall plants
Covering the ins-and-outs of growing climbers and wall plants, this guide teaches gardeners of all skill levels to get the very best in terms of cover, cropping, and flowering from their gardens. It looks extensively at flowering plants, fruit, and some vegetable plants—showing how to make the most of every available space in any garden. Including creative ideas for using climbers and wall shrubs effectively in the garden, the guide also contains quick lists of plants for specific purposes, conditions, or effects; A-to-Z profiles of recommended plants; practical advice on training, pruning, and propagation; and beautifully illustrated step-by-step guides to essential techniques.