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Stock Options For Dummies

Alan R. Simon

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If you’re like the majority of the estimated 12 million employees in the U.S. who have stock options as a key component to their compensation packages, you have a vague notion, at best, of how options work and what they can mean to your financial well being. What’s the vesting schedule for your shares and how will their strike price be set? What type of stock option grant will you receive, an ISO (incentive stock option) or an NQSO (non-qualified stock option)? What tax rules apply to your option program? Your financial future could depend on your knowing the answers to these and other questions regarding your company’s stock option plan.

Confused by all the brouhaha surrounding stock options? Let expert Alan Simon demystify this often-confusing investment vehicle for you. Featuring clear explanations of how your stock options might make you money—or not—this friendly guide fills you in on what you need to know to:

  • Understand different types of stock options
  • Read and find traps in your stock option agreement
  • Evaluate the pros and cons of company investment vehicles
  • Assess vesting schedules and tax laws
  • Tap Web resources

Simon demystifies the jargon, rules, and tax consequences of stock options. He provides a realistic picture of what to expect from your options, and he helps you see past the hype to understand what your employer is really offering. Important topics covered include:

  • What you need to know before accepting a compensation package that includes options
  • Developing a stock option philosophy and clear-cut goals
  • Knowing whether you’re being treated fairly by your company
  • Making sense of the language of stock options agreements
  • Getting a handle on key restrictions on how you exercise your options
  • Stock option valuation
  • Tax rules and how they apply to different types of options
  • How stock options can be affected by changes at your company

Stock Options For Dummies is the only guide you’ll need to get the most out of this important investment vehicle.

SQL: 1999: Understanding Relational Language Components (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems)

Jim Melton

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SQL: 1999 is the best way to make the leap from SQL-92 to SQL:1999, but it is much more than just a simple bridge between the two. The latest from celebrated SQL experts Jim Melton and Alan Simon, SQL:1999 is a comprehensive, eminently practical account of SQL's latest incarnation and a potent distillation of the details required to put it to work. Written to accommodate both novice and experienced SQL users, SQL:1999 focuses on the language's capabilities, from the basic to the advanced, and the ways that real applications take advantage of them. Throughout, the authors illustrate features and techniques with clear and often entertaining references to their own custom database.
  • Gives authoritative coverage from an expert team that includes the editor of the SQL-92 and SQL:1999 standards.
  • Provides a general introduction to SQL that helps you understand its constituent parts, history, and place in the realm of computer languages.
  • Explains SQL:1999's more sophisticated features, including advanced value expressions, predicates, advanced SQL query expressions, and support for active databases.
  • Explores key issues for programmers linking applications to SQL databases.
  • Provides guidance on troubleshooting, internationalization, and changes anticipated in the next version of SQL.
  • Contains appendices devoted to database design, a complete SQL:1999 example, the standardization process, and more.

Interpreting Educational Research (4th Edition)

Daniel R. Hittleman Emeritus

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For courses in Research Methods in Education.Interpreting Educational Research: An Introduction for Consumers of Research, fourth edition, is designed for introductory, post-baccalaureate research courses in which elementary and early childhood education teachers, reading/literacy specialists, special education teachers, content area teachers at the middle and secondary school levels, administrators and curriculum specialists are prepared as consumers rather than as producers of educational research. It provides preservice and in-service teachers with basic knowledge and skills for reading, interpreting, and evaluating both quantitative and qualitative educational research, so that they can make program, curriculum, and instructional decisions based upon those research results.This text guides learners in activities based on current integrated language arts principles and practices for reading and writing content area discourse. It also guides readers to independence in the use of techniques for reading, interpreting, evaluating, and writing about education research.

Understanding the New SQL: A Complete Guide (The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems)

Jim Melton

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An effective introduction to SQL, and a comprehensive reference for years to come. As the editor of the 1992 standard, Jim Melton is an authority on the language and its new features. Using a highly readable, conversational style, he and Alan Simon clearly present the power of SQL. They describe practical methods of using SQL to solve problems, advanced SQL query expressions, dynamic SQL, transaction models, and database design.

* A tutorial on basic relational database concepts.

* A clear explanation of the differences between SQL-89 and SQL-92.

* A retail video and music store as an example that develops with the SQL presentation.

* Coverage of international character sets.

90 Days to the Data Mart

Alan R. Simon

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From concept to deployment in just 13 weeks! A proven approach to building a fully functional data mart quickly, efficiently, inexpensively.

