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Caught by the Blizzard (Tellure Hollow) (Volume 1)

Adele Huxley

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Destiny, danger, and downhill skiing!
My double mastectomy was the second hardest thing I've ever done. The first? Watching Dad bury my mom, taken far too young by breast cancer. He raised me, paid for my surgery, and was the best father a girl could ask for. He even had to sell their first home to keep us afloat, something I knew broke his already shattered heart again. I just wanted the money to buy it back. I've done so many wrong things for the right reasons and now it's catching up with me. A peaceful winter in Tellure Hollow was exactly what I needed. I'd learn how to ski, rock the snow bunny style, and reconnect with my best friend Kayla. It was all perfect until my ex Rick showed up, fresh out of prison, demanding I make good on our... arrangement. I don't know how I'm going to get out of this one.
Then I meet a gorgeous guy, scarred on the inside and out just like me... and something clicks. Maybe I can start down a different path, begin a new life, and leave the old me behind. Maybe, with him, I'll have a chance to heal these wounds.
I'm lost and broken. I can't do the one thing I was built for: skiing. Competitive, Olympic-level, set-the-snow-on-fire skiing. Who the hell am I if I'm not The Blizzard? I've lost my career, my dad, my fiancé, my path in life. A quiet season in Tellure Hollow surrounded by old friends will be better than any therapy I've tried. The snow, the mountain, even if I'm stuck on the bunny slope, it'll be better than nothing.
How was I to know a beautiful, bold brunette could be just the thing to heal my heart? We both have pasts we'd rather forget. If I can keep her safe, maybe we can start a new life, a life after "The Blizzard"?
Caught by the Blizzard is the perfect blend of romance and suspense. This winter sports thriller features two strong-willed new adult characters during the most stressful vacation of their lives. Set during Christmas in snowy Colorado, it's the perfect novel to read while cozied up under a warm blanket. This novel contains adult language, sexual situations, and violence. It's intended for adults.
This story ends in a cliffhanger and is concluded in Saved by the Blizzard.The complete series is out now!

The Billionaire's Power Trip - The Complete Series

Adele Huxley

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The Billionaire's Power Trip - Complete Series bundle is available for the first time!

A last minute dinner with billionaire Damon Kael will change the course of Lauren Kemp's life. The intense entrepreneur is able to look right through her and pinpoint exactly what she wants...success. He offers to mentor her, with the aid of a cryptic book, but does his kindness come with ulterior motives?

Meanwhile, Lauren and her boyfriend Nick are trying to make it work while living in New York City. Unfortunately, her misogynistic boss keeps getting in the way. Presenting at the largest tech expo, Agitate, might be great for her career but could also spell death for her relationship.

Life is becoming more complicated with each day. With everything she wants to achieve, can Lauren have both a personal and professional life? With Damon's help, will Lauren learn the rules of power or is she just another piece in his game?

As if things couldn't get more complicated, Lauren finds an ally in the charming tech entrepreneur, Landon DeWitt. Bouncing between the lush vineyards of Sonoma, hilly streets of San Francisco, and the urban jungle of NYC, Lauren will have to navigate a maze of corporate espionage while protecting her heart and future.

Landon, Nick, Parker, Lauren playing with powers she can barely control? Who is there to help and who only wants to take her down?

This series contains sex, swearing, and a whole lotta fun! Equal parts corporate drama and romance, the Playing with Power series will keep you on your toes. Series is finished and out now, with a fantastic ending you don't want to miss.

Bronze (Dangerous Games Book 1)

Adele Huxley

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It’s not all fun and games


The Unity Games. Hundreds of hot, competitive, foreign women all staying in Italy for two weeks? Um… yes please! A no-pressure competition where I can show off my snowboard-X skills and time to party guilt-free? Talk about my ideal trip. But when I find out my old friend and partner Elle Ball is staying in the Village too, everything else becomes so shallow. After all, she’s the woman I’ve measured all others against. Now that she’s back in my life for such a short time, am I even good enough to move past “just friends”?
I love her passion and tenacity. She’s everything I’m not. After a terrible moment at the opening ceremonies and her own brush with death, she starts to think some of these “accidents” don’t seem so accidental. When Elle sets her mind to something, all I can do is help and try to hang on. Maybe then I can prove my worth.

