Best A. L. Jambor books

The Room in Grandma's House: A Fantasy Short

A.L. Jambor

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Tiffany Warren’s great-great-grandmother, Edna, is 116 years old. She is dying, and unemployed Tiffany is elected by the family to go to Connecticut and close up Edna’s 100-year-old house. When she gets there, she discovers that Edna was a “collector” who filled her spare rooms with junk. After boxing up Edna’s treasures on the first two floors, she finally reaches the attic. There are two rooms up there, and one is locked. After a search of the house, Tiffany finds an old brass key and opens the door. What happens next will change Tiffany’s life forever.

The Room in Grandma's House is a fantasy short of 12,000 words.

Don't Look Back: The Story of Hannah Dawes

A.L. Jambor

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Don't Look Back is a sweet, clean Victorian story.

Hannah Dawes loves to paint. She dreams of being a great artist. Her sand sculptures and paintings win her acclaim in her local community of New Beach, New Jersey, but when circumstances take her away from the Jersey shore, she must learn to love the sprawling vistas of High Bend, Colorado.

Strangers in a strange land, Hannah and her family travel across the country to live with Hannah's Uncle James, a bachelor rancher whom Hannah has never met. Life on the ranch is hard, and Hannah misses her old home, that is until she starts to pain the glorious Colorado landscapes, and catches the eye of a shy young ranch hand named Adam.

At first Hannah resists her romantic impulses, but Adam's quiet strength soon wins her over. As they grow closer things seem rosy, until someone from Hannah's past turns up in High Bend - a man who is determined to have her, no matter what the cost.

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Originally called Hannah's Dream by Lenore Butler.

The Christmas Cottage

A.L. Jambor

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A lonely, grieving woman
A quaint cottage by the sea
A mysterious painting on the wall
And the power of love.

A short story by A.L. Jambor

When Meg’s sister dies, she is devastated. The last of three children, Meg misses her siblings and has never felt so alone. She’s an author, but her emotional state hinders her ability to write, and she can’t sit in front of her computer without trembling.

A trip to Port Revere, MA recalls memories of the summers spent there with her family when she was a girl, and Meg decides to buy the Christmas Cottage, an abandoned little house on a bluff near town. She refurbishes it, and with the help of her nephew Zack, starts to come out of her shell.

But then the holidays, a time for families and celebrations, arrive, and Meg must again face her loneliness, and guilt over something she can't forgive herself for – she wasn’t there when her sister died and never had a chance to say goodbye.

With the cottage almost completed, Meg has one last thing to do; she has to find out if her plumbing is up to snuff, and arranges for a plumber to visit the cottage. On Thanksgiving Day, she is sipping a cup of coffee when someone knocks on the door. She looks out the window and sees an old man, an old truck, and an old dog. Lettering on the truck announces that Angus O’Malley, Plumber Extraordinaire, is standing on her doorstep. What she doesn’t know is that Angus is on a mission and that his appearance heralds the beginning of something wonderful, and the best Christmas Meg has ever had.

The Christmas Cottage is a short book of 20,000 words.

What She Deserved: A Paranormal Mystery

A.L. Jambor

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When Marigold Burnside goes to Cape Alden, NJ to research a murder for a cable television show called “Historical Homicides,” she doesn’t expect it to change her life, but when she attempts to visit the dilapidated cottage near the lighthouse where the murder took place, a specter in the road causes an accident that puts Mari in the hospital with a severe head injury. While she recuperates, Mari discovers that the blow to her head has awakened a sixth sense. She now sees the ghosts of former patients wandering around the hospital, and this revelation sets her on a course that will help her solve a seventy year old mystery.

In 1941, a young widow named Charlotte Johnson was brutally murdered. When her body is found, an innkeeper named Carl Morton persuades the local sheriff that his wife, Celia, who has suffered from depression for years and is a burden to her husband, is responsible for the crime, and they charge her with murder. She is tried at a hearing, sentenced, and convicted within hours and placed in a mental hospital where she hangs herself two years later.

