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The Past and Future City: How Historic Preservation is Reviving America's Communities

Ms. Stephanie Meeks

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At its most basic, historic preservation is about keeping old places alive, in active use, and relevant to the needs of communities today. As cities across America experience a remarkable renaissance, and more and more young, diverse families choose to live, work, and play in historic neighborhoods, the promise and potential of using our older and historic buildings to revitalize our cities is stronger than ever.
This urban resurgence is a national phenomenon, boosting cities from Cleveland to Buffalo and Portland to Pittsburgh. Experts offer a range of theories on what is driving the return to the city—from the impact of the recent housing crisis to a desire to be socially engaged, live near work, and reduce automobile use. But there’s also more to it. Time and again, when asked why they moved to the city, people talk about the desire to live somewhere distinctive, to be some place rather than no place. Often these distinguishing urban landmarks are exciting neighborhoods—Miami boasts its Art Deco district, New Orleans the French Quarter. Sometimes, as in the case of Baltimore’s historic rowhouses, the most distinguishing feature is the urban fabric itself.

While many aspects of this urban resurgence are a cause for celebration, the changes have also brought to the forefront issues of access, affordable housing, inequality, sustainability, and how we should commemorate difficult history. This book speaks directly to all of these issues.
In The Past and Future City, Stephanie Meeks, the president of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, describes in detail, and with unique empirical research, the many ways that saving and restoring historic fabric can help a city create thriving neighborhoods, good jobs, and a vibrant economy. She explains the critical importance of preservation for all our communities, the ways the historic preservation field has evolved to embrace the challenges of the twenty-first century, and the innovative work being done in the preservation space now.
This book is for anyone who cares about cities, places, and saving America’s diverse stories, in a way that will bring us together and help us better understand our past, present, and future. 

The Meek (Unbound Trilogy) (Volume 1)

J.D. Palmer

Best price for this book: $ 17.2

The world didn’t end with a religious war, or a race war, or an economic collapse. It didn’t end with everyone blowing each other up with nuclear warheads and it didn’t end with a natural disaster. It didn’t end because someone got offended in one of the million petty squabbles that were real, or fake, or imagined. It ended quietly. Harlan is visiting his friend in Los Angeles when people start dying. His friend, the neighbors, the entire city falls victim to an unknown disease. Except for Harlan. Or so he thinks. And he learns quickly that just because there are other survivors, not all are to be trusted. Morality becomes blurred as Harlan is forced to commit questionable acts to protect himself and those around him. He must navigate through a darkening landscape fraught with violence and despair as he desperately tries to get home to the love of his life, Jessica, and the child she is carrying. IF they are still alive.

The Robot Chronicles

Samuel Peralta

Best price for this book: $ 15.99

Robots. Androids. Artificial Intelligence. Scientists predict that the "singularity" -- the moment when mankind designs the first greater-than-human intelligence -- is nearly within our grasp. Believe it or not, truly sentient machines may be a reality within as little as 20 years.

Will these "post-human" intelligences be our friends? Our servants? Our rivals? What will we learn from them? What will they learn from us? Will we allow them to lead their own lives? Will they have basic human rights? Will we? Science and society will be forced to address these questions sooner than you think. But science fiction is addressing these questions today.

In The Robot Chronicles, thirteen of today's top sci-fi writers explore the approaching collision of humanity and technology.

The Future Chronicles - Special Edition

Samuel Peralta

Best price for this book: $ 17.2

The Future Chronicles has grown, from a single collection of robot stories, into a series whose unique take on major science fiction and fantasy themes - A.I., time travel, dragons, telepaths, aliens, zombies, immortality, galactic battles, cyborgs, doomsday - has made it one of the most acclaimed short story anthology series of the digital era.

Created by award-winning author and series editor Samuel Peralta, each volume brings together work from visionary new voices and from the grandmasters of modern science fiction and fantasy.

This Future Chronicles: Special Edition volume is a compendium of complete stories selected from the Chronicles' standalone titles, and includes five new stories, never before published, from some of today's best writers in speculative fiction.

The A.I. Chronicles (The Future Chronicles)

Samuel Peralta

Best price for this book: $ 13.78

A.I.: Artificial Intelligence. Even today, machines that mimic human thinking surround us. As the intellectual feats of computing machines grow more and more astounding, will there be a day when their apparent intelligence approaches, or even surpasses, that of human beings? And what if these machines then become conscious, self-aware?