From one of the leading data warehousing experts, here is a proven approach to building a departmental data mart in 13 weeks. Rather than provide a cookbook describing how to build a particular type of data mart using a specific set of tools, bestselling author Alan Simon provides you with a detailed blueprint that can be used to construct virtually any type of data mart.

Following a brief overview of key concepts and terms, Simon launches into a week-by-week action plan, beginning with the initial planning and project definition stages in Weeks 1 and 2, and ending with acceptance testing, fine-tuning, and deployment in Week 13. The approach outlined works equally well for both ROLAP and MOLAP data marts, regardless of the products or technologies you use to build your mart.

Whether your goal is to provide basic querying reporting, OLAP, EIS, data mining, or any combination of these, you'll find everything you need to get the job done right, in record time, and within budget, including:
* A proven approach to building a data mart in 90 days
* Step-by-step guidelines to all organizational, procedural, and technical steps involved
* Numerous checklists that help you make sure all the bases are covered
* Expert advice on how to make the most of particular technologies and products.


Theories of the Labor Movement

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Respecting both the history a labor theories and the variety of theoretical points of view concerning the labor movement, this collection of readings includes selections by Karl Marx, V. I. Lenin, William Haywood, Georges Sorel, Stanley Aronowitz, John R. Commons, Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Thorstein Veblen, Henry Simons, and John Kenneth Galbraith, among others.

Intending this as a text for classroom use, Larson and Nissen have arranged the readings according to the social role assigned to the labor movement by each theory. The text's major divisions consider the labor movement as an agent of revolution, as a business institution, as an agent of industrial reform, as a psychological reaction to industrialism, as a moral force, as a destructive monopoly, and as a subordinate mechanism in pluralist industrial society. Such groupings allow for ready comparison of divergent views of the origins, development, and future of the labor movement.

Feast of Laughter 3: An Appreciation of R.A. Lafferty

Ktistec Press

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Once was a phenomenon, twice was amazing, three times—we may just be onto something.

This is the third issue of Feast of Laughter in celebration of R. A. Lafferty’s 101st birthday on November 7.

Table of Contents
Introduction by Kevin Cheek
Introduction to the Boomer Flats Gazette by Dan Knight

World Abounding - New Essays
Ray by Rick Norwood
One Cannot Give Too Many Instances by John Ellison
Eudaimonism in R.A. Lafferty’s Aurelia by Gregorio Montejo
Outside the Cathedral by Kevin Cheek
Copyright, Copyleft, Copyfuture by Rich Persaud
Lafferty and His Monsters - Part 1: The Early Works by Daniel Otto Jack Petersen
The Annals and Ace; or, The Textual History of an Historical Text by Andrew Ferguson

All But the Words - Translating Lafferty
From Russia with Laff: A Very Brief Report on R.A. Lafferty’s Russian Translations by Niyaz N. Abdullin

Bright Coins in a Never-Ending Stream - Reprinted Essays R. A. Lafferty: Effective Arcanum by Don Webb
A Sound of Lafferty by Roman Orszanski
R. A. Lafferty: The Function of Archetype in the Western Mystical Tradition by Dena C. Bain Taylor
Thus We Frustrate Charlemagne by Paul Kincaid
R.A. Lafferty, Sir Thomas More, and the Problems of Utopia by Robert Bee
Introduction to R.A. Lafferty’s The Fall of Rome by Darrell Schweitzer
Introduction to The Devil Is Dead by Charles Platt

In Deepest Pen and Ink - Laffertian Illustration
Hound Dog’s Ear illustrations by Lissanne Lake

Through Other Eyes - Reviews
The Man Who Made Models - Review by Stephen Case
Past Master by R. A. Lafferty by MPorcius
Utopia by Thomas More by MPorcius
R.A. Lafferty — Apocalypses (1977) by Gene McHugh

Club Mentiros - Works inspired by Lafferty
Three Poems by Bill Rogers
The Lost Children of Boo-Hay World by Daniel Otto Jack Petersen
Who Was That? by Martin Heavisides
People are Strange by Christopher Blake
Justice by Dan Knight
An Afterword to “Justice” by Gregorio Montejo
Bone Girl by J Simon
Barstone by Stephen R. Case

Correspondence with the Cranky Old Man from Tulsa
Letter from Alan Dean Foster to R. A. Lafferty
R. A. Lafferty’s Reply to Alan Dean Foster
Letter from Alan Dean Foster Nominating Lafferty for the Arrell Gibson Life Achievement Award

