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Fated Date Agency: The Box Set

Abraham Steele

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The Fated Date Agency matches alphas and omegas to their mates... but fate won't let these shifters find their happy endings without a few twists, a little adventure, and a whole lot of heat!

At nearly 2000 pages, these bestselling gay paranormal novels will keep you turning the pages for hours.

This box set includes:

Fated Dates
When Bryant is matched to his straight best friend, he'll do anything to keep Cade from finding out the truth.

Illicit Mates
A college freshman and his professor attempt to deny their fated connection.

Mail Order Husbands
The pack alpha's mate is pulled out of prison and delivered to his door.

Greater than Fate
Jarvis and Ford slowly build a relationship, even though Ford has already written to the agency.

Mating Addiction
Diago searches for love while Raymond only wants sex. An unexpected pregnancy complicates matters.

Omega Groupie
Bailey's irrational obsession with a rock star leads him to realize that they're mates.

Hidden Shifter
After Samuel is told his mate is dead, he finds out the omega is actually alive and in his town.

Destiny’s Passion
Stefan seeks out his alpha, only to find out he's already in a passionless marriage.

The Fated Date Agency has closed, and one alpha will go to any lengths to find his mate.

This box set contains nine full-length, steamy romance novels with themes of homosexuality and male pregnancy. Each stands alone with a unique couple and its own HEA ending.

Fated Dates: Paranormal Gay Werewolf Shifter Romance (Fated Date Agency Book 1)

Abraham Steele

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Bryant had always known that Cade was straight. After years of crushing on his best friend, the bookish young omega was ready to move on. Cade would never be interested in him like that. It was time to move on - time for Bryant to get matched by the Fated Date Agency.

The agency's response only showed Bryant how cruel fate could be. His sexy jock friend wasn't just a crush - he was the only one for him. But Cade was still straight. Bryant couldn't let him know that they were fated mates.

And yet... he couldn't let him go.

Fated Dates was previously published in three volumes: Omega's Lie, Omega's Struggle, and Omega's Confession. Together, they make up Book 1 of the Fated Date Agency series. This volume stands alone as a complete 175-page gay shifter romance novel with HEA ending and no cliffhangers.

Paternity Ward: Gay Paranormal Romance (Fated and Dominated Book 6)

Abraham Steele

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Newly in charge of his pack's paternity ward, Eli cares about nothing more than his patients. The omega midwife would do anything to keep them safe and healthy.

When an unexpected alpha arrives, Eli is appalled. Magnus is mean, he's rude... and it's clear that he's the omega's mate. Eli can't stop himself from craving Magnus's hard body and rough touch. But even as the gentle young shifter allows him access to his body, he won't give him his heart.

The brash alpha has never needed an omega's respect before. For the first time, he finds himself caring about what one thinks. He must win Eli over... if it isn't already too late.

Will the sweet midwife cause Magnus to change his ways? And will the unenlightened alpha ever desire a baby of his own?

Paternity Ward is a steamy, standalone paranormal novella featuring gay shifters and male pregnancy. Guaranteed HEA with no cliffhangers!

Mail Order Husbands: Paranormal Gay Romance (Fated Date Agency Book 3)

Abraham Steele

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From the bestselling author of Fated Dates and Illicit Mates...

Edmund Knox is an upstanding citizen, a devoted father, and the alpha of a large urban shifter pack. He came out of the closet when he got divorced, but his numerous responsibilities haven't allowed him to date in recent years. No, he isn't lonely - or at least, he'd never admit to that kind of weakness.

When Edmund gets a little too controlling about his daughter's love life, the rebellious teen realizes he might be less uptight if he had a love life of his own. Taking matters into her own hands, she writes to the Fated Date Agency pretending to be Edmund.

Normally, the agency lets shifters contact their matches over email. But Edmund Knox isn't a normal shifter. For an alpha of his stature, the agency is going to take a more hands-on approach. By the time Edmund finds out what his daughter did, it's too late to stop the agency from delivering his mate to his door.

The agency had to pull a few strings to get the troubled young omega out of prison and into Edmund's arms, so they're not going to let this relationship fail. Not even when Edmund finds out exactly what crime Lieber committed.

Will the strict older alpha be able to forgive the sins of the past? And will the hardened criminal who's his mate even want to change his ways?

Mail Order Husbands is Book 3 of the Fated Date Agency series. It also stands alone as a complete 200-page gay shifter romance novel.

Guaranteed HEA ending and no cliffhangers!

Fated and Dominated: Five Gay Shifter Stories

Abraham Steele

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When alphas and omegas collide...