In this latest title in the acclaimed Future Chronicles series of speculative fiction anthologies created by award-winning author and series editor Samuel Peralta, thirteen authors confront the question of the Singularity: at and beyond that point of time when A.I. becomes more than simply a human construct. From first awareness to omniscience, these original short stories explore that territory where human intelligence comes face-to-face with what is either its greatest hope, or its greatest threat. 

The A.I. Chronicles features stories by bestselling author David Simpson, Prix Aurora winner Julie Czerneda, Amazon Kindle Scout sensation Peter Cawdron, plus ten more of today's top authors in speculative and science fiction.

War Stories 2017

Sally K Lehman

Best price for this book: $ 14.54

A collection of stories and poems about the effects of war on our society, families, and world.

At The Helm: Volume 3: A Sci-Fi Bridge Anthology

Rhett C. Bruno

Best price for this book: $ 0

Conflict across the cosmos. New frontiers discovered. What it means to be human reimagined.

Dreams of tomorrow become reality in this third collection of bestselling authors and newly emerging writers from Sci-Fi Bridge. From the inner worlds of unforgettable characters to alien planets at the farthest reaches of our galaxy and beyond, our writers examine the human experience from within and without. Who are we as a species? Who do we want to be? How do we achieve that greatest vision of ourselves for us and our children?

You'll wonder at the possibilities of what we can accomplish together. You might even come to believe that a better tomorrow can be more than a dream....

Foreword by Chris Fox
"Centurion" by M.G. Herron
"Geospermia" by Patty Jansen
"Storming the Norse Wind" by M.D. Cooper
"The Far Side of Psyche" by Rhett C. Bruno
"The Genesis Revelation" by Hall & Beaulieu
"Latecomers" by Chris Ward
"Fool's Gold" by Zen DiPietro
"The Tribe" by Andreas Christensen
"The Theta Patient" by Chris Dietzel
"The Last Ship" by Chris Pourteau
"Taken For a Walk" by Justin Sloan
"Playing Doctor" by Robert Jeschonek
"Awaken Me, Paper Robot" by A.K. Meek
"Refurbished" by Artie Cabrera
"Steel's First Temper" by David VanDyke
"Siren Song" by Jon Frater
"Digital Commander" by J.S. Morin
"Little Blue" by Chris Reher

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HarperCollins Study Bible - Student Edition: Fully Revised & Updated

Society of Biblical Literature

Best price for this book: $ 17.84


The HarperCollins Study Bible—Student Edition is the landmark general reference Bible that offers the full text of the New Revised Standard Version as well as in-depth articles, introductions, and comprehensive notes by today’s leading biblical scholars for the Society of Biblical Literature. Completely revised and updated, this edition incorporates the latest scholarship and findings as well as incorporating new diagrams, charts, and maps—25% revised or new material.

Acme's Menagerie

A.K. Meek

Best price for this book: $ 13

Based on the short story Menagerie The Acme Corporation has finally released their newest product line, Menagerie, robotic animals. It quickly becomes the latest rage in the golden city of Corinth. Ever since the last animal died off shortly after the Wars over a decade ago, people have mourned their passing, wishing for their return. But no longer. Thanks to the innovative imaginers of Acme, you can buy your favorite extinct pet. And better yet, you can bind to it through a drop of DNA, forging an unbreakable empathic and spiritual link. A true forever friend. Timothy Hollow is an up-and-coming management analyst with no interest in Menagerie or forever friends; his only desire is to make it to the top of Corinth’s social order. He dreams of one day living miles above the city, in one of the uppermost floors of the most plush super skyscrapers dotting Corinth’s skyline. A modern-day Babylon. He’s worked tirelessly for the last two years, sacrificing all for his job. Now, he’s on the verge of a big promotion, and nothing can stop him. Except for Mom. An unwitting pawn to nefarious plans, she stops by Timothy’s apartment one fine Corinthian day bearing an unexpected and unwelcome present, a Menagerie.

In Your Closet and In Your Head: A Monster Anthology

Steve Beaulieu

Best price for this book: $ 16.27

Was that a noise in the closet? Or was it in your head? Nothing is more terrifying than a bump in the night. From the urban myth of The Bunnyman to alien encounters and living machines. These short stories come from Best Selling Indie authors and new names, but each one will captivate you. Join Nick Cole, Michael Bunker, Jason Anspach, Hall and Beaulieu, Kevin G. Summers, M.G. Herron, A.K. Meek and Martin Ingham in 9 stories that will terrify you and make you want to leave a light on.