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How to Make Sense of Any Mess: Information Architecture for Everybody

Abby Covert

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Everything is getting more complex. It is easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of information we encounter each day. Whether at work, at school, or in our personal endeavors, there’s a deepening (and inescapable) need for people to work with and understand information. Information architecture is the way that we arrange the parts of something to make it understandable as a whole. When we make things for others to use, the architecture of information that we choose greatly affects our ability to deliver our intended message to our users. We all face messes made of information and people. I define the word “mess” the same way that most dictionaries do: “A situation where the interactions between people and information are confusing or full of difficulties.” — Who doesn’t bump up against messes made of information and people every day? This book provides a seven step process for making sense of any mess. Each chapter contains a set of lessons as well as workbook exercises architected to help you to work through your own mess.

Como Darle Sentido a Cualquier Caos (Spanish Edition)

Abby Covert

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Todo se está volviendo más complejo; es fácil abrumarse por la cantidad de información con la que nos encontramos cada día. Bien sea en el trabajo, escuela, o en nuestros retos personales, hay una necesidad profunda (e ineludible) para las personas de trabajar y entender la información. La arquitectura de información es la manera en la que ordenamos las partes de algo que hacemos para volverlo comprensible como un todo. Cuando hacemos cosas para que otros las usen, la arquitectura de información que escogemos afecta inmensamente nuestra capacidad de entregar el mensaje deseado a nuestros usuarios. Todos nos enfrentamos con un caos hecho de información y de personas. Yo defino la palabra "caos" de la misma manera que la mayoría de los diccionarios: "Una situación donde las interacciones entre las personas y la información son confusas o llenas de dificultades". — ¿Quién no se ha encontrado todos los días con un caos hecho de información y de personas? Este libro provee un proceso de siete pasos para darle sentido a cualquier caos. Cada capítulo contiene un conjunto de lecciones como también un libro de ejercicios hechos para ayudarte a dar sentido a tu propio caos. Ésta es una traducción del libro original del inglés al español

Full Throttle (Black Knights Inc. Book 7)

Julie Ann Walker

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"This is a one-sitting read, a welcome addition to the Black Knights, Inc. series, and a must for military romance fans."—Booklist

They may get a second chance—if they can make it out of the jungle alive.

Carlos "Steady" Soto's nerves of steel have served him well at the covert government defense firm Black Knights Inc. But nothing has prepared him for the emotional roller coaster of guarding the woman he once loved and lost.

Abby Thomson is content to leave politics and international intrigue to her father—the President of the United States—until she's taken hostage half a world away, and she fears her father's policy of not negotiating with terrorists will be her death sentence. There's one glimmer of hope: the man whose heart she broke, but she can ever tell him why.

Black Knights Inc. Series
Hell on Wheels (Book 1)
In Rides Trouble (Book 2)
Rev It Up (Book 3)
Thrill Ride (Book 4)
Born Wild (Book 5)
Hell for Leather (Book 6)
Full Throttle (Book 7)
Too Hard to Handle (Book 8)
Wild Ride (Book 9 — coming April 2017!)

Praise for Hell for Leather:

"Deft characterization, red-hot chemistry, and a satisfying finish demonstrate Walker's mastery."—Publishers Weekly

The Pennsylvania Genealogical Magazine, Volume XXXVII--Number 1, 1991.

Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania.

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Partial table of contents: Abstracts of feme covert (married women) declarations for Chester county, 1832-1848; Provincial Tax Lists of the three Lower Counties, 1693; Captain Finney's Militia Company; guide to Pennsylvania soldiers in the Mexican War; etc.