Five months after her accident, Mari has lost her job and is living in Cape Alden. She is depressed and lethargic, and she’s still seeing ghosts all over town. She names them as they grow less threatening, but one of them is about to shake up Mari’s world. This ghost has an agenda, and Mari isn’t the only one the ghost is after. The man who hit Mari’s car, Phil Curry, is also seeing the persistent specter, an apparition that won’t stop pursuing them until the truth is revealed.

The paperback is available in standard and LARGE PRINT versions.

But the Children Survived

A. l. Jambor

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What if the world ended overnight and everyone died but you?  How would you cope?  What would you do to take care of yourself when there is very little food left in your cupboard and no clean water coming out of your faucet?  And you have a little dog who must eat and drink, too?

This is what happens to Mindy Lane, the heroine of But the Children Survived.  One day, her grammy goes to the grocery store and never returns.  Her parents are on vacation a thousand miles away, but the phone doesn't work and there is no way to communicate with them.  Mindy doesn't know everyone in North America had died following the release of a biological weapon.  She just knows she's running out of food and must decide what she'll do next.  One night, frightened by the prospect of strangers finding her alone, she hides with her grammy's little dog, Baby Girl, under a ramp attached to the mobile home she's occupying.  She watches two men in hazmat suits go into her house and overhears them say they are looking for a child.  As she huddles with Baby Girl under the ramp, her fear of discovery grows.

Who are the men and why are they looking for her?  Why did Mindy survive when everyone else succumbed to the deadly poison?  Why did Baby Girl live when all other animals perished? The answer lies in a mysterious plant found deep in the Brazilian rain forest. Two scientists - one who desires to preserve life and one driven to destroy - travel to the rain forest seeking the woman who discovered the plant.  Can they compel her to share her marvelous discovery?

But the Children Survived is the story of survival and endurance in the face of unspeakable odds. Will Mindy find her parents?  Are they still alive?  Read But the Children Survived, a mystery with many layers that will keep you engaged until the end.

But the Children Survived has been called "great science fiction" and "engrossing, entertaining, and a fun read" by readers on Amazon.

A Lethal Legacy: A Victorian Mystery

A.L. Jambor

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1882 - When her stepmother is murdered, Lady Felicity Armstrong learns that her yearly income will barely cover the cost of food, but she has a secret. While the manor house called Rosendale is being inventoried to cover her stepmother’s debts, Felicity discovers something in her birth mother’s dressing table that gives her hope of a brighter future. She also has a plan, which she hopes will bear fruit, and deliver her from a life of poverty.

Two years later, she is struggling to survive. Her young maid, Millie, a plucky urchin whose devotion to her lady is irrefutable, has taught Felicity how to live without a cadre of servants, and Felicity has helped Millie shed her provincial accent. While their life is far from ideal, they have each other.

One day, a man comes to the cottage without warning. When he introduces himself as Lord Dudley Winston, Felicity remembers him as a neighbor during her years at Rosendale. Despite his breach of etiquette, Felicity offers him tea, all the while believing that his breach of etiquette is a consequence of her reduced circumstances. His explanation for the visit does little to dispel that notion.

Following his visit, Felicity recalls a day when Dudley and his father came to Rosendale. An adolescent in the throws of her first crush, Felicity found Dudley fascinating, but was frustrated by his lack of attention. Those dim memories do nothing to satisfy her curiosity about Dudley’s arrival in Tolwich, or his reason for coming to see her, but there is someone who might remember Dudley’s visit to Rosendale - her former housekeeper, Mrs. Muir. Felicity writes to Mrs. Muir, who sends her train fare, and an invitation to visit. As she boards the train to Whitley, she has no inkling of events to come, or of her parents’ lethal legacy.

A Christmas Mystery (A Short Story)

A.L. Jambor

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Hank and Josie own a small nursery in Mays Landing, New Jersey. They have three kids and a house with a mortgage. Josie has worked hard making and selling wreaths to make money for Christmas presents. Two days before Christmas, while she is collecting pine cones for her wreaths, she finds a woman named Helen lying in the woods behind her house. She is bruised and beaten, but won’t let Josie call for help. Helen lets Josie take her inside her house where Helen meets Josie’s husband, Hank, and their daughter, Mabel. Josie notices Helen’s strange, old-fashioned clothes and wonders where she came from. While talking about her son, Billy, Helen suddenly disappears.