This is what I’ve been working for my whole life. The sacrifice, the early mornings and late nights… It comes down to this. This competition will land me a spot in the US Olympic Figure Skating team for sure. All I have to do is keep my head down and eye on the prize. It would’ve been easy if it weren’t for Ethan McNally.
The last time I saw him, he was a gangly kid… and one of my best friends. Now he’s a major hunk and that poses a huge distraction. So why can’t I stop thinking about him?
I’m surprised to find help and support from new friends as I dive into the strange events going on behind the scenes. As I unravel a vast conspiracy, I can’t help but wonder about my reunion with Ethan. Is he all that he seems or is he saying things I want to hear? Or, like this the Unity Games, were we doomed from the start?

Saved: A romantic winter thriller ( The Blizzard Book 2)

Adele Huxley

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The thrilling conclusion to Caught

The scars of the past...

Here or there. Elizabeth, Beth, Lizzie, Liz… it doesn’t matter what name I use or where I live. I’m still the same stupid, broken girl making the same stupid, broken decisions. I was an idiot for thinking someone like Bryan would be interested in me. Rick is who I belong with. I’ll never change.

I can’t believe I let her slip away. I’ve changed! I only need a chance to show her. But as long as she stays trapped in her past, she’ll never let me close enough.

With Noah and Rick still around, I’ll do everything I can to keep her safe.
I think I can help her… and I think she can help me.

The Blizzard Series is perfect for people looking for:
* Romantic suspense series
* Sports romance
* Romance thrillers

This book contains adult language, adult situations, and violence!
**Previous published as Saved by the Blizzard

The Billionaire's Power Trip - Book 1: A New Adult Romance (Playing with Power)

Adele Huxley

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This is a story about a smart, ambitious girl and the men who help her achieve her dreams…or dare to stand in her way.

Fresh out of college, Lauren Kemp is a country girl who moved to New York City with big dreams. She knows she must fight for the success and respect she deserves in the male-dominated tech industry but as the backbone of the fashion startup StyleSpur, Lauren feels she’s in the right spot. Work hard, ignore my creepy boss’ sexual harassment, and I’ll make it, she believes.

That is, until a chance dinner with billionaire Damon Kael throws all her plans out the window. The intense entrepreneur is able to look right through her and pinpoint exactly what she wants...success. He offers to mentor her, with the aid of a cryptic book, but does his kindness come with ulterior motives? With his guidance, Lauren may reach dizzying heights she never thought possible but at what cost?

Keeping her professional-for-now relationship with Damon a secret from her boyfriend Nick, Lauren must find a way to balance her career and love life. If she isn’t careful, she may lose everything while reaching for her dreams.

This series contains adult language, sex, mild violence, and cliffhangers! ;) This is book 1 of 5, all out now!

Stalked: A romantic winter thriller (The Blizzard Book 3)

Adele Huxley

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“Dear Liz, I’m your biggest fan. I’d KILL to meet you!”

Check the back of your lift ticket and you’ll see something like, WARNING: Alpine skiing is hazardous and involves the risk of physical injury or death. I think I should come with the same advisory. WARNING: Liz Croyden is hazardous to your health…

A few months ago, I had a crazy idea: Let’s put the wedding on hold while I train to become an alpine skier. As if life weren’t complicated enough with Bryan and I still trying to figure out how we fit together, I also manage to earn myself a stalker.

Just before I leave for New Zealand, I get a creepy letter in the mail. A photo with my eyes cut out an a handwritten note that says, “#10 - See you then!” Great. Maybe it’s just the competition trying to mess with me, but what if it’s something more sinister.

As the letters follow me half way around the world, growing darker and more invasive, I’m left wondering… What happens when the countdown ends?

You can’t miss Stalked if you like:

* Psychological thrillers
* Romantic suspense series
* Racy thrillers
* Female protagonists

** Previous published as Devoted to the Blizzard

Silver (Dangerous Games Book 2)

Adele Huxley

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The steeper the slopes, the higher the stakes.


