Best A. C. Doyle books

The Mahabharata Secret

Christopher C. Doyle

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C# Programming: From Problem Analysis to Program Design

Barbara Doyle

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Discover an expert blend of the programming principles and concepts and hands-on coding skills you need to create a strong professional foundation as a beginning C# programmer. The latest edition of C# PROGRAMMING: FROM PROBLEM ANALYSIS TO PROGRAM DESIGN from respected author Dr. Barbara Doyle provides a straightforward approach and understandable vocabulary that make it easy for you to grasp new programming concepts without distraction. This edition introduces a variety of fundamental programming concepts, from data types and expressions to arrays and collections, all using the latest version of today's popular C# language. New programming exercises and engaging, numbered examples throughout this edition reflect the latest updates in Visual Studio 2015 and C# 6.0, while learning objectives, case studies, and Coding Standards summaries in each chapter give you the knowledge and tools you need to master each key concept.

A Generous Community: Being the Church in a New Missionary Age

C. Andrew Doyle

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"Generous Community is a game changer." 
The Most Rev. Michael Curry, 27th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church                                                                                                                                                                   GENEROUS COMMUNITY is a book that invites the reader to wade deeply into the transformative work of being church in a new missionary age. This book is designed for the person in the pew. Not unlike the reformers who hoped to inspire a change within the church of their time, this book is for every one who wishes to take on the work of mission through evangelism and service for the sake of God's reconciling work and for the hope of community transformation. GENEROUS COMMUNITY (Church Publishing) is the partner book to CHURCH (VTS Press) for the building of cadres of leaders to help you transform your mission in the new mission context in which we find ourselves.

The Summer We Changed (Relentless Book 1)

Barbara C. Doyle

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We were the notes on a music sheet, playing in perfect harmony with each other. Creating a melody that people didn’t know they needed—that we needed. Until one day, our ethereal sound turned jarring and cryptic.

Tessa Williams is spending her last summer before senior year trying to find the girl she lost. Her outlet in photography and music captures memories that override the ones she wants to forget, with her support system Will Harding right by her side.

But when Ian Wells, front man of rising band Relentless, and former best friend of Will, comes walking back into their lives, tensions rise and friendships shatter.

Maybe Ian will be the one who makes them lose their harmony forever.

Or maybe, he’ll be exactly what they need to fix it.

Unabashedly Episcopalian: Proclaiming the Good News of the Episcopal Church

C. Andrew Doyle

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Whether you're new to The Episcopal Church or just want to remember why you love it, open Unabashedly Episcopalian and prepare to be inspired, taught and motivated.  Andy Doyle has mined the Baptismal Covenant and his own experiences as bishop of the Diocese of Texas to offer a heartfelt, smart and practical book that calls Episcopalians to wake up to the church's unique gifts and story, and equips them to share that witness in their neighborhoods and out in the world.

A Prisoner's Duty: Great Escapes in U.S. Military History

Robert C. Doyle

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Draws on official and private archives, letters, diaries, and memoirs to document extraordinary American escapes. Tells of sailors who escaped from English prison ships during the American Revolution, slaves on the Underground Railroad, POWs from the Civil War onward, and journalists and government officials eluding terrorists. Includes b&w photos and illustrations. Annotation c. by Book News, Inc., Portland, Or.

Feedback Control Theory (Dover Books on Electrical Engineering)

John C. Doyle

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An excellent introduction to feedback control system design, this book offers a theoretical approach that captures the essential issues and can be applied to a wide range of practical problems. Its explorations of recent developments in the field emphasize the relationship of new procedures to classical control theory, with a focus on single input and output systems that keeps concepts accessible to students with limited backgrounds. The text is geared toward a single-semester senior course or a graduate-level class for students of electrical engineering.
The opening chapters constitute a basic treatment of feedback design. Topics include a detailed formulation of the control design program, the fundamental issue of performance/stability robustness tradeoff, and the graphical design technique of loopshaping. Subsequent chapters extend the discussion of the loopshaping technique and connect it with notions of optimality. Concluding chapters examine controller design via optimization, offering a mathematical approach that is useful for multivariable systems.

Unity In Mission: A Bond of Peace for the Sake of Love

C Andrew Doyle

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A book and study guide to understand how The Episcopal Church, its churches, and congregations and diocese across the Anglican Communion may stay together in the midst of division over same-sex marriage. It includes and updated prefaces from Secretary James A. Baker III. It has been used as primary reading material for leaders engaging processes in over 17 dioceses, and in over 4 Provinces of the Anglican Communion.

The Jesus Heist: Recovering the Gospel from the Church

C. Andrew Doyle

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Inside the Church, we are constantly and consistently reading the gospels through the lens of supporting our own institution and structure. This prevents us from hearing the critique Jesus offered in his own day and his emphatic and persistent call to be and do differently now (Matthew 23:112). Stories that will be covered include Widow's Mite, Rich Young Ruler, Destruction of the Temple, Searching for the Lost Coin, Sower of the Seeds, Transfiguration, and the Great Commission. This book will flip the script of many Bible stories, allowing us to hear Jesus' call to change as one that is directed at us rather than as one we should direct toward others. Audience: Study groups, adult formation groups, laity, clergy

The Pilgrim's New Guide to the Holy Land

Stephen C. Doyle OFM

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More than an updated second edition, this book combines the best information from the popular first edition with new insights to help you turn your travels into pilgrimages. In this edition of The Pilgrim's New Guide to the Holy Land, Stephen Doyle adds the words to familiar hymns, and maps and photos, and includes new insights gathered from the documents of Vatican II, Paul VI's Decree on Evangelization, and prose and poetry that foster the spirit of prayer.

After a brief introduction to each Holy Place, Doyle provides the Scripture passages appropriate to those locations. In offering these passages, Doyle reminds us of Pius XII's statement that to find the meaning of God's word, we must go back to the original languages, determine the intention of the author, and take into account the literary form. Following Pius XII's suggestion, Doyle provides his own translation of Scripture passages. By presenting these passages he offers new meaning by exploring a new experience, in a new context, in a new culture.

Doyle explains that there are major differences between going to the Holy Land as a pilgrim and going there as a tourist, or even as a student of history or archaeology. People join a pilgrimage from faith and for faith. This is not the same as a deepening of theological insight, or becoming more knowledgeable about the facts and beliefs of Christianity. The basic Vision that distinguishes a pilgrim from a tourist is summed up in a passage byPaul: Since you have accepted Christ Jesus as Lord, sink your roots deep in him, build your faith upon him, and overflow with thanksgiving" (Col. 2:6). In The Pilgrim's New Guide to the Holy Land, Doyle brings together the elements that facilitate that Vision.

Chapters are *Jerusalem, Jerusalem - ; *Holy Places East of Jerusalem - ; *Holy Places West of Jerusalem - ; *Holy Places South of Jerusalem - ; and *Holy Places North of Jerusalem. - Also includes appendices and an index.

Stephen C. Doyle, O.F.M., has guided more than one hundred pilgrimages to the Holy Land and to Greece and Asia Minor. He has taught Scripture and biblical preaching at St. John Vianney Seminary, East Aurora, New York; Christ the King Seminary, St. Bonaventure, New York; Pope John XXIII Seminary, Weston Massachusetts; St. Bonaventure University; St. Michal's College; and Emmanuel College."