Was Helen a ghost? As Josie begins to investigate, she discovers that Helen was a real person. In fact, she was Josie’s great-grandmother, a woman who abandoned her young son and her husband to become a chorus girl in Atlantic City. But is the family history regarding Helen true, or a story concocted by her husband to cover her murder?

When Josie receives a foreclosure notice and realizes they are about to lose their house, it’s just the beginning of a bad Christmas Eve. When circumstances threaten to ruin their Christmas, Josie and Hank discover that the old abandoned house across the street may hold the key to the mystery surrounding Helen’s appearance, and to finding the money they need to save their family’s home.

Some corrections and revisions have been made, but they do not change the story. This ebook contains an excerpt from A.L. Jambor's My First Christmas starring Libby the Psychic Dog.

Kevin Chandler and The Case of the Missing Dogs

A.L. Jambor

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Kevin Chandler lives next door to Bill the butcher – the meanest man in town. Bill’s son, Dylan, bullies Kevin and his friend, Ben. One night, on his way home from Ben’s house, Kevin sees Dylan going into the ramshackle garage behind the Butcher house and he thinks he hears a dog whimpering. The Butchers don’t own a dog and everyone knows Dylan hurts dogs, so Kevin decides he must find out what’s happening in that garage. He asks Ben to help him, and when his sister, Emma, finds out, she wants to help, too. Why does Dylan Butcher have a dog in his garage? Is it the missing dog Ben’s father read about in the newspaper? How will the boys get into the locked garage to find out what’s going on without Dylan or his mean father finding them? Recommended for ages 9 and up, and for anyone, young and old alike, who enjoys a good mystery.

The House on the Shore: A Short Paranormal Mystery

A. L. Jambor

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Revised and updated!

At 28, Mariah Kimball finds out she was adopted and that her biological great-grandmother has left her a house on the shore. Once she is able to accept her new reality, Mariah has to decide whether she wants to live in the old Victorian, or put it on the market and use proceeds from the sale to get her law degree.

The house is across the street from the boardwalk in Avon-by-the-Sea, a charming little town on the Jersey Shore. The view of the Atlantic Ocean is spectacular, but Mariah has no time to enjoy it. She has to go through everything in the house and must decide what to keep and what to toss in the trash. She also hopes to learn something about her birth mother, a girl named Kathleen.

One day as she is cleaning out Kathleen’s bedroom, Mariah sees a vision of her mother as a teenager and then watches her fade away. More visions follow, giving Mariah glimpses into her mother’s past, and as she learns more about her family’s history, she also discovers a terrible secret, and it isn’t the only one Great-Grandmother Cora took to her grave. Cora’s secrets bind her and her children to the house – will Mariah’s visions help set them free?

The Body in the Bungalow: A Supernatural Mystery Short (A Divine Detective Agency Mystery Book 1)

A.L. Jambor

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Meet Nick Dandino - P.I. in the sky. He runs the Divine Detective Agency. Were you murdered but can't remember who killed you? Nick will solve your case so you can rest in peace.

Nick Dandino is a hard-boiled private dick. He loves Starbucks caramel macchiatos and taking long, hot baths. His office is next to the reception center in heaven where the newly deceased are processed. When a soul has been murdered, they have no memory of their death, and it's Nick's job to find out who killed them. It's a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. When he dons a traveling suit, Nick can walk on Earth as one of the living.

The Body in the Bungalow introduces us to Nick and his assistant, Pris. This case revolves around a young woman named Dee who comes to Nick to find out how she died. In the course of his investigation, Nick goes to the Jersey shore where the 1960s are in full swing. Long-haired boys, mini-skirted girls, and memories of hamburgers at Jenkison's on the boardwalk at Point Pleasant. At first, dames with secrets and cops on the take hinder Nick's progress, and Nick smells a rat. Can he find Dee's killer before the trail grows cold?

Nick Dandino speaks in the vernacular of a film noir private detective from Hoboken, New Jersey who died in the 1940's.

This ebook contains excerpts from the second and third book in the Divine Detective Agency Mystery Shorts series, The Devious Dame and The Kid at the Candy Counter. All three stories are available in a paperback called The Divine Detective Agency available on Amazon.

Adult language