I don’t want a lot out of life, but what I do want is simple. A successful alpine racing career, great friends, and an amazing, husband. My gut tells me it’s all within reach, especially now I’ve met a certain someone. Rhett Keane. Okay, so he’s quiet… and a little negative, but a deep instinct tells me he’s “The One.” Spending time together up at the Lodge, tucked away in a romantic mountain setting… perfection!
But just when I thought Elle and Ethan had tied up all those crazy threads down in the Village, weird stuff starts happening to us. Maybe I’m being paranoid, but I even feel like I’m being followed…


I’m perfectly happy on my own. I tried the whole relationship thing and the wounds have only just healed. At first I wasn’t sure why Rebel Berg was spending so much time with me. It’s not like I’m some kind of charity case. I swear… I’m fine alone. But when I finally open my heart, I realize how much better I am with her.
As much as I wanted to avoid all the drama from the Village, it seems to have followed us here. After a couple scary close-calls, I’m convinced. A group or person has targeted the Unity Games. My only priority now is to keep Rebel safe, and if that means leaving, so be it. I hope we don’t run out of time before we can…

Trust Falls: A psychological thriller (The Blizzard Book 6)

Adele Huxley

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The games we play...
We like to test the strength of our relationships. Does he really love me? Is she faithful? Am I wasting my time? But some of these games don’t just test the limits of our bonds. Some games are a matter of life and death.
How well do you know your partner?

Captured and bound...
Kidnapped and held captive, the only thing that will guide Dani Marsh to safety is trust… a rare commodity in her world. Her life hinges on the way she navigates the games she is forced to play for her freedom but...

Who can she trust?
The fame-hungry, money-obsessed boyfriend who has recently shown a dark manipulative side? Or the gorgeous stranger she’s been locked up with for weeks? A man with a tortured past and scars she can so easily relate to... maybe a little too well.
Dani has one chance to escape but only if she’s sure of where her trust falls.

Trust Falls is a standalone thriller in the Tellure Hollow world. All Blizzard Series novels are filled with action, suspense, romance, and the kind of endings that leave you satisfied in every way!

Trapped: A romantic winter thriller (The Blizzard Book 4)

Adele Huxley

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Danger lurks in the storm…

An arsonist on the loose, a blizzard bearing down on our town, and the queen of moody teenagers now lives under our roof. Not exactly the perfect Christmas I was hoping for this year, but I’m now a Marsh. I guess that means nothing ever goes to plan.

The storm of the century has set its targets on Tellure Hollow. As the caretakers of Powder Mountain, Bryan and I open the lodge up to evacuees. Suddenly, the safety of a hundred people is now our responsibility.

Once we settle into the lodge to wait out the storm, strange things start to happen. The biggest threat might not be the snow and wind, but someone we’re trapped with. It’s only when we’re completely snowed in I start to wonder…

Maybe by trying to keep everyone safe from the storm, we’ve put them at even greater danger.

Trapped is the perfect book for you if you enjoy:

* Holiday romance
* Romantic suspense series
* Romantic thrillers

**Previously published as Trapped with the Blizzard

The Incubus' Lies (The Incubus Trilogy Book 2)

Adele Huxley

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I broke my two rules and Xander shattered my heart. I feel like a junkie struggling to get clean, to clear my system of the most addictive drug... lust. I trusted him, threw myself at his feet. In return, his touch nearly killed me. So why do I find it so easy to rely on his brother Rian? Especially since Xander's secrets are his as well...

Incubus. Not human. And now that I've tasted that exquisite pleasure, all I want is more. Worst of all, I can't even tell Autumn! All these lies and secrets are making her act more rival than sister...

I'm standing between two worlds and I don't know where to go.

I could kill him for what he did to her. Maisie deserves better, much better. And although I doubt I'm the man to provide it, I will try my damnedest to do right by her.

I can keep her safe. I will calm her cravings. I must provide her with the answers she so desperately needs, even if it means taking her to my father.

It's time I grow up and take my place in the Kael family. But with danger and violence threatening the incubus clans, all I can think of is keeping her from any more harm.

** Previously published as A Wicked Decision