Although fate brings the shifters in these five stories together, it can't force them to be happy about it. Finding their mates doesn't mean they'll live happily ever after.

These dominant alphas and loving omegas are going to fall for each other eventually - but it's not going to be easy.

The rough mingles with the sweet in these five erotic love stories.

This 275-page box set includes Owning the Omega, The Omega's Secret Baby, The Pack's New Omega, The Alpha's New Plaything, and The Alphas' Wager.

Due to mature themes of bondage, domination, and male impregnation, it is intended for adults only.

Omega Sacrifice: Gay Paranormal Romance (Fated and Dominated Book 7)

Abraham Steele

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Shifter lore says that an offering must be made to Fate in times of great struggle. Tuomo doesn't argue when he is chosen for the sacrifice. For an omega like him, loyalty to his clan comes before anything else.

His acceptance only lasts until he spots Haskel. It's clear that the striking alpha is Tuomo's fated mate. Suddenly the omega can't stop wondering about what he could do with his life if he wasn't being sacrificed. Be with his mate... fall in love... have pups...

Haskel has never been one to pay attention to the rules. There's no proof behind the legends, and even if there was, he doesn't want the sacrifice to be his mate.

But will he able to convince Tuomo that his life is worth living? And if he does, will he be able to get Tuomo away from the clan that wants him dead?

Omega Sacrifice is a steamy paranormal novella featuring gay shifters and male pregnancy. Stands alone with HEA and no cliffhangers!

Hidden Shifter: Gay Paranormal Romance

Abraham Steele

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Samuel Hillwell is in mourning for a man he's never met. The tall, handsome alpha waited too long to contact the Fated Date Agency. There was always a stock trade or a trip to Europe that seemed more important. His mate passed away just days before he reached out. As he goes into a downward spiral, questioning everything he's based his life on, he can only wish he'd had one day with his deceased omega. Caden Grey is on the run. After surgically altering his face and travelling across the country, the former kindergarten teacher still can't stop looking over his shoulder for the people who want him dead. Now that he's arrived in Clover Grove, he should finally be able to take a breath. But he's just starting to get settled there when a dazzling man runs up to him. A man who knows Caden's previous name. Will Samuel figure out the truth about the tormented omega? And if he gets into Caden's heart, will either of them be safe?

Illicit Mates: Paranormal Gay Romance (Fated Date Agency) (Volume 2)

Abraham Steele

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For Dayton, the best part of college is the ridiculously hot professor he's taking Astronomy 101 with. When an instant connection sparks between them, the omega twink develops a huge crush on Dr. Wright. Soon he's taking every possible excuse to talk to the handsome older alpha. Although Tanner is straight, he can't deny there's something pulling him to Dayton. But nothing can happen while he's a professor and Dayton is a student. Not even if they're fated mates.

Omega Groupie: Gay Paranormal Romance (Fated Date Agency Book 6)

Abraham Steele

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From the bestselling author of Mail Order Husbands and Mating Addiction...

For years, Bailey's life has revolved around his adoration for Lock. The young shifter abandoned all his old hobbies and friends in order to worship the gorgeous rock star. Other people laugh off his theories about the seductive singer being in the closet, but Bailey is a hundred percent sure that it's true.

When he doesn't manage to get tickets to Lock's latest concert, the omega fanboy comes up with a better plan. He'll wait outside and get Lock to autograph his back, then get the signature tattooed. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Lock Claybourne doesn't usually pop boners while making his way through crowds of screaming fans. He's strangely attracted to the boy outside his show - and not just because of the bold request that he makes. The electric hum that crackles between them is too intense to be imaginary. Lock needs to see this particular fan again, even if he can't explain why.

But loving Bailey doesn't fit with Lock's bad boy image... and not everyone profiting from his success wants what's best for him.

Omega's Obsession is Book 6 of the Fated Date Agency series. It also stands alone as a complete 240-page gay shifter mpreg romance novel.

Guaranteed HEA ending with no cliffhangers!

The Law of Attraction Journal: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham

Pat L. Steele

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What Is Possible For You? All things are possible if you believe. The Law of Attraction presents a proven way to work within the bounds of what is. You can use this companion journal to chronicle your own experiments with these basic teachings from Abraham. This journal provides enough space for you to write out exactly what you are working on, what steps you are taking to manifest it into your experience, and of course the results of your actions. The journal is designed in large 8.5 X 11.5 inch format. Perfectly bound for you to write in it daily and then to store your journals on your bookshelf for future reference. Anthony Robbins' teaches that "a life worth living is worth writing about." Buy this journal today to improve every aspect of your manifestation journey.