Guesting Time - Interview
An Interview with Harlan Ellison by Andrew Mass

The Man With the Aura - Lafferty's own words!
Don’t Just Read Lafferty, Be Lafferty! by Anthony Ryan Rhodes
Tell It Funny, Og by R. A. Lafferty
Configuration Of The North Shore by R. A. Lafferty

Faith and Public Policy

James R. Wilburn

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Faith and Public Policy turns the spotlight on the role of faith in the public square and the spiritual consequences of public policymaking. The work brings together fourteen of America's most respected writers on the intersection of faith and public policy to discuss the changing roles of government, church, education, and the family. Chapters investigate such issues as inner city programs, the secularization of faith-based programs, the impact of tax policy on the family, and the status of school vouchers. Contributions by Steve Forbes and William E. Simon illustrate the deep personal faith that informs and fuels the public leadership of America's leading thinkers and political figures. Readers will find Faith and Public Policy a timely and vigorous conversation on the commingling of government and religion in America, a country eager to return to the Founding Generation's idea of a nation in covenant with God.

Management Foundations & Applications + Sustainability in Australian Busines + Istudy Version 1 (Open University - Modern Art Practices & Debates)

John R. Schermerhorn Jr.

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Management : Foundations and Applications, 1st Asia - Pacific edition is a more concise version of the popular text Management, 4th Asia - Pacific adition, which is also published by Wiley. The 15 chapters of this edition cover key topics typically taught in a 12- or 13- week teaching semester.

Joining the author team and enhancing this edition's critical analysis of management theory and applications are the best-selling authors from another of the Wiley's undergraduate introductory management texts - Management: Core Concepts and Applications, 2nd Australasian edition (Davidson et al.). This text has a strong emphasis on the importance of the Asian region to contemporary Australian and New Zealand organisations. Many Asian case examples are featured to illustrate key management concepts. This edition also discusses the impact of recent events such as the global financial crisis on the management of organisation, both during the crisis and in its aftermath.

Of course, Management: Foundations and Applications, 1st Asia- Pacific edition also retains the features that make its larger 'parent' text so popular with students and lecturers:

  • a balanced coverage of small to medium-sized enterprises and larger multinational corporations
  • an emphasis on the need for business activities to be sustainable in the terms of preserving the wealfare of future generations
  • the Career Readliness Workbook at the end of the book, which includes a range of individual and group activities to encourage the practical application of management theory.

With its clear insights into the dynamics of management in the workplace of today and future, Management: Foundations and Apllications,1st Asia - Pacific edition provides a sound basis for the contemporary undergraduate study of introductory management.

Now with iStudy!
The interactive study guide contains a series of interactive modules that will enhance your understanding of key concepts.

Maritime Maverick: The Collection of William I. Koch

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As a sailor and a collector, William I. Koch has always been a maverick. An outsider and Johnny-come-lately to the world of yacht racing, he won the 1992 America's Cup through scientific innovation, precision team-building, and a damn-the-odds attitude: the crew of his America quite simply out-built, outwitted, and out-sailed Italy's II Moro. A highly personal collector, he has brought together a collection of maritime masterworks that speak profoundly of his love of the sea and all its traditions: it is a unique and historically significant treasure trove of art, artifacts, and specially commissioned ship models. Bill Koch the sailor, the connoisseur, and the enthusiast are manifest on every page of Maritime Maverick, a beautifully produced book that is part profile, part catalogue raisonné, but, above all else, a celebration of America's life at sea.

Mr. Koch's collection includes maritime subjects by artists such as Homer, Remington, Monet, Dufy, and Botero. It also includes a magnificent collection of canvases depicting important naval battles of the War of 1812, especially incidents involving USS Chesapeake (whose captain was Koch's ancestor James Lawrence, author of the immortal cry "Don't Give Up the Ship!"). Mr. Koch's collection of models of America's Cup vessels -- from the inception of the race in 1851 to the present day -- is complete, containing not only every yacht that won the Cup but also every one that competed for it. In addition, he has acquired an unprecedented collection of shipboard furniture, navigational instruments, and other memorabilia -- materials that are seldom seen or documented and that provide an unrivaled window on centuries of life below decks.

The William I. Koch collection, formed by the experience of an expert yachtsman and the eye of a discriminating collector, is the mirror of a man who approaches maritime art and history with reverence and passion. It is personal, eclectic, and provocative. This sumptuous book will provide weeks of pleasure to any serious art lover, antiques collector, or blue-blooded sailor.